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My printer (HP PSC 1510) fails, w/an alert saying another device is using it. Ive looked in various places and see no obvious duplications of printer software. I recently trashed the software, downloaded new software. Printer worked once and then only moved ink cartridges. I uninstalled and reinstalled again. Printer bug light flashes ,cartridges move but nothing else. I only want scanning. Printer software doesnt see printer. Sys Profile sees it.

G4 Quicksilver (2002; 2001?), Mac OS X (10.4.11), 1.25GB/128GB/733Mhz/1mps DSL/GEM 17" flat panel
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    Printer software does see printer.

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    Mac OS X: About the Reset Printing System feature ...



    Mac OS X: Cannot print, use Classic, start file sharing, burn discs, or update software if /tmp missing...


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    Reset Printing Sys failed, w/alert again that my printer is possessed by an alien entity and also its bug light flashes.


    I dont have OS9 and cannot find /tmp w/Spotlight nor do I know where to find it.

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    Spotlight only allows you to find certain things.


    Find Any File...






    Near the bottom of the page.


    tmp is a folder at root/top of the drive, maybe hidden... I don't remember & don't  allow my OS to hide things from me... 'cause that's where Aliens like to hang out!

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    Find Any File did not find "/tmp."

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    Did you use these parameters?


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    FAF found 19 folders. The two I checked have lots of stuff inside. What do I look for?

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    Click once on each & the path will show at the bottom, we want the one with no path or maybe the one that starts with Private.


    Better yet. In Finder's Menu, select Go menu>Go to Folder, and go to...




    Does that show something or say not found?

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    Finder's Menu found several files. Im completely confused about what this is.


    Picture 2.png

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    It looks like that folder is NOT missing then.





    .KerberosLogin-506-856 (inited,gui,tty,local)












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    > It looks like that folder is NOT missing then.


    Ive lost track of what youre trying to do. Please explain. Is there any hope of finding and exorcising the demon file?

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    Well, that folder missing, which it isn't, can keep it from printing.


    I forget also where we are & what we've done.


    I think you should get Applejack...



    After installing, reboot holding down CMD+s, (+s), then when the DOS like prompt shows, type in...


    applejack AUTO


    Then let it do all 6 of it's things.


    At least it'll eliminate some questions if it doesn't fix it.


    The 6 things it does are...


    Correct any Disk problems.

    Repair Permissions.

    Clear out Cache Files.

    Repair/check several plist files.

    Dump the VM files for a fresh start.

    Trash old Log files.


    First reboot will be slower, sometimes 2 or 3 restarts will be required for full benefit... my guess is files relying upon other files relying upon other files! :-)


    Disconnect the USB cable from any Uninterruptible Power Supply so the system doesn't shut down in the middle of the process.


    Just sits there occupying very little space & never interfering, unless you need to invoke it in Single User Mode.

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    Hi SG1776,


    have you already just tried to turn off your printer and the Mac and then turn on again. Does it work now? Sometimes it can happen that a print job is not completed fully and then it gives the error that the device is in use by another program. So a power reset can help. Also verify if you can still make copies on the PSC.




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    Ive turned both off and on several times w/o success. Ive not used Applejack or the other advice because some is complex and none is certain. And I didnt have time for a lengthy fix. I hope to have time soon. The cartridges move when its turned on but thats it. Theres little to no ink so Ive only used the scanner for a year. Copy attempt  gives alert saying device is in unexpected state or busy. Printer bug light flashes.

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