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  • QLDFred Level 1 (0 points)

    So is there a way to determine whether a smart cover will work with the new iPad without testing it? I just bought a new iPad and a smart cover as a birthday present and I dont want to open the boxes.


    The product model number for the smart cover I bought is: MD307FE/A

  • William Rivas Level 5 (4,250 points)

    William Rivas wrote:


    yenga80 wrote:


    I have the otterbox defender series with a smart cover built into it and it's working fine. Only thing is it only activates the sleep/wake when on one way even though you can put it on 2 ways. weird...

            Same here. Going to call and see if that is an encountered issue.

    Otter Box is sending me a replacement smart cover. Seems some covers slipped out the door with the magnets inserted backwards (polarity reversed). Call and get a replacement.

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    How well does the Yooboa case fit around the New iPad?

  • Chamar Level 4 (2,105 points)

    My  iPad 2 OEM full leather case (Snugg) from Amazon works just fine on my iPad 3 so I bought another one which also works.  Must be the luck of the draw regaering magnet polarity.  My old Smart Cover works as well but I do not like it so it remains in a drawer.

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    My new Case Mate Signature Slim Case for my new iPad didn't work.  The support folks at Case Mate are looking into the issue and advised that they would get back to me on a resolution soon.  Other than this issue I love the case and don't want to return it.  I just want it to work as advertised.

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    I just flipped the small round magnet over in the smart cover and working perfectly. Its a fiddlely job to do as you dont want to rip too much of the cover. I used a small stanley blade to make an small incision where the magnet is then a small scredriver to flip the magnet over. To finish the job off ive got some more felt to cover over the small cut.





  • BenW Level 1 (5 points)

    So where did this theory that Apple silently updated the Smart Covers come from? And why is it being reported as fact?


    I have an original iPad 2 launch day Smart Cover, with the old model number, and I have no problems, nor do any of friends and colleagues I asked.


    Meanwhile, in this very thread we have someone who bought a brand new Smart Cover (with the new model number) with their iPad 3 and encounters the problem.


    Surely the fact that many of us with old iPad 2 launch day covers have no problems whatsoever, and the fact that someone with a brand-new cover *does*, would indicate that they're just manufacturing defects that only manifest themselves on the new models with the polarity change, right?

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    Isn't it true that Smart Covers have multiple magnets built in? (If I recall it correctly, iFixit indicated that)


    So, there is less than 50% chance that your old Smart Cover will work with the new iPad. I guess it might also lead to the incorrect functioning of the device/cover if some of the magnets are faced into the wrong direction. According to the video with explanation posted by Mark, there is only one magnet putting the iPad into the sleep mode... Hmmm...


    Anyway.... Looks like I have to throw away my original Smart Cover (black leather, which I have never used) I bought at the release of iPad 2 and get a new Smart Cover when my new iPad arrives..


    Just gave Apple a call and they told me that I won't be able to swap my Smart Cover (which is practially new, as I have never used it waiting for the improved iPad2/iPad3) for a new one. I bought mine almost 1 year ago when I ordered my iPad 2 (March 2011). Sad! I expected Apple to be more understanding.... (I am from the Netherlands)

  • MaXaP Level 1 (0 points)

    I would also like to know that. Maybe only new Smart Covers are affected...

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    I fixed my cover today, Mark.  It took about 5 minutes.  Located the small magnet imbedded in the cover using a tiny horseshoe magnet I had in my shop.  It was 2 7/8 inches from the left edge of the cover and about 1/2 inch from the front edge of the cover.  Using an Exacto knife I cut a 1/2" slit in the inside fabric about 1/4" from the long edge, parallel to that edge.  I used the side of blade to lift the fabric up from the magnet and then lift the magnet slightly so I could grab it with a tweezer.  Pulled it out of the slit, turned it over, and put it right back in place.  Then I put some glue on the wide side of a flat toothpick and smeared it around the underside of the fabric I'd raised with the knife. Pressed the fabric down, let the glue dry for a few minutes, and THE COVER WORKS FINE!  I can barely see the small slit.


    Again, thanks for pointing me to the problem.

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    I bought a new iPad 3. My smart cover from my iPad 2 does not work.  I've been reading the above blogs.  I did some experiments.  I used a small magnet I found in my garage and placed it up to my iPad 3. The magnet caused the iPad 3 to go on and off. The conclusion:  The magnet in the iPad 2 smart cover is not strong enough to activate the iPad 3  magnetic switch.   I now believe that the information provided and advice to go into settings and alter your computer or otherwise go to the old backup is superfluous.  I'm going to try to fasten a small flat shaped  to the inside of my smart cover to augment the magnetic field to  see if this is a temporary fix.

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    WHy don't you just take it to your local Apple store so they can simply give you a new cover for free?

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    Using an Exacto knife I surgically cut a slit in the side of the smart cover and removed the magnet.  In the same slit I replaced the  magnet in a position closer to the surface of the smart cover.  I sealed the magnet  place with a little super glue and clamped the opening for two minutes.  THE SMART COVER WORKS FINE. With very little evidence of an invasive procedure, this was the best fix short of the advice to return it to the apple store.  

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    I phoned the Apple online store about my smart cover not working and they straight away agreed to replace it. Replacement arrived this morning and works fine, so if you have a new one and it doesn't work, just get it replaced.

  • DannySalerno Level 1 (10 points)

    I went to the Apple Store as I had a scheduled Genius Bar appoinment and the Smart Cover I have is the original for the iPad 2 black leather (Product Code MC947llA). The Smart Cover I have I'm currently using along with my new iPad 4G 64GB White AT&T. I tried to explain that it's not working as designed with the new iPad and he indicated to me that he never heard of such an issue and offered to verify it with a iPad 2. After a few more minutes he indicated to me that it could be a software design flaw and will be sending a note out to their engineering team regarding this. In simple terms they denied my request to swap out the defective Smart Cover and I'm stuck with one that's not working as it should. I'm gonna go with "unkn0wnvariable"'s route and contact the Apple Online Store and see where I can from there. I can only say that I'm not happy with this.