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Problem if I try to sync photos to my iPad 3 64gb 4G. If I select some or all of my 7300 photos, iTunes either converts a few (9 to 15 pics) syncs them and skips the rest or skips them all entirely , the ones that do sync look stunning on the retina screen though.


I never had this issue with my old iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and my current 4S or my iPad 1 & 2.


I also tried deleting the photo cache multiple times, restoring the iPad 3 from an iCloud backup as well as a slightly older backup through iTunes, I even reinstalled the old iTunes 10.5 and I still had the same photo sync issue.


Yet my iPhone 4S 64gb is syncing my photos through iTunes via a cable & WiFi just fine.


I even tried copying all 7300 photos to an external drive and syncing them from there, hoping a completely different location may work. Managed 150 odd shots before skipping the rest, this problem is completely random.


Out of those shots a few were the wrong image, the thumbnail image was right but when opened full the image was from a completely different folder 


I even tried this morning setting my iPad 3 up as a new device instead of restoring from iTunes or iCloud, synced only my photos and nothing else but I had the same issue so this is definitely a bug somewhere, I suspect iTunes.


Again, same photos and I have no issue syncing 7300 shots to my iPhone 4S.


Everything else syncs to the iPad 3 just fine and runs perfectly.

Self Built, Windows 7, iPhone 4 32gb
Solved by Peczenij on Mar 25, 2012 11:57 AM Solved

I have the exact same photo sync issue with the new IPad also.

I have tried many solutions just like all of your suggestions, but have not been successful.

Seems to be an issue with the use of larger photo sizes for the new high resolution iPad.

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    DId you update you iPod Touch 3rd Gen to 5.1?



  • Radeon123 Level 1 Level 1

    I don't own an iPod Touch, my issue is only with my iPad 3. That came preloaded with iOS 5.1. My iPhone 4S 64gb has no sync issues and that was upgraded to iOS 5.1 from 5.0.1.

  • xxmitchxx90 Level 2 Level 2

    Sorry. Did you try to do a restore and then out everything back on to the iPad?



  • Radeon123 Level 1 Level 1

    I originally restored an iPad 2 backup from iCloud but then I restored from a backup that was a few days older via iTunes. The photo sync issue was still there.


    Next I set my iPad 3 up as a new device, I then tried syncing only photos and nothing else, again same issue so I just restored from a backup again as I didn't want to loose my app and game save files.


    So far my iPad 3 is flawless, no colour tint issues, no dead pixels, dust or backlight bleeding. All my apps, bookmarks etc have synced over great, just my photos are the issue but only with the iPad 3. My photos sync perfectly with the iPhone 4S 64gb, iPod Classic 160gb and iPod Nano 16gb so this has to be an iTunes bug.


    There is a thread on the MacRumors forum with the same issue as me so is am not alone.


  • xxmitchxx90 Level 2 Level 2

    Try to set it up again, but instead of setting it up as a new device, try putting a backup on to the device.



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    "try putting a backup on to the device."


    I did. Same result as Reon123 above. Random images. On one occasion it stalled with the ipad 3 telling me it was syncing 1279 of 3569 (numbers probably not accurate).


    On a similar occasion it showed all the folders I'd wanted to sync but only put images in 2 of them.


    At present it is putting 1 photo in an album/folder with 601 pics. Another folder the thumbnail is a white rectangle but the pic shows up.


    Tried taking off the read only on everything in pictures.


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  • fatperson Level 1 Level 1

    Another post which I have now lost suggested deleting the ipod photo cache folder in the pictures folder.


    I unplugged my ipad, renamed the  ipod photo cache  folder, plugged in ipad and it looks like it had to remake the folder and all the thumb nails. It then uploaded them to the ipad OK. Not sure if it zapped the old images on the ipad.

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    I am having the same problem as both of you.  iPad 3 64 gb 4G LTE and it will sync my older pictures taken with my iPhone or old point and shoot, but not my newer canon SLR pictures.  They sync fine on my IPad 2, iPhone 4... And I have also tried all of these troubleshooting steps with no help.  Glad I'm not the only one with this issue. 

  • fatperson Level 1 Level 1



    Not sure what it will do to photos on my iphone and ipad1 but did work for me with ipad 3

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    Unfortunately  deleting the photo cache didn't do anything.  Same problem with randomly syncing some pictures and not others, and never the same pictures after I repeat the steps.  Syncs about 14 out of 9,000 pictures.  No issues with other devices, just iPad 3.

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    I had the same issue.  I came up with a work around until they get it fixed.  


    I also attempted to sync selected folders from my computer to my Ipad 3.  Only 3 of the 8 picture folders would sync to my new Ipad 3. . I had same issue as noted above. The sync would start and then stop. The selected folder which was syncing would disappear from the Ipad 3. .


    My work around:  I created a new folder in my Pictures file, copied and pasted the photos in new folder.


    I entered the Pictures folder on my computer, I made a new folder and named new folder IPAD3 ABCD

    ( ABCD was specific name of contents in folder), I then copied photos from original file that would not sync and pasted them in the new folder named IPADABCD.  I did this one at a time.  I went back and re-synced one new folder at a time.  I only had to redo the above list one time for one folder that did not sync after doing this.  But all my photo folders are now on Ipad3. 


    Hope this helps.

  • trickard Level 1 Level 1

    I'm having the identical problem with my iPad 3 64GB 4G LTE.  Using iTunes, it syncs about 2/3 of my 12K photos and then quits.  I've spent the whole day trying various strategies, but none successfully.  This is infuriating!  My iPad 1 syncs the whole group just fine.  I haven't tried Abigail140's remedy yet, because it would be too much trouble trying to figure out which photos were left out of the 100+ folders I have.

  • Xindaan Level 1 Level 1

    I had the very same problem. iTunes synchronized a few pictures, and then just stopped. I was able to manually progress, though found out that I needed to double-check everything because additionally, pictures got mixed up (right preview picture, wrong picture when choosing it, and so on).


    What appears to be a stable workaround for me is reducing image size. For that, I chose 2048 pixels for the longes side of the picture, to match the display, and this reduced size/resolution has solved all the problems I had - synchronizing pictures works without any hiccups. (My picture library is about 2,500 pictures, so I am not sure if it scales up to your 7,300 pictures library, and I can't be sure if the problem is dependent on the hardware configuration).

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    I'm having the exact same issue with my ipad 3 64GB wifi.  I spent 3 hours on Sat with various apple support folks and we did EVERYTHING to try and troubleshoot.  I checked my USB 2.0 connection, tried it on wireless vs. usb, deleted all photo cache, reinstalled iTunes 10.6, complete restore of the iPad as new, etc.  I too can sync perfectly with the iPad 1 and my iPhone 4, but the iPad 3 only syncs random photos.  Strangely, the number of pics that make it through the sync varies each time.


    Of note, I am running iTunes on win 7 64bit desktop. I then tested the sync issue with a duplicate of the same test picture folders with a clean version of iTunes on my clean (very few programs installed) laptop, also with win 7 64bit, and found that the iPad 3 photos sync perfectly on that.  So...I was able to verify that its not an iPad hardware issue.  It seems, however that some program or setting on my desktop is conflicting with the sync.  The issue has been forwarded to Apple engineers for review.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed.....

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