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    Wat I don't understand is I'm using the charger that I got with it and it says it's not charging im really poed cos I'm only a teen love my new IPad but it won't charge. PLEASE HELP

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    Please fix the issue!

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    I've had my iPad 3 for a couple or 3 months and it's been fine but last night I plugged it in to charge and closed it down. This morning after 7-8 hrs charging I opened it and it said 80 per cent charged and had a "not charging' notification beside the 80 per cent. I closed it and put it back to carry on charging and left it for a few more hrs but when I opened it again, no change. I tried to take a screen pic to see if it was working but it wouldn't do it. Don't know what to do now.

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    Apple please fix this issue!  What good is having your products if they're not going to working!!!

  • Chris CA Level 9 Level 9 (77,850 points)

    JayBird7 wrote:


    Apple please fix this issue!

    -> Apple Product Feedback

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    Mine is like charging but it turns off and it wont charge

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    I really think this battery issue is funny as ****... well not really, but it sure makes for a good laugh reading how I "shouldn't" have my iPad on while its charging...  Well that concept is the complete opposite of what Apple themselves states with this perticular accessory  that I purchased via the Apple Store in my local mall for $40 bucks so that I could use the TV-Out function with my iPad and HDtv.  The adaptor has a three part system.  Part one plugs into my iPad... Part two has two connector's on the other end.... Part two-A is for the HDMI cable that feeds my HDtv... Part two-B is for the USB power cable so that your able to keep your iPad "Supposedly" at full power whilest watching said HDtv...  In fact here is a quote from the discription of this "Apple" adapter... "A second 30-pin connector built into the AV adapter lets you charge and sync your device while it’s connected to your HDMI-compatible display."


    Now the reason that I checked out this post is simple... My iPad has continued to run on Battery Power irregardless of it being plugged into a wall outlet with the "Suppled Apple Power Cord"... and as such my iPad has died each and every time I've watched more than one two hour movie.  I must have owned hundreds of Battery powered Chargable electronic devices over the years, and when every one of them was plugged into and electrical outlet... "It discontinued running on battery power and ran of the Full-Power of the electrical supply,.. Whilest the battery was charging in the background..."  hmmmm a noval idea... Then comes my $900 iPad... Nope, it actually discharges while its plugged into an electrical outlet and then shuts itself off before the movie has even finished...


    Its an extremely dissapointing aspect of my $900 iPad,...oh, and the $40 cable so that my iPad can,.. you'kno'... charge the battery whiiiiiile I watch my movie...  Funny situation indeed...


    What Say You,...Justinicus..?

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    I'd have to guess that people notice it more because you are actually using the iPad the entire time it is plugged in. In comparison, when you use your phone while its plugged in, it's only for a short moment (text, phone call, instagram) and you lock it...When you pick it back up, it's recharged a significant amount.


    That's my guess. Seems strange to not charge at all when in use and plugged in but, it does use a lot of juice, so the counteractivity would make sense.

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    I just upgraded to ipad air, had ipad three before that, and ipad two before that.  I have always used it while plugged in for hour on end as i watch tv.  For the FIRST TIME, with the Ipad air, it is not chraging as fast as it is draining.


    All past ipads would INCREASE The charge while in use and plugged in, this one is DECREASING in charge.  This means that I have to turn it off to charge which sounds unreasonable.  Sounds like the power output of the CHARGER should of being increased and it was not.


    it is a mistake to assume this is reasonable, like many people mentioned laptops being a great example, we expect them to charge while plugged in, and they ALL do.

    This is ridiculous


    Sent from my IPAD (while loosing power)

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    I agree with your points.


    two comments: I find that if we turn bluetooth off and put in on airplane mode there's less energy requirements thus we can continue to use it eventhough its low in battery. I did notice that if the ipad is less than 10% there's nothing i can do to keep working on it. it will drain down. only patiance to get it back at 40% and then i can use it.


    The missing point in your comment is that in laptops, the hardware is prepared to work directly from ac power. Im not an expert about it so i dont know the tecnical terms. but i do know that, when plugged, the battery is charging, while the laptop is working directly from the cord. in other words, curent is not going thru battery to make it work.


    that's seams to be the limitation with these Ipads. power always goes thru the battery. it doesn't seam to have the capability of charging the battery while running directly from ac power.


    Can anyone confirm my suspicion. and if so, is that gonna be fixed. if the older models could, why can't the newer models?

    certainly very disapointing.

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    Agree with your response. I started seeing this problem after I got latest update from Apple. May be he does not know how charging works.  

  • Chris CA Level 9 Level 9 (77,850 points)

    Metal123 wrote:

    Agree with your response. I started seeing this problem after I got latest update from Apple. May be he does not know how charging works. 

    Darryl hasn’t posted in 3 years...

  • Metal123 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    You are right   . I would guess Darryl may have switched to older ipad/pod as suuested by Justinicus      or wrost switched to Android or Surface. This happens when  non technical people try to answer technical question.


    I recently got latest update from Apple and started seeing this problem.niwas looking for moreinfo and across this thread. It looks like I am not the only one who encountered this .


    Anyway... I know from thread that there is no fix available from Apple so far and I am on my own.

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    Hi there,


    its a back and forth with chargers, from where it is charged, display brightness…and so on.


    My suspicion is this: An OS update did this.

    See, i have a iPad2, no fancy retina, using the wall adapter (always plugged in).

    Today I ran into power problems…for the first time.

    Since 3 years my ipad didnt behave like this, always charging more than i used off while browsing the inet here and there, i even have the display sleep timer to 20 minutes.


    Turning off the default brightness and automate for this helps…slowly charging…about 1% per 10 Minutes. This isnt normal at all, also I'm no moleman to cripple my eyes on that dimmed display.


    Has anyone thought about the OS being the evil battery thief?

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    i have  a similiar issue:  ipad (2 yrs old) periodically gets hot while in use (no apparent reason and not consistently) and it periodically drains the battery while it is suppose to be charging. I use only apple chargers (i have several) and it drains while using the charger that came with it. Not sure what is going on but I don't think it's the charger.  When the charging is working, i can charge the battery while using the iPad; however, the only 'cure' i've found for when it is draining is to completely power off for several minutes.  Doesn't make any sense to me.