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Maybe I have Great News? I Have about 125 HD movies, half my collection. I Noticed now when puchasing HD content in the fine print info, on the left under the Movie Cover in Movies section of the iTunes Store, It says downloading in 720P and some of the newer movies say that, and then, a comma, 720p, 1080p.


Then I noticed that In the newest iTunes (10.6), in the Prefs, there are 2 places were it asks for your Preferred Resolution! In the 'Playback' section, and Also in the 'Store' section of the prefs. They were set to 720p of course as thats how things Were. But with the New ATV able to push out 1080p You would want your downloads in the 1080p format. By resetting your prefs in those 2 sections of iTunes to 1080p, instaed of 720p, by pressing the 720p and setting your Preferred Resolution to 1080p, when you go to the Movie Store in iTunes, It now says the D/L will be in 1080p!


Here is were it gets pretty fantastic!!! With the New Breakthrough in the Cloud, that is allowing you to Re Dowload most of your Movies (most because a few Studios are not yet on Board) If you erase your 720p issue, when you re dowload the same item, I Believe you would now get the 1080p copy!!!!  They are nearly the same size as Apple is using a New compression format that magically has a better picture with no appreciable size increase!

So IF your Ordering the New 'Apple TV', you could get the Higher resolution copy for your new device.  Great Going Apple!!!


I don't yet have my New ATV and have not tried this New Neat Service. If it's true, it seems like a Great Christmas gift from Apple!!!  But I have several Pre-Orders on call so I went to my account and Were it says 'Manage Your Pre-Orders' cliked on the Pre-Order, Meloncholia, it took me to the page in the Store were the Movie is being sold, when I looked at the Movie there, 720p,1080p, It had the 1080p copy of the movie set to D/L! ...  I had pre-Ordered the movie some time before 1080p was available, and it was shown already in my cue at 1080p!!! You must have the iTunes Prefs set up correctly, for this to occur. So I didn't have to cancel the Order in the Pre-Order section and re-buy the movie to get the High Rez item!


So I do believe that IF the movie that you already own at 720p, is indeed available in the Higher Rez Version - check before trying this, by re-looking up the Movie in the iTunes Store, and, seeing if the info in the small print, now says the HD is also available in 720p/1080p. If your Prefs are set for 1080p in the iTunes app you will get the high rez version!!!  Older movies like Dune are not available in Higher Rez, yet?. Next week the new Apple TV comes out and probably in time all movies will be available in 720 &1080p


Too Cool for words!  Somebody please test this and let us all know if indeed this is True!!!?

AppleTV 2, Mac OS X (10.7.2), Focal CMS 50's,Duet, LED Display 24, iPhone 4
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