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  • A.Wu Level 1 Level 1

    Mine gets warm, but I guess it's normal.


    But I'm quite sure it gets warmer when the brightness being turn to max. I guess it's normal as that area is where the A5X chipset located..

  • barbaroonie Level 1 Level 1

    Okay so I took mine back to Apple and they replaced it no questions asked. Said they hadn't yet heard this prob and were very accommodating. I'm going to turn down brightness and disable iCloud as a few suggested here. And YES it takes forever to recharge if you try to use it while recharging.


    Ps be sure you use only the brick it came with to recharge. I started using my small plug from iPhone and it got too hot to pull out of the socket, the genius dude told me these were rated for 10 volts. Hth...

  • CeddyCed Level 1 Level 1

    How is the new one doing?

  • barbaroonie Level 1 Level 1

    So far so good... Lowering brightness really helps as does not using it in direct sunlight ;-)

  • ObjectiveTC Level 1 Level 1

    I'm also experiencing the ipad3 heating issue in the lower-left corner (in portrait with home-button at the bottom).


    I have the black 32gb wifi-only, with brightness between 30-50%..  I have charged it once, and while plugged in, installed all my apps, and that was when I first noticed the heat issue.  After setup, I left it plugged in to fully charge it.  A couple hours later (still plugged in), I turned it on and used the new hi-res Kindle app.  After a few minutes I felt the ipad getting warm in the same corner.  I figured it was because of charging.  So I unplugged it, left it turned off on a table for an hour and let it cool off.  Came back and used it to surf google-news (not playing videos or playing media, with Safari the only app running), and after 5 minutes I noticed the warmth again in that lower-left corner.  This was never an issue with the ipad1 (never had the ipad2).


    Today I ran the following tests:

    1 - Unplugged, charge at 98%, brightness at 30%, played youtube video for 10 minutes.  The bottom-left corner got mildly warm, barely noticeable (note - it's 68 degrees in the room).

    2 -  Unplugged, charge at 95%, upped the brightness to 100%, played youtube video for 10 minutes.  The bottom-left corner became noticeably warm, maybe 3x warmer than before.  The heat is now noticeable on the front glass of the iPad in that bottom-right corner, that's how strong it is.  Note - it is nowhere near as hot as the macbooks get running flash or copying large files.

    3 - I'm going to deplete the battery to 0%, charge it back up again, and see if that makes a difference (as some have indicated it would).  However I doubt this will work, seeing as people claim it is the processor chip, not the battery, that is in that lower-left corner.


    I'm surprised that the new ipad 3 has this heating problem.  I've been very disappointed at how hot Apple allows their laptops to get (over 200 degrees F!!), while claiming that those are normal operating temperatures.  It seems that whoever's running things at apple is completely ignoring the people-factor here.  On the one hand, apple touts its philosophy of getting the technological issues out of the way of the users, but then bungles the heat-ratings on their products.  Maybe their "human interface guidelines" should assume real people are using these devices and not humanoids with plastic arms and legs.


    Unsure right now whether I'll return the ipad 3.  I want to know if this is the case with all iPad 3's, or if it's just a few of us experiencing this.  I may just get a full-body case for the ipad 3 and be done with it, though sadly this would defeat the purpose of having purchased such a slim device in the first place.

  • Wordfanne Level 1 Level 1

    My 64gb, wifi/LTE new ipad is 96.8 degrees currently (and must have crafty artificial intelligence because it's as if it KNEW I'd brought out my laser temperature scanner and cooled down for reading).  It has been very hot to hold, lower left side, since first use. I'll continue to monitor with scanner...

  • CeddyCed Level 1 Level 1

    This is my 3rd day with the new IPad and it's really cool today and yesterday it was cooler too, but never so hot on day one that you couldn't touch.  I don't even dim the screen and it's fine.  The bigger battery is probably causing this with the new processor, but conditioning battery seems to help with the battery life too - let it drain pretty low and recharge.  I really don't have any striking concerns the past two days, and I'm on it over 12 hours a day.  I think it breaking in really nice.  We will see  when I tax it really hard today.

  • amytula Level 1 Level 1

    Mine is a 64 with WIFi and LTE - LTE not hooked up yet - got hot enogh that I measured with infared thermometer and it was 117 degree after 10 minutes - my little boy says its too hot to hold - (Great !) but seriously its not comfortable and I will be returning to the store

    BTEW this is unit #2 - the first one had a defective display so this unit is a factory new replacement - the original same spec did not get hot....

  • TechnoMike Level 1 Level 1

    I highly suggest that once you unbox the ipad. Do not charge it, use all the battery until it reach 0%, completely dead. Freshly charge the ipad and that should do the trick. Yesterday my ipad was massively over heated, I decided to use up all the battery ( I suggest doing some harcore gaming, takes very long to use up the battery) and recharged. Now today I am using the same applications as yesterday and so far, no sign of excessive heating issue. Just lil bit warm which is normal. I have also noticed the battery charges just a bit quicker.

  • amytula Level 1 Level 1

    I will try this - if I were a designer I would program it to run hot for the 1st couple cycles to bed the chip in (what do i know)

    I was a mechanic for 18 years and whenever i built an engine I would always run it at 2000 + rpm for the 1st 20 minutes to bed everthing in....same theory

  • tom4jax Level 1 Level 1

    I too am giving your suggestion a try. Good news so far. I just played a 2 hour movie on Netlflix and the heat on the back if the iPad is negligible to none. Also, the movie only used 25% of the battery. Now, I am running my iTunes music library continuously to push the battery further toward zero. This is also my third day of use, and it seemed to be heating up less while I was surfing the Internet. I also am curious to know if other users are having no heat problems.

    (I am writing this on the iPad 2 which strikes me as so lightweight compared to the new one .. I know, I know what the specs say)

  • Level 1 Level 1

    i was using it on my lap and it gets quite warm after 20 min; never had this issue w/ my iPad 1

  • Sebastian Slania Level 1 Level 1

    My new ipad does not overheat.

  • NyVetteGuy Level 1 Level 1

    I did exactly that...only had any real temp increase when it was downloading the backup from seems to be ok, just a little warmer than I remember the original iPad and the iPad 2....


    Still love it!!!

  • BeersYourFriend Level 1 Level 1

    Try playing Real Racing 2, and tell me if yours gets hot or not... I just got done playing about 10 minutes of Real Racing 2, and it is scorching Hot!!! Thank god I have a case, but when I slide my had into the case to feel the back, it its Hot Hot Hot! Not temperature errors yet, and am surprised its able to function at such high temps... What's going on here?

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