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  • NyVetteGuy Level 1 (45 points)

    Could it have been static electricity?

  • igmackenzie Level 4 (2,285 points)

    BeersYourFriend wrote:


    It's doing it on all the new iPad's.

    It's not.

    Mine is cool at all times so far, no different to my iPad 2. 32Gb Wi-fi.

  • Vaughner Level 1 (0 points)

    Well, let's have a lesson in electronics shall we.  Firstly, I mean no disrespect to anyone here but I would like to shed some light on this topic.


    We all know processors generate heat. LEDs generate heat. Wireless radios generate heat. Even batteries generate heat. I have a third gen 64Gb Wifi only. I upgraded from a first gen for the retina display and the quad core graphics.


    The iPad 2 has a 25wH battery. The third gen has a 42.5wH battery. Considering that is close to twice the battery power in nearly the same space and the battery life is close to the same time one can infer that we are burning twice the power than the iPad 2. Anytime you are using power, heat is generated as a loss in the system. More power burned, more heat. Now add to that using the wireless radios, either Wifi or LTE (which is a power hog). There is more heat. Now turn on your backlight LEDs. These things all add up. Now I would like to talk about another heat topic in electronics.


    Thermal Runaway.

    What is thermal runaway?  If you think back to high school physics when you learned the basics of electronics we all know that resistance in a circuit causes heat when a current flows through it. a toaster is a perfect example. Current flows through a high resistance wire and heat is generated. It's not a good example because this is not thermal runaway. The system is designed so the heat generated does not push the resistance too high. The air flow allows enough cooling to have the coils stop their temperature rise at a point of equilibrium. When an electronic circuit gets hot it's resistance goes up automatically. This in turn causes more heat to generate and the cycle is repeated. The new iPad is designed as a power house tablet. It's amazingly powerful at 3d gaming and graphically intensive applications. Mine does get hot. Very hot when I am playing sky gamblers while plugged in. With the display at 100%. I honestly didn't expect it to run cool did you?  It gets warm when surfing, but hot it I lay it on my bed like it is now. Warm watching a movie, hot when it is on a non thermally conductive surface. I don't have a case for the back as I want the heat to get out. It has no fans nor any vents. It's a passively cooled system. If it gets too hot to hold after playing a game for a while, I lay it down, back directly against my granite countertop for a minute or two and it cools right off. Just holding it while playing it never gets TOO hot though it can get uncomfortable. It I lay it on the bed while paused, just for a minute, then it gets real hot.


    Think about what you are all complaining about. You want more power, faster wireless speeds, better display and more battery but you don't expect this comes at a price?


    I for one LOVE my new iPad.

  • Tournelle Level 1 (0 points)

    No, doesn't seem to be static electricity. I have repeated it several times and it is pretty freaky. If you have a similar set-up (iPad charging and screen on near a corded Apple extended keyboard attached to a running iMac) I suggest you be careful. It is a continuous electrical current feeling in the finger touching the keyboard's aluminum corner when I am simultaneously touching the back left bottom corner of the iPad with the other hand. At first I thought it was a static I described, I happened to have my wrist touching the metal corner of the keyboard while reaching to test the heat on the back of the iPad which was charging in the dock.

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    I have an iPad 3 64gb wifi only. My iPad is also rather warm on the bottom left hand corner. I have owned an iPad 1 and an iPad 2, and I haven't experienced this sort of heat before. Is it software or the hardware itself?? I don't know about everyone else, but I like to know that the product I have purchased works properly.

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    Mine is impossibly hot still after a full battery drain. I took it to the store and they said there isn't a problem with overheating and that it felt "normal" to them...wouldn't give me a replacement.


    This is bad service Apple. I demand an answer here. I love your product, but this is rediculous.

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    It's my understanding you have 14 days on all apple products to return them for a full refund.

      Just go back and demand a refund then. And then buy a new one.

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    I just came back from my apple store and I told them that I have a child 9 years old who loves to play with the iPad but he is asking for his Ipad 2 witch I sold to buy this one, he doesn't want to use this one couse  is getting hot I explain ; and this guy told me that they have a lot of people today on the store telling him the same and he said that's normal couse the new iPad is all battery and I told him I don't care if it is all battery or not I want a products that Me and my son can enjoy and he said with stupid tone I can give you and iPad 2 back if u want , I saw him and ask him will apple do anything with this ? He said no, this is NORMAl. I said thank you.


    Shame on you apple I am very disappointed.

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    I also took mine to Apple, and wouldn't swap it out. They just kept saying its normal. All they did was reset my iPad, saying it was a software related problem. Not hardware. So I'm here now waiting for my backup to restore, and not expecting this is the fix... Told him if its still doing it, that i could then get a replacment. Software really? I'm going to keep posted.


    Oh to the guy who gives us a lecture about Thermal Runaway... Dude, this is tablet meant to be held, without uncomfort. Yes, the iPad has been beefed up with better graphics, screen, ect... That does not mean is ok to be hot! Customers don't need a lecture about how thinks work. We just simply want a device that works correctly, and comfortably, which the first two did. Period!

  • Jcvallecillo Level 1 (0 points)

    Vaughner: can tell me why ur iPad is getting hot as mine and is people reporting that their iPad r cool as their Ipad 2 ? If this is normal everybody here should have the same or hot or cool .

  • Vaughner Level 1 (0 points)

    Well hot and cool are not scientific measurements. Like some call me tall and some call me short. It's what is relative to your point of reference. My mother sets her hot water heater so hot and can wash dishes in it just fine. If I stick my hand in there I can't do it. It's too hot for me. What's hot to one is not to another. It also depends what people run on it. Playing waking mars barely warms my iPad. Playing sky gamblers and it's cooking after a while.


    @BeersYourFriend  You are right. It is meant to be held. On that premise a laptop is meant to be put on your Lap. Who can do that these days?  Sure people complained when laptops needed so much power they could not be used on your lap anymore but everyone adapted. If you want less heat, then you want less power. Get an iPad 2. You don't complain if you buy a gaming laptop that gets hot. You expect that. Sheesh. I am just trying to put thing in perspective for people who dont understand basic electronics. Maybe apple should make the next gen iPad in two models. One iPad with less processor power that stays cool and an iPad extreme that does what it needs to for gaming. I bought mine as a gaming console. Heck, it still doesn't get as hot as my ps3 or my Xbox 360.


    I do hope my "lecture" helps people understand all that extra horsepower generates extra heat.

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    I have the 64 Gig wireless only and I haven't experienced this issue at all.  Someone above said to completely discharge the battery and then charge it again because it fixed the issue for them.

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    I have the 32GB LTE version and it gets very hot to the touch, I have noticed it doesn't matter what I am doing. This is my first iPad, is this normal? I had the Droid X phone do the same thing last year and it "fried" it.

  • William Rivas Level 5 (4,250 points)

    igmackenzie wrote:


    BeersYourFriend wrote:


    It's doing it on all the new iPad's.

    It's not.

    Mine is cool at all times so far, no different to my iPad 2. 32Gb Wi-fi.

    Same here. No issues.



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    If next couple days apple won't have the feedback I will return mind. It is uncomfortable to hold the new iPad in hands.

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