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I've a IPhone 4s and I'm facing real problems to do a call. At the moment I'v e really  most times dropped calls. I didn't get until now a idea why and how and also I didn't see until know a structure behind this failure. But it haappens not always and I think it have to do something with the signal coverage.


I'm living in Abu Dhabi, UAE, and my carrier is Etisalat.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1
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    Since the iOS 5.1 upgrade, the signal has been very bad in the Abu Dhabi, not sure weather its Etisalat (carrier) or the firmware. The calls drop 8/10 times in the first minute when calling or answering calls. We need this to be fixed with the next update.

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    I'm living in the US and can count on every call being dropped after 2 minutes.  I can set my watch by it.  My carrier is AT&T.

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    I'm having the same problem, call failed after 1 minute during conversation. It is very frustrating!

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    Call the carrier

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    Sorry to say but what u think what I'm doing??? As jost4x4 it already mentioned it is really frustrating and I'm for myself only search for a answer that I have something what I can use at the reclamation at my carrier.

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    I've called the carrier (AT&T) about this, and they said to get in contact with Apple. AT&T states that they have done everything they could to fix the problem.

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    Same problem. Apple needs to wake up. I rely on my 4GS for business.

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    Got anyone any new information??? The last week my 4s works proper, not all the time but that's normal here in Abu Dhabi and today it's starts again....

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    I'm also from Abu Dhabi and I have the same problem. The only solution i found for this problem is to turn of 3G. Now I am not using 3G, i have cancelled the package I subscribed because it is useless.

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    Hello guys,


    I live in Abu Dhabi as well. I have similar issu on my iphone 3gs. I can't get signal when 3g is set on. I have to switch off to get a good signal. This has been there starting from firmware 5.1.

    This could be related to either the new firmware 5.1 or an update in Etisalat 3G network. I have been working for two years with my iphone with 3g on without problems. I hope any one with firmware less than 5.1 report his issue to verify if it is etisalat issue or firmware issue.

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    I updated to 5.1.1, i think problem still not solved! I still lost connection when switching 3G - 2G.



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    Downgraded to 5.0.1, problem solved!

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    Ì have a 4Gs (bought unlocked in Netherlands and never jailbroken), The reception and connections in general are horrible. In China 50% of the call are dropped, Netherlands about 30%. I have also a HTC legend which I can compare to where maybe 10% (in China and Netherlands) of the call are dropped and an older Nokia 0%. I understand that with all these new technologies things become more sensitive but its time Apple fixes this antenna crap. You can blaim a lot of others sources (like jaibreaking) but the key issue is in their own devices (already from iPhone 2G).

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    I have called the carrier and havewent to the store, and of course they referenced me back to the Apple store. I'm hoping this this will not be an endless loop between Apple & AT&T!  Call dropping is constant, I can not get through a converstation with out having to wait for a signal again and calling back, repeatedly!

    How about these two companies work out the phone/ service issues together becuase which ever it is, it's making you both look bad! Really hope that I don't have to drop both of the A's (Apple & AT&T).

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