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Just a few minutes ago I completed setting up an iTunes Store account to sell ebooks on the iBookstore, and felt good about being finally set to proceed after waiting two weeks to get them to clear my application. So, then I looked for how to submit my content, started to download iTunes Producer, then realized it was the .dmg and stopped to go find the Windows way to deliver the book(s)...and there isn't one!?


This can't be right, is it? I can understand if there's no Windows version of Producer, but I don't find even a hint of another way way to deliver content to the iBookstore. With a world full of Windows users (yes, I know...Apple rules), surely there's some way to submit content isn't there.


Anyone know the answer?



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    You have to use an aggregator.

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    Maybe that's the only option. But isn't this a huge shortcoming, and doesn't it seem to be simply forcing people to by an Apple device, or go to someone else? As a first-timer, I guess I"m proof that the pubic is very unaware of this.


    Personally, I'd love to have a Mac, if only to have access to other apps I admire. But I'd love to have a Porsche too. Unfortunately, as is always the case, there's that money thing. Being forced to drop hundreds of dollar simply to upload a file...I don't even know what to say about that.


    I'll have to find a way to handle this, but I'm sure I'll be trying to understand this one for a long time. I don't see the logic in this restriction since it certainly gives Amazon and other retailers a huge advantage. Think of the number of authors who can convert to ePub, but have no access to a Mac device and so will just sell somewhere else. It would seem to me to be a piece of cake to allow delivery with a web interface since the world can do it that way.


    I'm on it, but I'm very disappointed with Apple over this...I think Steve Jobs was a smart cookie and I can't see him settling for this. Oh well, just my opinion.


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    Hi there. I went through exactly the same as you. Same chain of enlightenments, leading to the onle possible result: that this is just very fubar. So I always wondered why there are these ultra hatefull video clips on YouTube where people express all their deep bottomless hatred for everything apple and especially it's creator. It sounds all so overcompensating.


    But then you try to do what you have tried and what seems to be a logical procedure within a cybernetic world of cross-platforms and eternal flexibility... Well and then suddenly the pieces start falling into place... Right now I'd rather eat Panda steaks than to buy me a Mac just to be able to upload on iTunes.


    The only question is, if there already is an aggregator for eBooks or if there is some App for iPad allowing uploads in iTunes. But since the iPad-users are probably meant to be a buffoon target group intended only to spend and buy whatever is offered to them, I guess the answer is no.

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    Here is a list of "apple-approved" aggregators operating ebooks:


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    I'm sad. I'm getting ready to upload books and you just confirmed that I can't do it with my PC. I may be able to borrow a Mac or I'll have to stick with Smashwords.

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    The aggregator takes an additional 10% of the profit. This is especially annoying because I've got the epub all done, so they're not doing any real work for me.


    Apple just needs to provide a web-based upload facility that can be used from any platform and browser.

    Surely this isn't much to ask?!

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    JAM Books wrote:


    Apple just needs to provide a web-based upload facility that can be used from any platform and browser.



    You can let them know what you think about the way they should do things at



    But I doubt they will ever do what you want in this area, so best just sell via other stores if that 10% is a dealbreaker.  Books obtained from other stores, unlike those from the iBookstore, have the advantage they can also be read on laptop/desktop machines and not just iOS devices.

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    I have considered Smashwords, but their maximum file size is 7.5MB and my epub file is 14.5MB - it's a children's book with lots of full-page illustrations.

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    JAM Books wrote:


    I have considered Smashwords


    Have you considered other stores, like Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Googlebooks, Sony?

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    Tom Gewecke wrote:

    Have you considered other stores, like Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Googlebooks, Sony?


    Well, this is an illustrated children's book (that my husband wrote and I ilustrated) that needs to be fixed-layout, so I've created a fixed-layout epub file. I haven't figured out the format for the other readers yet - or even IF they support fixed-layout!


    BTW, I don't go for high-level tools like Calibre and Sigil. I prefer to do things at a base level. I code my own xhtml files using a text editor; I also created the zip file with all the required files - mimetype, content.opf, toc.ncx files, etc.


    So it will take me a while to get up to speed on the other formats.


    Jane... I'm the techie in this family

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    You can use Mac in Cloud to simulate a Mac environment and run iTunes Producer to submit the book.


    You can also hire someone to upload your books for you cheaply. There are a number of providers who do this flat fee, no long term royalties.


    You can also just borrow someone's Mac for a day -- ask around your friends. Producer is a small application.

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    I found myself in a similar scenario not so long ago.  I wished to use a program that was only produced for the MAC and I did not own a MAC.


    My solution was to use a virtual machine (VM). Whilst Apple will tell you that you can only run an OSX VM from a Mac, you can "hack" your PC Install of VMWare and make it believe that it is a MAC.  Then you can run an OSX environment from within our PC and use what ever app you wish.


    Do a little googling and you will find all the info you require on this.





    (I have since purchased a Mac, but do still use VMs also)

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    Thank you for all the great suggestions - some of which come a bit late, but I'm sure they will be very useful to others.


    For myself, I have just purchased the smallest MacBook Air - which I must admit is a beautiful little machine!


    Thanks again everyone!


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    I am trying to publish my ePub to iBooks and I only have Windows.


    I had a feeling that, "It can't be done on Windows" was going to be the answer.


    I would like to suggest, not for the original poster, but for others like me who find this post from a Google search.


    I took an iOS development course a couple semesters ago, but I only had Windows. I signed up for MacInCloud.


    Choose either the $12 weekly plan for 3 hours a day or the monthly plan for 3 hours a day for $20 dollars. You probably have to cancel before the second week/month so you don't get charged again.


    Anyway $12 or $20 is much cheaper than buying an Apple PC.




    J. Abram Barneck

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