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jryberg Level 1 Level 1

I've gotten a classical music piece into my Touch, but it's in "songs" not classical, even tho I moved it into "classical" on the computer. 

How do I fix this on the Touch?


Thank you.

iPod touch, I have a Touch 3G and a 4G.
Solved by the fiend on Apr 18, 2012 1:03 AM Solved

You could try editing the Playlist in your iTunes and then using Sync to transfer those changes to the iPod. If that fails, remove the Playlist from the iPod (by deleting it in iTunes and then Syncing) and start again.


If you want to start totally from scratch, you could do a Restore, which will remove evereything from the Touch and then put back only what you have set in the iTunes Library. Restore is a bit drastic though. It's done by connectin g the iPod to iTunes and on the Device/Summary pane, selecting Restore.


It can take a while to complete and if you have any data (information of your own) on the iPod, such as Notes etc. these will be deleted.

  • harv55 Level 3 Level 3

    You may need to delete the songs from your device and resync/copy from iTunes.

  • jryberg Level 1 Level 1

    Apparently, it's not possible to delete music right ON the Touch. 

    So again, why is the piece in classical on the computer, but only in "songs" on the Touch?

    I tried resyncing. 

  • harv55 Level 3 Level 3

    Did you swipe left-to-right over the album/songs you want to delete?  A delete option should appear.  Or you can do this while connected to iTunes, click "music" under your iPod and delete them that way.

  • jryberg Level 1 Level 1

    OK, yes, I did that, and the red delete did appear, and I clicked it. 

    No change.  Can't get the delete button again, either.

    There is a cloud icon in the listing, by the music name, if that helps.

  • harv55 Level 3 Level 3

    It sounds like you're in the "purchased" section of either the iTunes app on your iPod or the Music app on your iPod.  If you changed the category on your desktop/laptop iTunes you'll need to sync from that location after deleting the incorrectly categorized items on your device.

  • jryberg Level 1 Level 1

    Well, as I said, I can't get that delete button back.

    Maybe this would be easier if I got rid of iCloud, which I find confusing (I'm 68)

    Can you tell me how to do that?  Maybe then I could get the delete button again?

  • jryberg Level 1 Level 1

    OK, after a lot of "angst", everything is apparently good, except I've got TWO of the 4-part classical piece listed in "Classical".  Any idea of how to delete one of those listings?

    Also, iCloud seems to have brought songs to my Touch that I never wanted, which is another reason I want to get away from it.

    It's too hard for me to keep track of and control all of these options.


    Thank you

  • the fiend Level 6 Level 6

    Hang on a minute!


    How did you move the piece of music to "classical on the computer" (your term)?


    Usually, all music you import from a CD, purchase from iTunes or purchase from another source would appear in the iTunes Library under the Library/Music section. Within that, all music can be assigned a genre and I would expect a classical piece to have been given the genre "Classical", or possibly a similar genre such as Baroque (some of my classical music has Baroque).


    To find the genre "Classical" or "Baroque" on your iPod Touch, go into the Music App (the music icon on the Touch) and it's in one of two places. It's either on the bottom of the Music App page already, or it's in the More menu. So if you cannot see the Genre option, select the More ... option on the bottom right. One of the items on the More menu will be Genre. So Music/More/Genre/Classical -  where a further list will be All Albums and Artists. In this list will be only the songs with the Classical genre.


    If the Genre option is not on the Music page, but you would like it to be there, you can replace one of the existing options with Genre. If you need to do this, ask in this discussion and I can let you know how.

  • jryberg Level 1 Level 1

    I do have the Classical genre, along with rock, pop, jazz, Love Songs, Production Music, Christmas, etc.

    And it now has Symphony #4 (the four parts) listed twice. 

    How do I delete one of those?


    And I meant that I copied the Symphony (dragged it) from "Purchased" or whatever, to "Classical" in my playlists on the left of iTunes in my MBP.

    I need to get out of iCloud altogether, and I haven't managed to do that yet.

  • the fiend Level 6 Level 6

    Aha! I think I see the light...


    Don't forget, Playlists are simply a "list", referring to the entry for the song that is in the main iTunes/Library/Music section. All song files are entered in the iTunes/Library/Music section. That's the song and it should not be deleted from there when you add it to a Playlist. Also, regard Playlists, genres, categories and the Music Library as separate areas, not to be confused with one another.


    From what I can understand from your posts, you have a Playlist called "Classical" as well as a genre called Classical. Hence the reason I suggest you remember in your mind that they are different areas, with different meanings, purpose and function.


    Again, from what you've said, in your Playlist named Classical, you have two entries for the Symphony #4. If so, you simply need to highlight the one you wish to remove and then select File/Delete from the top menu, which will delete it from the Playlist. (Both entries would have been linked to the one song in the Library/Music section of iTunes.)


    I hope that makes sense, there is a lot to iTunes, I know. I don't use iCloud, so don't really know anything about it.


    By the way, the "Purchased" list, shown under the Store, appears to simply be a Playlist of items you've purchased from the Store. The actual "song entry" is also in the Library/Music section. This must be a recent innovation because I have only an ebook in my Purchased Playlist, while my previously purchased songs are not shown.

  • jryberg Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks for all that, really.

    On my computer in iTunes, on the top left, under "Library".  Are those "Genres"?

    I don't have a Genre called "Classical".  That's only under "Playlists" on MBP and Touch.


    Letting the double listing of Tchaikovsky's 4th go for a while,


    In that list under "Library" is "Movies".  I don't have any movies, or maybe I do, but I call them "Music Videos".

    Under "Playlists" I have "Videos", with only 4 things in it, or did.  So I just now copied everything that was in "Movies" (in the MBP, still) that wasn't already in "Videos" to "Videos".

    Meanwhile, all that was in "Videos" on the Touch, at the bottom, anyway.  So I just made a logical change on the MBP, I hope.


    So please answer the 2nd line above, and let me know if anything else comes to you.

    And then maybe we can somehow delete the double listing in "Classical".



  • jryberg Level 1 Level 1

    Oops, and BTW, the Symphony is NOT duplicated in iTunes on the MBP.  Only in my "Classical" playlist on the Touch.



  • jryberg Level 1 Level 1

    Well, I just synced again.

    And now, EVERYTHING in "Classical" is there twice.

    And IF there was a way to delete on the Touch, it would be great.

    But I haven't found that way yet.

  • the fiend Level 6 Level 6

    jryberg wrote:


    Thanks for all that, really.

    On my computer in iTunes, on the top left, under "Library".  Are those "Genres"?


    That is the list of Media Kind, in other words, the type of "file" in the list. So Media Kind of Books is different to Media Kind of Music, just like the difference between a CD and a newspaper. Also, there is Media Kind of Podcasts, which are audio - either music or speech.


    The difference therefore between Media Kind Music and Media Kind Podcasts is the same as the difference between a newspaper and a book. For the book and the newspaper, both are printed on paper, but the presentation of the printed word to you is by two different media types (or kinds) - book and newspaper. Does that make sense? (I hope so.)


    So - genres:

    If you select any one of your songs (in the iTunes/Library/Music section), and then (from the top menu) select File/Get Info/Info and look at the bottom of that tab, you will see a drop-down menu named Genres. It's this item that appears on your iPod as Genres and the particular genre assigned to a piece of music is decided by whoever created the entry on a database that iTunes uses to fill in all the song information for a CD, or an MP3 that you buy from iTunes. If you disagree with that given genre you simply select the one you want from the drop-down menu (or type it in if it isn't already there) and click "okay".


    Can I ask how you view your library, i.e. the Media Kind, Music? It may help if you use that to view your Library and drag items from there to your Playlists. There is no one correct way to do any of this, it's simply a matter of you finding the method that suits you.


    In my Library, I have it orgainsed so that I can easily view the genres, artists and album names at the top of the window, and with a full list of songs in the window under that. That way, if I want to see all the songs with the genre Baroque, I simply select the genre "baroque" from the top window and the window underneath will show only songs with that genre, no matter which artist or album they belong to.


    By the same token, if (on my iPod) I want to play only Pop Music from the 60s (argueably the best era for music ), then all I do is select Genre/60s Pop, (which I created and assigned to those songs) and press play on shuffle. Hey presto, it's like listening to 60s pop radio, a variety of songs all from the same era.


    If you need any assistance in different ways of viewing your library, let me know and I can give you step-by-step insrtuction on how to change the views (and then you can choose the view that suits you).

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