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When I bought my first iPhone (4) I never knew the auto brightness actually works straight away when you walk from a bright area to a darker one, or vice versa.  I had an issue with the home button and later my Phone provider swapped a new one for me. This replacement iPhone 4's auto Brightness actually dimmed in lower light areas noticably and in real time. It was really handy and the way it should work.


I recently upgraded to iPhone 4S, and noticed that the auto brightness doesnt change. I checked with my wife's iPhone 4S too and its the same problem.


So, I want to know, does it actually change like the miraculous replacement iPhone 4 I received or is auto brightness a "meh" function that I shouldn't expect it to change. The reason I am asking is because I find in darker rooms, the iPhone is way too bright and I have to keep changing the brightness manually.


Everytime I do this I always see the Auto Brightness funtion on and its starting to bug me that it doesn't work like my old iPhone 4 did. Can someone explain if Auto brightness actually work?

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    Works for me.  Try the basic troubleshooting steps described in the User Guide, Appendix B:  restart, reset, restore.

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    I find autobrightness to work too slowly.  I know that's the recommendation from Apple but I hate it.  I turn it off and have it halfway or full brightness.  All my iPod Touchs/iPads/iPhones I've simply turned it off.

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    I also have a 4S, and I notice that it takes a little while to adjust the backlight. When I have the backlight set to a lower setting, it usually doesn't adjust quite as much. If your iPhone backlight is set higher, and it still doesn't really change, try resetting the Auto Brightness setting.

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    I have tried to restore reset etc. and still doesn't work.


    What I don't understand is, I had the iPhone 4 for almost one year thinking auto brightness just doesn't work.

    When I talked to my friend about it, I was said to him having the brightness level to be more accessible in the notification or next to the play button on itunes on the menu bar that pops up below would be ideal. He was confused as he said his brightness works great, and noticable changes throughout the day.


    I only realized what he meant when I got a replacement iPhone and understood that it really works but not on all machines. I mean the original iPhone 4 I had, I have reset, restored etc. so many times throughout the year and not once did it work. So I assume now that not all iPhones auto brightness works properly. I also think it could either be a hardware issue or that their is a bug on the iOS.


    So now I have a new iPhone 4S and really miss my old iPhone 4 just for this function. I also believe since it worked properly, it saves me a lot of battery life after it the day gets dark. I don't want to go to brightness to manually readjust which goes against having a phone which is supposed to be very advanced and user friendly.

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    My third generation iPod had the same problem. It would be set to auto brightness and wouldn't do anything. Even after I restored it. The trick that I learned was to go into the brightness settings, and turn the auto brightness off, then shut the phone completely off (hold down sleep/wake button, and slide the power slider to the right) then turn the phone back on, go into brightness settings and turn the auto bright back on. Test it out and see if its working. If it still has some problems, maybe take it to Apple and ask them. Hope this helps!

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    Sorry but this didn't help with the issue. I am surprised that many people are having this issue but Apple hasn't done anything to make it work on all phones.

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    AA101 wrote:

    I am surprised that many people are having this issue but Apple hasn't done anything to make it work on all phones.

    Are you talking about the 3 people that have said it has an issue here?

    Or are the many people somewhere else?


    I have no issue with mine.

    Take it back to Apple for a replacement if you feel it is not working.

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    My auto brightness on iphone 4s has problem the same as you (AA101).


    I was claim this problem to iStudio but they said like it was be like that.

    Seam to be work but it's not work.


    I test another phones in that showroom and mores operators it have same results.


    I will test like RGfromab said and comeback again.

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    Ok I think I understand how (auto brightness) work.

    Refer did follow as RGfromab's said, Auto brightness's iPhone 4S it's work fine.


    But work in the way brighter after unlock key did and take 2-3 second before brighter,

    and no dark back until come back screen lock.


    I test in night room many times and many bright light level, iPhone can change brightness in many step depend on how much light get on sensor.

    Tomorrow I will test in day light again.


    Hope AA101 and many people solve problem the same me.

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    Dont set your brightness all the way up or down. Set it in the middle, then turn off and on the auto brightness while in a really dark room. You don't need to turn it off or on for it to work but it will show you if it is working.

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    I would add to what KrisM81 appears as if the auto-brightness feature works off a ratio based upon the slider position...So, if you generally like things darker, adjust the slider left, to the "generally desired" darkness setting. then you'll notice that as the auto-brightness feature adjusts the screen, it stays close to that general darkness preference. If you like things to generally be brighter, then adjust the slider right to your desired brightness the auto-brightness feature does its thing, it will stay in that general brightness preference.


    This is why you'll see the most change when the slider is set in the middle...and the least amount of change when the slider is set closer to the left or right extremes.

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    Thank you so much for this explination. Aside from the fact that it makes sense, it's actually how it was designed to work.

    Again thank you so much.

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    In order to get it working, make sure the slider is not at lowest or highest position.

    When it is on lowest or highest, the Auto Brightness feature will not work.

    You do not need to reset the iPhone.

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    I have set the brightness to the middle.

    Its quite a bright room now with sunlight.

    I then covered with my hand the light sensor on top of the screen..

    My screen does not change at all.

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