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    Hey there. Read through a lot of this forum looking for an answer. Seems you are the master, so thought maybe you could help.


    My 6th Gen 160GB iPod came unplugged from my Mac while playing music. This has happened before over the years with no issues, but I think that this time the issue was that I was playing music from the iPod itself through iTunes. Now it says there is no music, no video, etc.; just no files at all. Music and playlists have been put on over years, with the 160GB being completely full. Would love if there was a way to figure out how to get everything back without having to restore it. Maybe flash a kernel or something? I don't know. Any ideas or help is greatly appreciated!



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    It's been a long time since I explored the details of the iPod classic file system but I have a vague recollection that in such cases there is sometimes a left over copy of the previous database file that can be restored by renaming the files. I don't have a classic to hand or I'd poke around inside a little to see if I could refresh my memory.


    Ideally you will have all your content in your local library so that restoring the iPod, while time consuming, is not really a problem. If you've been manually managing the iPod and no longer have copies of all the media then see Recover your iTunes library from your iPod or iOS device. Scroll down to the bottom for the link to the iLounge article that explains how to manually extract the media from a crashed iPod.



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    I went through this thread and did the diagnostic you have posted.  Here are my results...





    I can get so much on my iPod, then it freezes and won't except anymore music.  I get error messages one was -69.  Any suggestions, aside what is on this thread?

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    Stats don't look too bad. The problem may be with the source files... You should check the health of your hard drives. See also



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    It's almost as if the iTunes program itself is freezing up my whole computer, it seems not just my iPod.


    A few weeks ago I plugged it into my desktop vs my laptop and that is when the problems started. 


    I've tried manually syncing as well as automatically syncing the music.  Automatic freezes my whole computer up eventually.  I even let it sync overnight and I ended up with an empty iPod. 

    Manually dragging music over works, but only allows so much music, then it begins to freeze up my computer.


    It even froze while I tried the Erase You iPod link you had posted.  I am not sure what else is to do. 

    I can't even get iTunes to authorize my desktop, so purchased songs won't go to my iPod. 

    I did a Repair through the Control Panel to iTunes, as well. 

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    Hi TT2,



    Recently, in the past 1 week my ipod has been having some problems like hanging during a movie and then suddenly crashing and restarting or skipping to the next song during the middle of the previous. My diagnostic tests are as such:


    Retracts: 6

    Reallocs: 280

    Pending Sectors: 4080

    PowerOn Hours: 64

    Start/Stops: 13783

    Temp Current: 33c

    Temp Min: 19c

    Temp Max: 54c



    It is only 1+ year old and has not been used much. But with the recent problem, when I connect my ipod to my laptop, windows asks if I want to scan and fix my ipod. pressing scan and fix just makes it get stuck and does nothing while I still can sync to the itunes. What is wrong with my ipod? I have been trying to get an answer online but this is the only place I found so far. I do not want to replace my ipod, is there any way for me to fix it myself or do I really have to get it replaced?




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    Looks bad I'm afraid. The numbers suggest it got too hot at one point, it is not supposed to go above 50c .Excess heat can damage the drive.


    You could try a DFU restore. Like a normal one, but connect to the USB lead then press menu & select for 12 seconds. The device should reset and then the screen should go blank. The DFU restore might release the pending sectors, but I fear there will be more to be found.



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    I am having the problem on my ipod class it says its corrupted I attempt to have Windows fix it shich doesnt help. I have retored it and was able to get 150 songs out of 2300 back on to it but then it says it complete. I have done the ipod diagnosis but it will not allow me to scan and attmept recovery of bad sectors. From looking at the SMART data below is this a complete loss or can I get this ipod back to working?


    Retracts: 291

    Reallocs: 0

    Pending Sectors: 0

    PowerOn Hours: 1100

    Start/Stops: 107103

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    The realloc and pending figures looks fine. Try the DFU restore method above. Use a known good cable.



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    Hi TT2:


    I have had my Classic 160 for  a little over a month now.  It was a swap out of a previously defective unit, which would frequently reset itself during normal operation like hitting pause or play or menu, but also would not communiate properly with my new car, which is supposed to allow me to operate the iPod through the car's onscreen system.


    My new unit has experienced at least one sudden reset, maybe two, although not as often as the other one, plus it is still having trouble working with my car.  That's why I am looking into solutions: I want it to work better with my car, and I don't know whther it's the iPod's fault or the car's fault.  My car has had a little trouble with other iProducts (all flash drive units), but not nearly as much as with the Classics I have tried.


    Here is my reading:


    Retracts: 0

    Reallocs: 0

    Pending Sectors: 0

    PowerOn Hours: 6

    Start/Stops: 997

    Temp Current: 22c

    Temp Min: 9c

    Temp Max: 47c


    How does this look? I have read through the thread and you haven't commented on seeing all zeroes under retracts, reallocs and pending sectors, so I don't know whether that is a good thing or bad thing?


    If you think this looks OK, do you think I should see whether a reformatting and restoration will make it work better with the car, or do you think based on these readings that wouldn't matter?


    Can you please advise when you can?  Thank you!

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    Zeros for the first three numbers is exactly what you want to see. Min. temp. should be 0 or above and max. 50 or below so there is nothing to worry about there. If you can, keep a log of the resets in case it starts to happen frequently but I suspect it was just "one of those things".


    As to hooking up to your car I used to use a cassette with a flying lead for the headphone socket and now have a tiny FM transmitter. I don't have any practical troubleshooting experience with units that are supposed to hook up directly.



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    Thanks for the quick reply.


    So it looks like you're also saying that a reformatting/restoration is probably not going to help me with the way it interacts with my car?  I understand you're not an expert in direct hookups but in trying whatever I can to make it work better, would a reformmating/restoration of the iPod be more like, "sure, why not, doesn't hurt to try, knock yourself out", or is it more like, "oooh, better not risk it, you never know what might happen, so if it ain't totally broke, don't fix it"?

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    Restore? Sure, why not, doesn't hurt to try.


    You could try a reset first, though if you've been in and out of the stats you've done that already.



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    Yeah, I've already done a number of resets.  I was just thinking of starting off fresh with a restore, and then reinstalling my music and podcasts in stages to see whether I can identify a tipping point at which my car can no longer process the thing optimally.  Thanks for your help!

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