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Hi all,


I just got me an Apple TV 2nd gen (yeah, I know, ordered 2 days before the presentation of the new one). So far so good, the device is up and running, connects just fine to my Airport Express router and all.


However, if I try to stream a video from my iPad (2) or my iPhone (4S), the results are quite horriffic. The iPad videos would buffer for a very long time before they start and then quite fast after that the buffering problems restart. It's pretty impossible to play a video fluently of more than 20 seconds. If I'd try from my iPhone it's even worse with videos being 1080p, the thing just never plays, eventually the preloading process stops on the mirroring mode is cut.


I have to point out, all my devices are in the same room (WiFi) so the signal is the best it can be.


This is honestly quite surprising AND disappointing to be honest, given I bought the device mostly for that, so I can stream videos from my phone and pad.


Tell me, am I doing something wrong, or the video streaming over those devices is just a marketing gimmick with nothing real behind it?


Would it matter if I change my router from Airport express to Airport extreme?



AppleTV 2, iOS 4.3.3
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