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  • Lucidite Level 1 Level 1

    Hello all,


    I'm experiencing this issue with build on Windows 7 x64 inside a corporate environment. As I am in a corporate environment it means that any solution suggesting credentials being stored in a plain text password file are not going to be approved due to the outragous risk imposed by such.


    In our environment, Group Policies set the iTunes proxy settings for Internet Explorer and iTunes  then reads these settings but seems to have no ability to save the credentials for later use.


    A rather simple solution to stop this issue occurring at program launch would be to implement an iTunes feature to not connect to the iTunes store on startup. Asking for authentication when you're actually trying to do something which requires internet connectivity isn't as much of an issue; however users being asked immediately, repeatedly to authenticate at application launch is terrible design.


    I'm curious if anyone has managed to progress any further towards a resolution of this issue as I would be very keen on discussing it.


    I'm rather shocked at the complete lack of Apple representation within this thread (and the entire discussions forums) as this is clearly a bug with iTunes. If no one has found a magic solution (hinting at The Magic Engineer here) for this bug, I'll officially report it to Apple and see what they have to say for their lack of action.


    Thanks in advance!



  • Sofianna Level 1 Level 1



    This is a huge problem for me. I am working within a network that has to use a proxy server.


    I have spent houers to find all Ip-adress connected to Apple and Itunes including them in the firewall so they bypass the proxy server.


    Still the programare promting for proxy username and password several times when useres are logging into it.


    Users calling me for support saying Itunes don’t work. This is giving me huge workload.


    Are there any undetected IP adresse I can exclude from proxy server? Are there any configurations I can do in Itunes?


    Many users does not have a laptop so there are no solution in bringe the computer home to update and loging in to Itunes.

  • Sofianna Level 1 Level 1

    To the post that was markd with a star saying this helpd me. by Markbeek

    What is the solution? What did help you?

  • Lucidite Level 1 Level 1

    Sofianna I believe your issue to be different to that raised in the initial post and my recent one also. My issue is more that there should be a way to turn off communication with the iTunes store from iTunes itself. If this is your issue, I encourage you to post under my new topic here:



    Regardless, no one here has had any help from Apple and I'm not getting any in my thread either; seems these forums are just for looks!

  • cdwhatcott Level 1 Level 1

    Just tested iTunes 10.7 this morning and the problem is still occuring for me.

  • tom.goecke Level 1 Level 1

    unbelievable - this is an open issue for months now and Apple just doesn't care!


    In my opinion this is not acceptable!

  • alain.j Level 1 Level 1

    same here.

    new itunes 10.7 doesn't solve the issue

    i was wondering, yesterday they said in their famous event that millions of users are using itunes.

    None of these millions is encountering this problem??

    they are all connected without a proxy?? or are they all behind a proxy with no issues??

    i'm sick of this! how do we officially report this bug to apple? seems they are not reading here...

  • Rui Sao Pedro Level 1 Level 1

    Problem persists with itunes 10.7.

    I have several users complaining for months now...

  • SkfVurk Level 1 Level 1

    i have the same problem aswell and i cant restore my iPad, so im stuck with a technically dead iPad

  • IPIRAF Level 1 Level 1

    Thank you, it worked for me as well.


    It is a shame that this bug is not fixed yet. Now really, for such a company, with that number of employees, customers, capital.... how hard can it be to fix a proxy connection issue.


    The ironic thing is that with all the bugs, disappointing upgrades and wannabe new features, we are still iPhone users.... But one day, people will start finding better alternatives, be it today or one year from now


    Still waiting for Apple to at least reply. Like, just reply.... Don't fix the issue, just show some kind of interest.


    Thank you again "jimhollis" for the workaround.

  • MahomedGP Level 1 Level 1

    Anybody find a workaround?


    I have users experiencing the same issue..


    My iTunes on my MAC running Mountain Lion also prompts for the password at least twice before continuing. It's the Windows users that are having this issue. Everyone in the company runs Windows 7 and a number of them are getting their domain accounts locked out when they open iTunes.

  • IPIRAF Level 1 Level 1



    I posted earlier that the solution suggested by "jimhollis" (to download cntlm) worked. However, after a while, and because of the complexity of the setup and of the proxy, the CNTLM solution stopped working .


    After looking around on the web for an alternative, I found the best (in my opinion) proxy handling software called "Proxifier".


    After I installed it, and set it up (its basic setup is very easy, just create the proxy settings using the software instead of iTunes), and everything works perfectly. I then read the documentation, and extended my use of "Proxifier" to include almost all of my windows installed applications and software (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Office Outlook, Windows Update, MSN, Skype... everything.. and MOST IMPORTANTLY iTunes).


    Although it is a bit expensive (30 something $) for me it was worth every penny.

  is the website where you can purchase and download proxifier. (although there are other ways of getting it )


    I understand that some of you might say that this is not a good solution because of the network infrastructure and domain issues and all that, but even though that it needs an effort to install and configure on all domain machines, but it will help believe me. And of course, you can still have your proxy policies apply the same to everyone (same as it was before using proxifier), not to mention that it is a full installable application, that means you can set it up and secure it so that the users can not modify it at will.

  • Lucidite Level 1 Level 1

    Hi IPIRAF,


    Thanks for your comments, I hope this assists some people out there with this issue but sadly it will not assist anyone in a corporate environment. Paying for a license for Proxifier for ~ 1000 clients to resolve an issue caused by Apple software is not an acceptable workaround or resolution; regardless of the hours it would take to package, document, test and finally deploy said package to production.


    This issue is still outstanding and Apple staff are still yet to respond or acknowledge in any way. Perhaps with the new version of iTunes (which has already missed planned release) it might be resolved? We can only hope.


    Individuals in my situation can voice their concern over in the  link below which focuses more on corporate environments:



    As always, we are at the mercy of merciless Apple.



  • Razzezz Level 1 Level 1

    We have a Corporate scenario where our Proxy is restricting the access and causing users to be prompted for the credentials. (Now on iTunes 10.7 on Win7 32 & 64).


    We have been requested to allow access to the store for our users and prevent the proxy authentication.


    After trawling the logs we found the following URL's that needed to be allowed an authentication exemption on our Proxy (Websense).


    ** (There is a URL that has a "." after the com and before "/" strangely)





    We have allowed these through the proxy, and restricted it to the itunes User Agent and this seems to be as granular as we can get it without effecting service.

    Hope this helps any of you, and I just hope I Apple don't change things again any time soon.



  • alain.j Level 1 Level 1

    just updated to the new itunes 11, and the problem seems to be solved!!!


    i will monitor it for a few days, but i think we're finally OK!

    cheers guys!