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Hello, and thank you for your time.


I have been having problems with home sharing; my apple tv 3 disconnects randomly ( at least I think randomly) from home sharing.


I can be in the middle of a movie and it disconnects. I cant use Airplay either, the airplay icon dissapears from iTunes.


I sometimes get the iTunes error (-15006) when trying to connect via airplay from my MBP to the ATV3.


When the ATV 3 is disconnected or "failing" to connect to home sharing and the cursor is hovering on the "Computers" section of the ATV3 it reads: "iTunes libraries that have Home Sharing turned on using will appear in Computers". It tells me to turn on Home Sharing on iTunes... IT IS turned on.


I have tried turning on/off the modem, restarting the apple tv, restarting my laptop and it doesnt seem to help. I've tried connecting the ATV3 with wi-fi and ethernet, it still haves the problem.


I've read that my modem could be the problem, some issue with the ports. I have a Thomson TG585V8 modem/router issued by mexican internet/phone company TELMEX. Maybe setting the ports to the correct ones could fix this?


Devices involved:

Apple TV 3

MacBook Pro with OS X Lion

Vaio Laptop with Win7

Thomson TG585V8 modem/router.


Any help is greatly appreciated.

Apple TV (3rd generation)
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