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  • Rhosalina Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I was playing Bubble Popper for about 10 minutes on my iPad3 64g 4g lte and it is a leather case. I would say the calculation of 104 degrees is right as it burned my thighs. I should post the photo of it. I wouldn't own an iPad without a case because I am always on the go so a case is a must and it should be able to handle a case... right?


    We have two iPad 2's and they never get hot. Even in the same case playing the same game.


    I returned it today to Verizon and hope Apple fixes the issue so I can buy another one!

  • gotothemoon Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Went to the apple store in Bellevue, WA today to check out the new ipads. I hadnt read the heatpad news reports till then. The first thing I noticed when I was playing with a few of them in the store was how warm all their backs were. Since I was trying to decide between black or white, ATT or Verizon or Wifi, I played around with almost 5-6 of the store pads. All of them were quite warm to touch. Even mentioned this also to one of the employees there. He brushed it aside saying it was due to the demo app playing on them and that it wont happen on the real ones. I thought to myself that I never noticed this warmth when I played with the older ipad2 s on earlier occasions.


    Now, on reading the news reports of the new ipad being warm, I can definitely say they are running much warmer to the point that you can feel the difference. They were warm enough to the point that one will actually feel nice holding them in winter weather. But, donno how much hotter can they get.


    Had already ordered an ipad online before I went to the store today. Am having second thoughts about it now. Will play with mine once I receive it and make up my mind later whether to keep it or return it and buy the ipad2 instead.

  • Rhosalina Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I would get the iPad2 also but they no longer sell the 64g! UGH!

  • reup247 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I had this issue before anything was written.


    On my 2nd black wifi 64 GB iPad (exchanged the first), and it's way too hot after ~10 min of web browsing or reading pulse news. It's warm in like 3 minutes then proceeds to hot. The screen doesnt even have to be bright. I had always set up as a new device with location services disabled. It's ridiculous.


    I find it very hard to believe those of you that claim to not have this problem. I'm not participating in any stupid fanboy wars, either. I bought 4 very expensive apple products last year that have been mostly perfect. This, as it currently operates, is garbage.


    I really wish the hot components weren't on the same side as the home button...


    I'm not sure if I should attempt another exchange or return. I love the screen, but I'd rather be using my cool iPad 2.

  • Rjmac Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    So most comments all share basically the same consensus, our new IPads get hot on the bottom left side.  I have the wifi 64 gb.  I bought it when they came out on Friday.  I have been on for extended periods of time each day.  Weird is it was only today that I started to feel it warm up.  It inspired me to search reviews and certainly a common problem. Did anyone notice this right away or just after a few days?   I've charged mine approx 4 times since Friday.  Weird it only started getting warm today.   I'm not doing anything major on mine just topical web surfing and a few games.  Odd!

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    I am using new iPad AT&T 64GB Wi-Fi + 4g. When I using the iBook and Cloudreaders, I found my new iPad getting hot that is unusual. ( it's like hot pack).

    So I been Apple store, today and one of technician asked "Is it possible to getting burn your hand from the problem?".

    If the new iPad is just warm, I am not been there. If I burn my hand from the new iPad then they will be fix the problem?

    Is it so funny...When the Apple company change to cookware company?

  • ricker6410 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I too returned my iPad. I liked the new iPad alot, but paying almost $800.00 then holding it with pot-holders would be stupit because it was too hot to hold in confort. I am not going cover my eyes and and smile like "I got the new iPad" If it dose not work then I am not keeping it. I returned it and will hope that the next one works correctly. It seem like only some of the units are haveing issues. I would not put it pass China to dump cheaper parts in 10% or more of the iPads to make more profit from Apple. If your iPad has any issues and you wait more than 14 days then you can not get a refund. At best you may get a refurbished iPad.

  • Lifelike0 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I am using new iPad AT&T 64GB Wi-Fi + 4g. When I using the iBook and Cloudreaders, I found my new iPad getting hot that is unusual. ( it's like hot pack).

    So I been Apple store, today and one of technician asked "Is it possible to getting burn your hand from the problem?".

    If the new iPad is just warm, I am not been there. If I burn my hand from the new iPad then they will be fix the problem?

    Is it so funny...When the Apple change to cookware company?

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    Thought i'd add my .02 My new iPad gets way too hot when using it for hard core gaming. I bought Air Supremacy and after about 15 or 20 minutes it's way too hot, i had to shut it off and i haven't gamed with it since. I'm more concerned about GPU or other component damage than I am how it feels on the outside. The iPad doesn't appear to have any internal cooling fans, so running the iPad this hot for extended periods of time will without a doubt shorten its life. Apple claims the unit will shutdown if overheated, but mine did not shut down. I didn't measure the actual temperature, but my guess the temperature is definately outside their specifications under these conditions.


    Surfing the internet, using email, watching video or doing other less intensive tasks doesn't seem to cause these heating problems. Seems to be isolated to hard core gaming, which sort of makes sense since the largest improvement is the quad core GPU.

  • slpslee Level 1 Level 1 (25 points)

    I did notice on Friday that mine was warmer than my iPad2, but it was brand new so I really didn't stress over it. I began to read stores about the heat up issue and that draining the battery seemed to fix it. I figured it was simple enough and wouldn't hurt anything, so I tried it and, actually it really does seem to work. I've watched movies and played games and surfed the web and anything else I could think of at 100% brightness, and it's only mildly warm now. I love the retina display and am so glad I didn't panic. I'd really hate to go back to the iPad 2 now.

  • BadWolfDT Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hello Apple group,

    I ordered my IPad through the website and was one of the lucky one's. I noticed two things about the new ipad and that is... One it does overheat and I allowed my son to use it and he told me that he was not able to hold it due to the warm back. He said isn't heat bad for electronics? Second I am tempted to see if the batteries do last 10 hours becase I notice it draining and I wounder if it is draining because of the heat? Can any one help me on this because I am thinking of gething the extended care for it at the Apple store.


    Thank you

  • fly Level 1 Level 1 (130 points)

    Don't get it .. u went to the store because you were deciding between what iPad to get and then u r stating u ordered it already online before going to the store? In all this story there's seems to be a lot of people commenting after they just signed up to an Apple ID .. something is fishy here ...

  • Patrick123 Level 1 Level 1 (55 points)

    I was in the Albany, NY store on 3/16 just to check them out.  Real Racing HD was on a few of them.  I played it, looked good (it wasn't a Retina game), was smooth, etc.  I went back to today looking for heat issues...Real Racing HD was gone off all the devices.  There was one 3D app, some jet fighter game that did not look very graphics intensive.  I played it for about 15 minutes with no heat increase.


    Putting on my conspiracy nut hat, I wonder if Apple pulled certain apps off the demo devices.


    I felt most of them.  One of the devices was sitting at the home screen and it was very warm (I wouldn't characterize it as hot).  But, it was warm enough that I would find it bothersome.  Most others at the home screen were cool to the touch or much less warm.

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    While heat is indeed bad for electronics it's more so for batteries. And that would be my concern - heat shortening the life of the battery chemistry in a year's time.


    I'd personally wait till they get the bugs worked out, talk to people face-to-face that actually own the product, then make the decision to buy one or not.


    I don't read reviews too much, because so many are biased and pre-paid to say certain things. But to each his own.

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         My thoughts exactly!  I've had my 64Gb 4G since the 16th. I have no heat problem what so ever! After hearing about all of the supposed heat related problems I've actually tried to get it to over heat. I can barely get it to the warm stage. I've had no problems with mine at all!

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