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    Now, now, gentlepeople. Let's remain civil. But this is a good point. I'll report it to Apple Support which I'm sure many people already have done. This will help get this issue on their RADAR. Cheers.

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    I'm not arguing about whether it is the "official" policy or not.  I'm saying it's not good policy, that's all.  That has nothing to do with you, of course.  Again -- this is directed at Apple's decision to wall themselves off from a rich source of feedback.


    As I said, the overwhelming majority of stuff in the Apple user-to-user forums can probably be ignored by the company, since other people (and you seem to be one of them, to your credit) will offer to assist.  But where trends become clear, this is exactly the type of place the company --via employees-- can identify them. 


    Let me give you an example.  I have a Roku streaming box.  There's are Roku forums at I'd say about 90 percent (if not more) of the posts are user-to-user based, with no Roku employee interaction.  Just people helping others, that is.  But the forums are at least monitored by Roku reps who use them to identify issues that are affecting multiple users.  When they see these types of things, they know that either there's an issue with the box, a firmware update, or at least some kind of issue with the box as it works with a particular TV, for example.  And then the issue is flagged by a Roku rep, who might ask for more info (publicly ask) from given users, and said Roku rep(s) then report that they have at least bumped it to developers.  No, they don't always have timelines for resolution, but they keep people in the loop.


    Contrast that to the Apple forums, where it doesn't seem to be a normal occurance to have an Apple rep contact users, much less say something simple and public in the forum such as "We know about the problem and are working on a fix".  Seriously; it's not much to ask.


    My point is that Apple certainly has the wherewithal to accomplish this basic stuff.  They choose not to, and that's unfortunate.  I really don't know what else to say about it. 

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    Thank you LensmanL2 your solution worked perfectly. This is a standard method to work around an applications inability to save a user name.

    You can also access FTP sites via a web browser using this same methodology.

    This used to work within iTunes; this is clearly an Apple issue. The inability of Fan boys to recognize that everything Apple does is NOT perfect is one of the reasons I dispise Apple as an organization. I am sorry that I had to read thru 5 pages of this is NOT apples issue, until I finally found something that functions.

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    Thank you for the quick fix (see above 04/14/12 08:14 AM).  Brilliant.  I'm surprised no one has commented, but here I am.


    I tried it on my machine (W7, iTunes, both fully updated, firewall and anti-virus enabled).


    Your're right:


    It works, both on Premiere Networks (evidently the source of most concerns) and my daughter's elementary school site that also requires authentication.  Demonstrates that it is a generic issue, whether Apple or Micorsoft, not Premiere Radio.


    Comments & question:


    1.  The fix you suggested sounds complicated, w/HTML encoding, etc.  Really, it's not.  (Again, full credit, but the fix is simple, at least w/my configuration.)


    2. How:  Right click on the podcast at issue and copy the URL.  On the tool bar (iTunes) select "Advanced" > "Subscribe to podcast."  Paste and revise to incorporate the login and password a la Lensmant2's advice.  (There is a typo in Lensmant2's post -- just put your login and password near the beginning -- after "http://" -- in the format described.)  Delete the "old" feed.  Refresh and you'll get all available podcasts.  Edit as needed.


    3.  I like Lesmant2's solution because, even before this issue arose, iTunes would remeber the log in and password, but I still had to click "OK" to initate the authenticated podcast(s) each time iTunes was started, but not after as long as iTunes stayed open.  Now, it's fully automatic.


    4.  Is there really a security issue?  While some versions of iTunes have warned that the data is sent "in the clear," what is the risk as long as the authentication password is not the same as that for your bank accounts, credit cards, etc.?  This is outside my circle of competence.  I (we) would appreciate knowlegded comment as to the risks.  Does this create a real security breqch or is it just a matter of password management?


    Thanks again, Lensmant2.  I love practical solutions.



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    I see after posting that Diceman175 did reply.  Let's move the discussion this way, whether the best solution or not (do better!), rather than bickering over who's to blame -- especailly when we're just talking among ourselves..

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    Thanks LensmanL2 (for the solution) and GPG57 (for outlining dead simple steps), this fixed my problem.


    As of security concerns some of us had about exposing your subscription id and password, I suspect itunes was doing that for us anyway, thus the "in the clear" warning.  So we're not exposing more info than before, we just became aware of it now...

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    I think it's great that these workarounds are being posted.  This one, like the version downgrade/library restore will get individuals back up and running, so kudos to those that have posted solutions.


    From a podcast vendor perspective, however, it's not really viable.  This type of workaround would undoubtedly lead to more support issues down the road for us where non-savvy podcast subscribers have issues with URL syntax, would have to delete their current feed for starters as well as each time they wanted to change their password, etc.  The better part of valor for us is to just wait for the Apple fix. 


    But for people "in the know", so to speak, it's cool that these procedures are in play so as to avoid the hassles of  the iTunes bug.  Again, nice work on the part of the users who posted their successes.


    As for the security concerns -- sure, there's some additional security issues with having a password spelled out in a URL string.  I would think it would most come into play if someone else actually had physical access to one's computer.  Using straight http (vs. SSL/https) is going to send the password in clear text, anyway.  It's just that it's when it's part of a URL string that someone could actually see, vs. a set of asterisks in a password box that there's some additional concerns.  But in the grand scheme?  Probably not much more of a security issue, in practice. 

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    Thanks Lensman....worked for me.  I am sure someone here will announce when the fix happens...then I can unsub and resub with the original URL....thanks for everyone's help and suggestions.

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    I am having the same problem. It began right after updating itunes. Sure hope this gets addressed by Apple!

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    I have had this problem for a while. I have an aditional option to use untill Apple gets there head out of, well you know. Get the App Downcast. It downloads your podcasts directly to your device on the go over wifi or 3g. It is a fully functional podcast program and works great with my Glenn Beck podcast. I can't under state this I LOVE IT! I can download my podcasts just about an hour after glenn goes of the air directly to my iPhone and start listening without ever going to iTunes. I also hope Apple gets this fixed soon but I use Downcast all the time wether iTunes works or not. Guess what, it remembers my credentials without any problems!!!!!!!!!


    Good Luck to all!

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    Three different podcasts, on three different servers in two different countries and I have the same problem.  It simply is not the remote server's issue.  I do not have this problem when using Zune to download podcasts, but Zune is pathetic software and does not sync with my Android phone as easily.  If Mr. Jobs were still alive (God rest his soul), this would not happen.

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    Why doesn't everyone just use the solution by Lensman where you put your podcast UID and password in the Subscribe URL?  That was so slick and didn't have to downgrade.  MUCH less work....

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    RE: Lensman's concerns.

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    Still no solution? I'm getting the pimp bump that there's a new iTunes DL again. Anyone try it to see if the problem persists? This is making my hair gray faster. #fail #***

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    Version 64-bit still has the issue for me.


    Somewhat off-topic, but I recently realized hitting F5 updates all podcasts.

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