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Hi, I found my iTunes refuse to sync my audio files into my iPhone. Then realized that thet might be too large, all around 10MB a piece. Would like to know what is the best and easy way to cut the big files into smaller mp3 files in order to mainly use them on iTunes with my iPhone 3G and Mac OS X SL,10.6.8.


Thank you very much.

iPhone 3GS, iOS 5.0.1
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    Open iTunes... goto Help in the Menu Bar... Type in Convert to MP3 ... Select from the Topic list  Save a copy of a song in a new file format

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    When syncing select "Convert higher bitrate songs to 128 kbps AAC" - - discussion from 2007  This will convert the song to a smaller format for the device.  Using this method instead of the convert format method suggested by an earlier poster means you will not end up with two copies of your music, one in the original format and the other in the smaller format.  You will only have one version actually on your computer and this will save space and clutter.


    If you do not mind having two copies: iTunes: How to convert a song to a different file format - - including information about different formats and discussion about compression.

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    Hi, I found my iTunes refuse to sync my audio files into my iPhone. Then realized that thet might be too large, all around 10MB a piece.

    Li from clayton,


    10 MB is not that large for a music file.  At the common encoding rate of 256 kb/s, 10 MB is just a 5 minute song.  People put those on their iDevices all the time.


    You can certainly convert to a lower bit rate format and try again, but be aware that you probably have some issue other than file size that is going on.

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    Thank you. I will  keep it in mind. Too busy to start cutting now. But my iphone extreamly slow on if I trying to play the 10MB file from dropbox.

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    Thank you very much. I haven't tried it yet. too busy. I feel this way might work.

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    Thank you. I will make a copy.  in external drive. This my most precious material. It is already mp3 file I just need to cut them. It is total like 40 hours.

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    Actually, I don't plan to convert to other format. It is MP3. I just wanted it to be cut into smaller files so I could go over repeating easily for my studying. I had partial of same audio come with a 1.1 MB/2'54" each. It's nice to listening, repeating and organizing...Thank you very much if this could be done somehow.

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    The easiest way to that is with an audio editor. 


    But if you want to do it with just iTunes, here is the procedure:  Right-click the library entry for the big file, Get Info, go to the Options tab, and set the Start Time and Stop Time to include the section you want.  OK to save it.  Then right click again, and choose "Create MP3 version."  This will create a new smaller file with just the portion you selected.

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    Thank you . I have total of 37 files in total of 340MB. All of them need to be cut into around 1-2 MB each. then sync to iphone and listening all the time to memrize them. Need an efficient way to do the cut.

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    Li,  Although I haven't used it, I believe MP3 Trimmer may be able to help, and it has a Mac version.  A search would turn up information on where to get it.

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    Thank you very much. I just down load a free software called AutoMP3Splitter. It was able to cut all the files into 10min long/1.88MB. It played in iTune on the Mac very well but again the iphone just refused to take any in when Sync.  Is that possible the labels of those files should be in certain format/pattern?


    Actually, the iTune showed Sync possess in that indication bar but they simply just don't show up in the iphone/Don't know where they went.

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    Li,  It is possible that the MP3s created by AutoMP3Splitter have some header corruption or other minor incompatibility.


    It is also possible that they are using too low a bitrate.  10 min for less than 2 MB is probably a bitrate around 32 kbps.  Even for spoken word files, don't use less than 64.

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    Li, Just thinking about this, I'm suspicious that the problem is in the sample rate that AutoMP3Splitter is applying.


    Can you take one of the problem files (that works in iTunes but does not sync to the iPod), highlight it in the library, File > Get Info, go to the Summary tab, and report back with the "Bit Rate" and "Sample Rate" that you see there?

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    OK, Once I go home with my Mac I will do it. Thanks a lot.


    I think you make point. Because before the cutting, it was 10MB for 20 Min, now after, is 1.88MB for 10min. And, my other file which worked is 1.1MB for 2'54". I hope I could find a better splitter.



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