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Hi all,


I've been using the iPhoto app for my iPad and have been loving it.  It does really cool things with our pictures.  However, I just ran into a huge problem.  I was not aware that iPhoto has been drastically reducing the file size / resolution of all my images.  When I import over to our PC , or upload directly to Dropbox the file sizes aree so small that I'd be lucky to get a printed 4x6. 


Please help - is there a way around this?  I really do enjoy using the app since its so user friendly, however this has me stumped!


Thanks in advance for the help and suggestions!

iPad 2, iOS 5.1
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    The only export function that maintains file size is export is to export to iTunes.


    On your ipad export the photo to iTunes. Then sync your iPad with your computer. This transfers the photos from your ipad to the file sharing section of iTunes on your computer. Finally, copy your photos from iTunes on your computer to where you want them on your computer.

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    This is not working for me. I checked this advise again but most of my edited pictures are exported with a lower resolution than the original picture had. I didn't found the reason for that. If I export a picture without editing on iPad, it keeps the original resolution of 18MP.


    Has anybody additional information?


    Thanks, Tobias

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    The only info I have is to confirm I also have the issue as per post here https://discussions.apple.com/thread/3896964 - point for me is I do not want the photos downsized.  The iPad is potentially a great tool for editing while on the move but I want to retain the full image quality.

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    Only photos imported from a camera or sd card via a Camera Connection Kit or taken by the device remain at the size they were at capture. Photos imported from your computer are downsized. So the downsize may have happened on import.


    When exporting, iPhoto for iOS will downsize photos unless they are being exported to iTunes. Obviously photos that were downsized on import will not return to their original size on export to iTunes.


    Provide feedback on iPhoto for iOS to Apple here



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    Thanks for the link Ralph9430.  In this case, the photos were imported to the iPad from a DSLR using the camera kit, edited in iPhoto on the iPad then imported to the iMac using iTunes.

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    Regarding exporting photos, what about if the images are uploaded to Flikr, Kodak Gallery, Shutterfly etc., assuming the online service accepts full-size images?


    I am in need of new computer hardware and am considering an iPad instead of a MacBook or desktop.  I know that is a larger discussion, but having my images not get squashed is a high priority for me.

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    Hello.   I have imported many photos through the camera connection kit.  Today, I wanted to transfer these photos to a computer for editing.  Since iPhoto on OS X seems to be having a problem with blacking out my images, I decided to transfer to my tried-and-true G5 running Leopard.  I am using Box to do this.  I can confirm that the pictures that are transferred have been reduced in size as well.  Would connecting the iPad to my G5 with iTunes allow me to transfer the photos at full size and not try to re-register and resync the iPad for the new computer?  Thanks in advance!

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    I've got exactly the same problem, what did I do wrong? 20mp photos reduced to 5mp on import?


    Is it related to ioS version?