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    There is nothing simpler than a file system. Drag, drop, done. I understand Steve Jobs wanted to appeal to non-technical people who'd rather deal in "photos" than in "files" but the ability to copy a file should be there as a bare minimum no matter what. It's the fastest and easiest fallback to any application-specific issues. And we all know how many issues iTunes has.

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    Exactly...which is one of the reasons that I'm switching from my iPhone to the new Samsung Galaxy S3 when it's available. Tired of the walled garden.  Tired of the bottleneck that is iTunes.  Tired of Apple with it's suing Samsung, suing domain names for control, 30% commission over every app sold, lack of further innovation, slavish copying, overpricedness, and freakishly paranoid control over everything they create.  Good riddance.

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    Looks like Apple just released iOS update 5.1.1 with various bug fixes. Doesn't mention the photo sync bug but hopefully it has been fixed. I won't be home to test it out for another few hours.


    Can anyone confirm if the update resolves the issue?

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    It indeed does not.  Tried it.  Same crappy results!

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    Did you check out my posts in this thread, starting at May 7, 2012 2:42 AM? It's the best to switch to third-party photo viewers.

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    Again, the point being that we should NOT have to.  If I paid $699 for something, I expect it to work out of the box.

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    The problem is with iTunes, not the iOS devices so 5.1.1 isn't going to help at all.


    What we are all waiting for is an iTunes update, and hopefully soon!



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    To be absolutely frank I don't particularly care if the problem is iTunes or the iPad 3....s some have said when we pay $699 it should work. One has to assume these guys checked it out before releasing these things.....also what's most annoying for me is Apples inability to admit they have a problem. I spent quite a while one the phone with this service guy and told him I had found many many folks with exactly the same problem and that it appears there is a bug ....and what he said is that there are many who have no problem.....what sort of a response is that?

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    A vast now synced 3 photos out of 4,000...brilliant.


    This is my second attempt at an iPad3. The first went back a couple of weeks after release...the apple support person I spoke to certainly DID admit that they had a problem. Got this new one 10 days ago...created a completely separeate photo library for it...just JPEGS. Managed to get it to sync 2,000 then added a couple more folders and.....back to square one. Update to only syncs 3 photos.


    What a heap of ****. Absolutely scandalous.


    The problem is definately with iTunes. That's why when you manage to get the iPad 3 to sync some pictures you then screw up your previous iPads, iPods and phones.


    This is going to be a pretty difficult problem to solve for those of us that have multiple apple having separate photo caches goes against the whole iTunes philosophy.


    Aren't MS Windows devices so much easier?? MS have long since leant how to deal with an infinite number of hardware and software compatability issues.


    Maybe Apple are arrogant enough to think we will all throw our legacy devices away shortly..........this sort of incredible arrogance is usually the beginning of the end. They would certainly deserve it.

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    BTW: Unless there is anew release that fixes this this new iPad 3 is going back on Thursday.


    I suggest you all do the same. Whether or not it is within the agreed return period...this device is not fit for purpose.

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    "also what's most annoying for me is Apples inability to admit they have a problem"


    Remember their awful communication of the iPhone 4 antennagate?

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    Like it was yesterday.  Bureaucratic red tape and sickening PR damage control stunts.

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    Just spoke to Apple "support" about this issue.  The first engineer never heard of this.  He said that they don't read the discussion forums.


    He moved me to a "senior" resource who had heard about the problem but said it was impacting "a minimal amount of users".  He started babling about windows security software, etc.  I finally showed him that pictures of a certain size would sync.  He said they are looking at it, but there was no ETA on it.


    Gee, thanks Apple.

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