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  • Sgadan Ruadh Level 1 Level 1

    Why, oh why can't Apple allow syncing to the Ipad 3 by alpha/numeric file name? I use three cameras and also wish to add images scanned from 35mm slides or processed in Photoshop. All images are given an alpha/numeric file name and I wish to put them on my Ipad in that sequence without interferience from the boys and girls in Apple. Why do I have to try all sorts of complicated work-arounds and then check to see what Apple has actually done before starting again and finding yet another sequence on my Ipad 3? If Sony can do it so beautifully on their tablet, why have we to put up with annoying sub-standard processes with botched results?

    To produce such a stunning Retina screen and then screw up its application makes no sense to me. It is only after purchasing the Ipad that the customer finds out the error of Apple's ways. In the shop it is the best thing since the sliced pan!

  • PeterOFre Level 1 Level 1

    Hi Sgadan,

    Nice to read your good comments here.

    The interesting thing is that this Apple Sorting system is working well for all which are having the Camera clock correctly set.

    Then you can mix pictures from every camera and all is fine.

    Last summer I had friends from US here in Germany and one of our cameras had a wrong date and time.

    For the correction you need a good software or iPhoto or Aperture or Adobe Lightroom or or ...


    Every camera has a diiferent naming system like DSC00001, PA0001 and you need to rename it every time you want to mix pictures.


    To help my colleagues in the office I have created a workshop to demostrate various ways to show and organize pictures on iPads and SamsungPads.

    That includes offline and online Apps like PhotoManagerPro and Flickr, Picasa, Dropbox, SkyDrive.

    I am showing GPS apps like GeoTagr which I am using with my Sony Camera.


    If you want to try a nice app to show your Flickr pictures, please try Flickring. It is nice like the Apple Photo and you can sort in different ways.

  • PeterOFre Level 1 Level 1


    Here a text from my workshop.


    The title of that slide is:  What is wrong with Apple Photo App?


    - Only offline on iPhone and iPad, No real cloud solution

    - Only automated sorting

    - Only one direction sync via iTunes from Mac to iPad/iPhone

    - Synced pictures cannot be deleted

    - iPad and iPhone albums are not synced


    The title of the next slide is: Key features of the "ideal" Photo solution.


    - Available offline and Online

    - Protected Privacy

    - Flexible viewing infos and sorting

    - Sharing with friends and family

    - Upload, download and sync both ways

    - Affordable App cost + yearly online costs

  • Sgadan Ruadh Level 1 Level 1

    Hello PeterOFre,

    Thank you for your help with my problem. I admit I am an unusual case as I don't use Flickr, Dropbox or the like.

    All images I take I upload onto my hard disk, in both Raw and jpeg. I then go through these in jpeg and delete those I don't want to keep which is by far the majority. I rename every image In strict numerical sequence but those I may wish to reprocess for publication or exhibition I put in a separate Raw file with the same number as the jpeg version. The jpeg images are kept in albums of 250 for quick reference. Every image is then indexed under a variety of headings. I have been using this system manually since 1953, then with 35mm slides indexed on the computer and finally digital images for the past 10 years. I still shoot film on special assignments and scan the images into the system or scan in old 35mm slides ad required. This process works very well for me and I don't wish to change it.

    I bought the iPad 3 for the Retina screen and to have an easily portable means of showing my images to friends and clients. A friend has the Sony tablet and has no problems so I thought I'd be one up on him and went for the Apple. All I want to do is to transfer the retained and re-named images in the numerical sequence I use onto the iPad. If I wish to add just a few images I have to re-sync all 8,000 images in their albums of 500 and they come out in a different order every time. Some duplicated and some deleted. If there is no meta data, then no images!. Oh for drag and drop!

    Thanks again,

    Sgadan Ruadh.

  • PeterOFre Level 1 Level 1

    Hello Sgadan,

    1953 is the year of my birth :-). and 1973 was my first contact with a computer and 1974 I have written my first Computer program on an IBM360.

    If you are still interested in using your iPad for pictures, I would love to work with you to get a fix.

    Let us define a test set of pictures with and without meta data and test several sync and display options.

    Interested ?

    Have a nice weekend


  • Sgadan Ruadh Level 1 Level 1

    Hello Peter,

    Thank you for your response. 1933 was the year of my birth, around 1971 I bought a Comodore VIC and graduated through various Amstrad machines to an IBM something and then to PCs. I was involved in linear programing in a biscuit factory in the early 1960s and tried to keep up to date until 10 years ago when development was running faster than I could keep up and I'm now seriously behind - particularly in the vocabulary - I just don't follow the jargon but after a lot of work I find when I find out the meaning of the abreviations the light gets turned on. My first rub up with computers was punched tape input into a machine which needed windows removed from the building and a crane to install! I wrote prograsms for work and leisure purposes in DOS but never got into higher languages. I just work with computers.

    Yes, I would love to get involved if I can manage to follow what is going on. I have a feeling it would take a lot of hand-holding on your part. Sending an album of 250 jpeg images at some 4.5 MB each does not seem a runner to me. I use a desktop with Windows XP SP3 and a laptop running the Windows 7 platform.

    I think it would be better if we continued this topic off this website rather than add to the clutter. Is there a PM facility to exchange e-mail addresses?

    Summer has finally hit this part of the world, it is glorious. Hope your floods have receded and you are enjoying the week-end too.

    Sgadan Ruadh

  • PeterOFre Level 1 Level 1

    Hi Sgadan,

    Have searched the apple page for PM, but no luck.

    Please send me an email to

    After this first contact, I will delete this email account again.

    Let us try if it is working.



  • PeterOFre Level 1 Level 1

    Sorry, wrong email


  • PeterOFre Level 1 Level 1

    I guess I need to buy some pills.  Better idea, I blame it on Apples auto correct function.


    Again the wrong email.  Here the hopefully correct one :

  • Pham Manh Hung Level 1 Level 1

    Hi everybody and Sgadan Ruadh,


    The Photos application in your Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod) sort your album with “date taken” from the EXIF data. The problem is the item Authors in your pictures is empty, and the application sort your pictures with wrong way. It’s very easy to fix it.


    Select your pictures folder > Select all> Right-click> Properties>Details and then fill any name you want in the Authors item. Windows explorer fills all your pictures in a second.


    Sync your pictures folder with iTunes. And now, your (iPhone, iPad…) sort your pictures like as you want. Good luck!

  • PeterOFre Level 1 Level 1

    Hi Pham Manh Hung,

    thank you for your advise.

    I have see it some days ago in a different post. And I have tried out immediately.

    My test PC have Windows 8 and I could update the Author for Windows 7 as well, but not with Windows XP.

    All the pictures have now the identical Modification date and shortly after syncing the order is by name, but after a while the iPad relalize the trick and is sorting using the Creation date from EXIF date, which is the "correct" way.


    I am currently doing some tests together with Sgadan Ruadh  using PhotoMgrPro and sync with Cyberduck.

    We have not finsihed, but we are optimistic.


    Overall it is only an issue when you are using the Folder Sync in iTunes.

    iPhoto and Aperture are able to transfer "their" sorting over to iPad. 


    The sorting by date (with Folder sync)  is best for most of user, because only a few are renaming the pictures.

    Imagine you have 3 friends one with a Sony camera ( DSC 00xxxx) , one with and Olympus (PB123456) and the third with an iPhone with IMG_12345 were on an hiking tour and afterwards they share the pictures.

    Only a "picture taken date" is displaying it in the "correct" order.

    OK, if one has a wrong clock setting, you need to have a date adjuster tool. iPhoto, Aperture, Lightroom or GraphicConverter have such batch adjustments functionality. If you have a Mac then you find a little tool called "Photo Date Changer" in the App Store (Mac).


    By the way, Sgadan Ruadh mentioned that some pictures have not shown up after Sync.

    These pictures had JPE suffix, a simple rename to jpg is solving the issue.


    If you have special requirements, then you need to have special knowledge.

    best regards


  • Sgadan Ruadh Level 1 Level 1

    Good News for Apple Sufferers!


    Through German / Irish co-operation a work around has been found which overcomes the sorting conundrum designed by Apple to scramble any attempt at sorting images on the iPad in a logical alpha/numeric file name sequence. In accordance with our true national characteristics, Ireland concentrated on the problems while Germany sought solutions!


    A copy of the image files on the hard disk should be made to avoid corrupting the original images should anything go wrong. Load the PhotoMgrPro app. onto the iPad. Download “Cyberduck” (I’m not joking) onto the computer. Follow the instructions and transfer the images (copies and preferably in batches/albums) from the computer via Cyberduck to PhotoMgrPro on the iPad. Once on the iPad the images can be sorted by alpha/numerick file name (up or down), date, type, file size or my sorting. There is also the terrific advantage that the file name is listed below each image. Happy days are here again!


    We found the valid image formats to be .jpg, .tif, .png, .bmp (Windows). Invalid formats are .jpe, .gif, .jp2, .psd. File formats can be changed from invalid to valid in batches through, for instance, Photoshop: File > Scripts > Image Processor. If there is a mixture of formats in a batch, process the entire batch using the highest quality setting. Please don’t tell Apple about this or they will issue an "upgrade" to maintain dominance over their customers.


    Best wishes from Peterofre and Sgadan Ruadh

  • xaphod Level 1 Level 1

    Dear Sgadan,


    Thank you from Switzerland!


    I just bought an iPad air, tried syncing 8000 photos (4.5GB) to it. The sync was successful, but the 4.5gb of photos used up *22.6gb* on the ipad! crazy.


    Then I tried PhotoMgrPro, and it just *worked*.


    Of course it is a shame not to have the nice UX of the apple photos app, but it ain't worth 18gb to me!


    thanks again


  • Sgadan Ruadh Level 1 Level 1

    Hello xaphod,


    I deserve no thanks, it is PeterOFre who took me under his wing and sorted my problems, so it is to Peter that shouold get the thanks from both of us. I am delighted with the outcome; I use the iPad chiefly for assessing and  showing photographs and PhotoMgrPro has met my needs and turned my iPad into something useful instead of an expensive frustrating gadget. If you are moving images from a computer hard disk to the iPad, Cyberduck was my best friend too.




    Sgadan Ruadh

  • xaphod Level 1 Level 1

    Well thanks to both of you - you at least get credit for taking the time to POST your working solution - lots of people  don't do that.

    Cyberduck - yup, i've been using that for a while. There are not that many good free Mac OS FTP clients!


    One thing I see, is that as a result of "experimenting" with syncing photos thru itunes, even after removing ALL photos that were sync'd from the ipad, there are still 890MB used by photos on the ipad (without photomgrpro) -- and there are no photos on the ipad at all. So something is cached somewhere.

    Anyone know how to clear the cache?