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    it's better u make a new google id with can be ur base id for APPLE ID. it's real easy!

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    it is posible to download free apps from Mac Apps Store the only thing to do is creat a new account and you will have the option of none next to the credit cards ... as simple as that... enjoy

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    Here is the solution.


    You cannot do that from an existing Apple ID without giving credit information. Every time you will get to the iTune Store it will ask for credit details. Don't think Apple do not want people without Credit Cards to access the store: they know it well that some people can pay with Gold Biscuits.


    Steps to follow:


    0. Take a large red fresh Canadian apple, touch it, and your intuition should tell you what to do with it next.

    1. You need to have a 'new email address', one which you never used with Apple before.
    Download and install on your PC, iTune ( this is the latest version at the moment). It works with Laptops and Desktops only. Trying to create an account from iPad or iPhone does not show the secret "NONE" option for payments.

    3. Start iTune, go to "iTunes Store" and select a "Great Free Apps" on the top right ad on the page.

    4. Click on any free app that appears after that.

    5. Click on "Free App" when the option appears after you click the free app. A password prompt will ask you if you want to use existing Apple ID. Leave that alone. Click on "Create Apple ID". Click "Continue" at the bottom of Welcome to Apple Store page.

    6. On the next page go to the bottom of the disclaimer and select "I have read and..." and click on "Agree".

    7. Use the 'new email address' and password for Apple Account, select and answer all three security questions, enter Date of Birth and click on "Continue".

    8. This is the CRITICAL STEP as you get to the "Provide a Payment Method Page".
    9. You can see "If the billing information is not in ..." then there is "click here" option.
    Click and select India.
    10. "Please select a payment method". Here you see some Credit Card pics, find NONE here, usually on the rightmost side of the card pics. It should be a six digit number.

    11. Complete the form by selecting a title, and filling in the address, postcode, and phone number; no Indian ZIP code? i guess you can Google for anything you are looking for!

    12. The click on "Create Apple ID" and by then you will have finished eating the large red fresh Canadian apple.



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    thanks Moakhirul works perfect

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    Buy a itunes giftcard and click redeem.

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    Hi Guys, yep, this solution only works on a computer not in iOS.


    Screen Shot 2012-07-05 at 12.08.49 PM.png

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    Please gift me one...this year i have a birthday

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    Mine doesnt have the "none" button!!!!!!



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    Please follow my instruction above. If you try to make Apple ID from iPad or iPhone or any iDevice, you don't get the 'None' option. If you did not select a Free app and start registration, you don't get the 'None' option.


    1. Use iTune in a Desktop PC, select a free app and click download.
    2. Then create a new apple ID in iTune, you will get None option.


    Plz browse up for my detailed instruction.

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    Doesn't work. You cannot use this apple id later in an apple tv and itunes to start home sharing. The apple guys want your CREDIT CARD information. If you don't send it, you don't get anything; simple and clear like water  !!!!!!

    Buy a PC and other appliance to sharing your photos and videos in your home network and tv.


    Thanks Moakhirul to your try, better luck in another topic.

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    try download a app anywhere without an apple id, then it will ask for you to register, that way, it will come up with none option.

    If you register any other way, it'll ask for credit card.

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    Marco Moraes


    I only tried with iPhone and iPad. It works. If you send me an Apple TV i can see if i can make it work. Thanks for informing us that it does not work with Apple TV.
    Can't really understand why Apple assumed that one must have a credit card to use Apple!

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    If you have iTune installed, you can go to App Store. Try the top right corner button in the latest version of iTunes to find that. Click on an free app and you will be asked to register. Follow the onscreen instructions. Let me know if it worked.


    Please note that the free ID will not work with Apple TV as mentioned by Marco. I did not get the chance to try that as i don't have an Apple TV.

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    Can't Apple see that some people who sell oil, pays with gold! They don't even know what a credit card is. Let's talk to Apple on this. Why won't Apple TV work with a free ID?