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  • Johnfrom神奈川県 Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks for the update, until it is fixed I am not going back to buy the iPad 3.


    and if they still cannot resolve this sync issue for photo (within the next two months),

    I am going to skip this 3rd generation iPad and wait until next March.

  • M113K Level 1 Level 1

    just bought new iPad today...

    having exact same problem with photo sync.

    even videos don't sync... ***...


    works perfectly fine with iPhone4S, iPhone3GS and original iPad.

    just doesn't work with new iPad...


    either iTunes or iPad needs update...

    apple, please fix this ASAP!

  • riontoc Level 1 Level 1

    HI Clarsonx, my english is not very well but I will try to explain. With the new Ipad I had a problem for sync photo.

    I tried all folder (650pics) , I tried folder by folder and always just a couple photo were sync. I saw something

    in Itunes, when you click on your IPAD in Itunes. You got (in french is Résumé) after INFOS and APPS. If you go in Résumé , you at the bottom of the page you got OPTIONS , unchecked SYNC YOUR IPAD WITH WIFI. After I tried to sync 650 pics and after 3 syncs all photo sync with my IPAD. I hope it'll solve your problem. While waiting for a fix from Apple. Because it's suppose to sync once times.Because the photos have to sync only once after.

  • scottabc Level 1 Level 1

    I had the same problem trying to sync photos from itunes to ipad3. It would download a few pictures and stop. I saw a post that said to click a picture with the the camera to sync the camera roll. I did this and I was able to download over 1000 photos.

  • swamipics Level 1 Level 1

    I had the same issue. Trying many times to sync but nothing. Only few pics. I have to sync 888photos, but only 12 go on ipad3. Phone Apple italy doesn't know the problem. Very disappointed. :(

  • meerderideen Level 1 Level 1

    The guy from apple does not give me any answer to my questions anymore... all mails stay unanswered. Weeks before he asked me several quesitons on the phone, day by day, doing this, doing that, trying this and that, giving a report, and so on... and now: Nothing. No update, no fix... that is not just disappointing, this is shameless.

  • swamipics Level 1 Level 1

    i've sync the pics on ipad3 by resize them at 3072px long border. Now I've the images on the device. but is impossible to resize 22500+ pics. IPAD was to make life easier, not harder.

  • thelaud Level 1 Level 1

    Hi all,


    I had originally stated that i fixed my problem with photo sync on page 10 of this post, but the problem reappeared yesterday when i tried to add to my photo library.  It was the same symptom where only a small percentage of photos that got copied onto the device, the others were simply not there.


    Again i retraced the steps that i undertook when i first troubleshooted this, and found that there were multiple 0byte ithmb files in the ipod photo cache folder.


    What i did next were:

    1. Deleted all of these 0byte files
    2. Reset sync history to device
    3. Deleted the folder where these photos were in my library on the PC whilst copied the photos onto a newly created folder.
    4. Synched iPad so that the entire photo library for this photo is deleted from the device
    5. Then restarted iPad (power off then on, not sleep)
    6. Restarted PC
    7. Re connected device to iTunes and re-introduced these photos in the new folder
    8. Resynched.
    9. EVERY PHOTO GOT COPIED AND NO RESIZING REQUIRED (majority of my photos are 18mega pixel 5184*3456 large)


    Now, it would appear there are correlations to the 0byte files and the sync history of the iPad that is causing this problem.


    For those who have quit and returned their device and say that 'we should not be trying to fix this', well thats understandable as at first I was pretty miffed by this problem. 


    But personally I am enjoying this piece of kit, the sync problem for photos is not enough for me to quite alone. The device is lightening fast, coming from the original iPad, this thing seems like a whole different beast.  A little troubleshooting for technologies nowadays is expected in my humble opinion, my Samsung Galaxy Note has given me a few things that i needed to troubleshoot, but as a whole these devices empowers your life, they are worth some effort in my view


    Anyway, good luck.

  • BigDaddyQB Level 1 Level 1

    Brief update on my ongoing open issue with Apple on this subject. Per their rep, Apple's engineers acknowledge that there is a problem syncing photos larger than 3000 pixels on the longest side. However they have no estimated fix date nor any estimate of when they will have one. I also could not get an acknowledgment that they are actively working the issue. I would not expect anything public about this unless one of the trade publications decides to run with it. What I deduce from that is most of the iPad user base do not have photos in their library that are of that size. Over time, perhaps that will change. But without a critical mass, Apple will work the issue on a low priority basis, if it actively works it at all. Likely, if they are working it, the fix will find its way into the next iTunes or iOS update buried as a generic "stability fix."


    In the meantime, if any of you have Photoshop Elements it is pretty quick and easy to resize and export thousands of photos to a separate folder, from which you can sync. Works perfectly for me. I would recommend syncing the new iPad from its own folder though and not the same one with which you may sync other I-devices. I would assume iPhoto does the same thing but since I don't own it, I'm not sure.

  • solaire Level 1 Level 1

    Same problem with my new iPad 3 64 GB 4G.

    - Synching of large quantities of movies, data files etc via PC is going on w/o any problems.

    - Synching photos is a mess. iTunes shows that f i 2000 photos were synched, iPad gets maybe 100-200.


    I tried all tricks I know (including rebooting the computers, using different cables, different USB 3 and 2 slots, reinstalling iPad). I use a  fast PC (w GA-/68XP-UD4 motherboard, SSD, 16 GB RAM) and a medium notebook Toshiba Satellite.


    Solution to that mess (at least for the moment):

    - synching photos via notebook; takes really quite a while but works perfectly well

    - synching everything else via PC


    It reminds me of my beginning with Windows. One had to find solutions for problems one never had before and MS didn't care of. It seems Apple is adapting basic management from Microsoft...


    Maybe this synching problem it is a matter of speed either in iTunes or iPad. The PhotoCash of iTunes shows less pics than the information says. Synching loads of pics with iPhone 4S works fine via PC.


    I hope that Apple is finding soon a solution for that problem. It is nasty to have to use TWO computers for synching ONE iPad.

  • meerderideen Level 1 Level 1

    It has NOTHING to do with the 3000px! This just solves one side of the issue!!! Stop writing this mess! People with iPadb3 AND iPhone syncing the same photos still have problems even if all pictures are max 3000px on the long side!!! So stop writing this $#%^}!

  • BigDaddyQB Level 1 Level 1

    Wish you wouldn't be upset with folks trying to have a friendly discussion as to issues being faced by a community. Hardly constructive and this is what causes moderators to close threads.


    As to your statement, while I have no doubt this is an issue you are experiencing, and I do empathize, it is not an absolute. I sync two iPhones and the new iPad using the process I mention above and I have zero problems. So obviously it is not systemic. Again, and I hasten to add, my workaround is NOT a solution. Apple needs to fix this. I just suspect it will not happen any time in the near future, at least 2-3 months more anyway, at the earliest. IMHO.

  • Johnfrom神奈川県 Level 1 Level 1

    After multiple attempts and god knows how many hours beta testing, plus shelling out top $,

    who wouldn't be upset?


    My pics are 22MP (greater than 3000 px on the long end) coming from a 5D Mark II.

    I have tens of thousands of photo in hundreds of folders, like the other poster,

    I am not going to manually export a 2nd version of the file, which will easily, take up twice the storage space

    (that I am already running short), not to mention having to go back and manually "qualify" which selected photo I actually want out of each folder.


    While it is appreciated that other are providing some "potential" solutions.

    I have to agree that the real fix has to come from APPLE.

    A "run around" is exactly a run around.

    Every sync should be automatic, and no it isn't asking too much.


    Maybe we should all buy a new iPad every week and return it the next day, and cite that the sync does not work.

  • swamipics Level 1 Level 1

    we should make some noise with a lot of tweets on TWITTER in droves. maybe Apple will make faster to fix the bug! like this: #ipad3 #newipad doesn't sync #photos.

  • M113K Level 1 Level 1

    yea, image size does not matter...

    i have over 4000 pics from my original iPad...

    i resized all my pics to 1024x768 since mine is only 16GB...


    thought about returning iPad3 and wait until Apple fixes it but there's 10% restocking fee...

    was gonna buy iPhoto app but will wait until sync issue is fixed first...


    if was alive, this s**t would never happen!

    this fix should be taken care of as #1 priority for iPad update as it is affecting so many ppl...

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