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Douglas Parks Level 1 (40 points)

After the recent upgrade to Aperture I am having an issue with view.  If I go to a plugin, in this case lets say Nik Viveza 2, when I come back into the photo the filmstrip version is updated, however the larger view remains the same.  Some times when I toggle pictures I can get the view to update, but not always.  Going into another plugin will show the results of the previous.  Also an export has the corrections/enhancements in them, it is purely the view.


This was introduced with the 3.2.3 version.  I am running on Lion (updated).

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.7.1)
  • léonie Level 10 (90,975 points)

    Hello Douglas,

    that seems to be a bug similar to the one we see when using Photoshop as an external editor, see this thread: saving from photoshop


    Does the Viewer version update properly, if you quit Aperture and relaunch? With external edits in Photoshop this does seem to help.


    Please send a Bug report to Apple - the more, the better:




  • Douglas Parks Level 1 (40 points)

    I did see the others like the link you sent.  However they were all previous versions and my issue did not start until the last update of Aperture.


    For me exiting and entering does not change the view unless only one plugin is used. If I use two different plugins like Viveza and Silver Efex the filmstrip view updates (always does) but the viewer is stuck on the original or the first update. Opening the file in a plugin shows the entire edit so the changes are being made.  Doing an export of the version also shows the changes, so this is purely in aperture.


    I will go file a bug as suggested and see where that gets me. Thanks!

  • Ernie Stamper Level 8 (37,545 points)

    Is this bug with both Managed and Referenced images?


    Since I am not using Photostream I have not bothered to update past 3.2.2, yet, in my Snow Leopard boot.  Later today I will update in my Lion boot, but there I am for the moment not using Photoshop as my External editor.  Not sure I trust Lion with all of Adobe Design Premium.



  • shuttersp33d Level 4 (1,540 points)

    I posted this in the threads for Photoshop round trips. Not sure if it works for plug-ins, but here it is:


    If you resize the image a bit (make the Viewer or Split View window a little taller) or if you check one of the adjustment bricks in the Adjustments tab in the Inspector (toggle the Enhance brick on and off), I think you'll see the Preview update without having to quit Aperture.

  • léonie Level 10 (90,975 points)

    Hello shuttersp33d,

    yes that is a clever trick. But does it work for you, if you edit the same image a second time with Photoshop? I still don't see the results of the second PS CS5 edit in any way it looks, as if Aperture overwrites the master files.




  • fetachin Level 1 (0 points)

    I am having the same exact problem. Preview updates fine, but not image in viewer, though the changes are being made to the file. I have found that quitting and then restarting Aperture does get the image in the viewer to finally update and reflect all the plug-in edits made.

  • shuttersp33d Level 4 (1,540 points)

    I actually think that is the way Aperture always worked. You would have to make a new version if you wanted to keep one edit and add another round trip.



    *And you don't actually mean Aperture is overwriting the original master, correct? You are referring to the round-tripped version, right?

  • léonie Level 10 (90,975 points)

    You would have to make a new version if you wanted to keep one edit and add another round trip.

    I meant it the other way round: The new edits discarded and only the old edits showing: Aperture creates a new master image file when PS is called a second time, but the two masters overwrite each other and the new edits are lost.

  • Ernie Stamper Level 8 (37,545 points)



    This is not correct.  Any Aperture adjustment done between trips to Photoshop are maintained, but applied to whatever PS next adjusts about the evolving quasi Master.  Try it, say with the minizing Saturation, then sending a 2nd time to PS, and then Save and return.



  • léonie Level 10 (90,975 points)

    Ernie, I know that that is how it is supposed to work -

    that is exactly my concern here - right now ( since 3.2.3) am seeing something different:

    • I edit an image in PS CS5, and a quasi master is created, and updated in the film strip
    • I edit it again in PS CS5, in the filmstrip appears a third version of the image and nothing I will do will bring the PS edits back to Aperture.


    Regards, Léonie

  • shuttersp33d Level 4 (1,540 points)

    Hmm, when I send the round-tripped image to Photoshop again, no new version is created for me. The edits are applied to the same "edited with external editor " badged version, albeit after I do the little work around of re-sizing or toggling an adjustment brick on and off.


    I am not adding any Aperture adjustments in between though...

  • léonie Level 10 (90,975 points)


    I just made a test on my second laptop (MacOS 10.6.8): here is everything still as it is supposed to be; Photoshop keeps updating the current quasi master and with shuttersp33d's toggling of the edits I see the updated image send back from Photoshop - so far, so good.


    But on my current system each successive call to PS creates a new Version/quasimaster - whatever it is, and no edits do show on this. So there seems to be an additional problem on my system ...


    I am off to debugging 

  • shuttersp33d Level 4 (1,540 points)

    I was going to suggest that maybe you had the preference to "Create new versions when making adjustments" checked, but even when I checked that preference, Aperture still operated as expected, making the changes to the version that was sent to PS5 before, not creating a new version. Hmm...

  • léonie Level 10 (90,975 points)

    Thanks, shuttersp33, that was the first I checked


    But meanwhile I found, that with my testlibrary everything works fine, so I started to repair my main library - hopefully then everything will be back to normal .




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