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Good Day


I have not forgotten my password and can access my account with no problem however i am having a problem authorizing my pc as it asks me to enter my ID and Password and once i have done that it then asks me to answer two of the three security questions i answered when setting up however i cannot remember them at all so now i would like to know if i can reset them in anyway. I have e-mailed apple support and all i got was i must reset my password and as you can tell by now that is not the problem i am having.




Windows 7, Apple Account
  • J.K. ROFLing Level 4 Level 4

    You can go to and select manage your account. From there select password and security, you can change your PW and security questions there...

  • CSBfromMA Level 1 Level 1

    It will not let me change my security questions unless I can answer them -- and since my son randomly entered characters, I cannot answer the questions!!!

  • zhanklaa Level 1 Level 1

    You will need to go to follow through with iTunes>iTunes Store>Account Management and have an iTunes Advisor contact you.

  • Jiri26 Level 1 Level 1

    This only points you to Apple support team, it seems like they don't have a solution for this. I have the same problem, if anyone knows what to do please help!

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    They did help me in the end, they can reset the questions for you.  Although it was difficult to explain what I needed..

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    can you explain it? im not up to calling them or emailing haha please help me

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    There is no other way - I have have emailed with them for two days.. You car reset your password by yourself, but that doesn't reset the questions. For that, you really need to contact Apple support. Express lane is a goog way to do that:

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    I am new to this apple community thing. I have been participating in another community which seems to discussing the same problem. What determines which community you are assigned to?

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    If you see any link to reset security information, on page where it asks two sections, then you can get email and which will guide you to reset your security questions & date of birth.


    If you dont see that link, then you dont have rescue email set in your profile, contact Apple in this case.

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    I tried that and it doesn't have the option to reset

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    As you know the password and can access your Account in various places then Start Here

    This is the Apple ID Support page

    It is a portal to create a new Or Login with an Existing Name.

    Choose Manage Account to Login.

    Once you have logged in at the next page you then go to your account.

    On the left is a Menu with Security and Passwords.

    As you entered the page with your passwords you don't have to re-enter any details.

    You can change the Answers to the Question your originally set or you can change both Questions and Answers  (I would not suggest changing Questions only as you would still need to remember the answers that you say you can't ast the moment )





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        I just resolved a similar issue with my itunes account.I wasn't able to make purchases from my ipod with out answering the security questions first. After searching for numerous hours I finally decided to contact Apple Support. The rep wasnt able to help me over the phone and stated there no contact number for this issue. However he did point me in the correct direction.

        It turns out you must go to then go to "Support" then go to "Contact Support" and select iTunes or whatever product you are having issues with and your support category (Account Management  then iTunes Store Account Security) Make sure to answer the questions below as well. Once you do that specify your issue.On the next screen choose your "Contact Option". I had better luck with the "Email" option. On that screen make sure your first name, last name and apple id are entered then give a detailed description of the issue then hit send. I sent in my issue at 2:47pm 06/16/2012 and it was resolved / reset by 3:21pm 06/16/2012 pretty fast indeed! After serching for days this is the only way to get the Security Questions reset. Hope this helps.

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    I'm going threw the same thing was this hard to get to ?

  • sandra285 Level 1 Level 1

    Finding an aswer was hard but the actual process wasn't. Follow the steps I posted, the tech will reset the secuirty questions and answers and notify you via email.

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