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Hello all.


I have been working on an iMovie '11 project for weeks on a Macbook Pro and, after filling up my HDD, want to move to a, newer larger Macbook Pro.  All the source material of the project have been from my video/photographic camera why I first import as Events in iPhoto (so I see the "iPhoto Videos" Event Library in iMovie and work that way).


Problem is, when I attach an external HDD (properly formatted) to my older Macbook and then try to copy or move the project file to it, it only copies the project file - it does NOT come up with the prompt asking whether I wish to copy the project file alone or the associated Events also!!  This is baffling - I have tried everything from restarting, ensuring the HDD is formatted to Mac OS Extended (Journaled), etc.  The only possible "hurdle" I can see is that I only have 10G free on my Macbook HDD from (from which I want to copy) but this does not explain why the prompt does not appear.


The target external HDD is empty so that is not an issue either.


Any ideas?

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    Any ideas?


    Yes - it's not done that way ! !


    Do not move or alter any folder named

    • iMovie Event's - or -

    • iMovie Project's

    As this results in that the link to iMovie break - and this can be from hard to impossibly to mend.


    All movings of Event's and Project's are supposed to be done WITHIN iMovie Application. And easiest way to get it done is to connect Your LapTop via FireWire (must be FireWire) and LapTop set into Target mode (Keep T down during up-Start). Now it will act as an external hard disk and You'll see it in iMovie Event/Project windows and can here drag and drop Events/Projects at Your liking.


    Yours Bengt W

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    Sorry, perhaps I was not clear:  I WAS doing the drag-an-drop (or copy/move) of the Project file WITHIN the iMovie application and although the Project file was moved to the external HDD it did not come up with the prompt asking if I want to move the project file with the Events as well - it simply moved the project file without the events which made the project unviewable in the new destination (since the event files cant be located).  I tried a number of times but the prompt (asking of I want only the project file or the events to be copied as well) never appears!

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    Then the problem is more severe and as I see it in one of two places


    • the external Hard Disk - formatted wrongly or in need of test - I would much more want to test with MacBook connected via FW and in Target-mode and see if this helps


    • or with the iMovie application - I would

    Trash iMovie pref file in Library IN USER Folder (not the one on first level on the Start-Up hard disk)

    Trash iMovie Cache files as well

    Run Repair Permissions


    Usually this helps - if not Please return


    Yours Bengt W

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    Bengt - thanks for your replies so far.... unfortunately, after many hours of trying everything and web research, I have not had any luck yet:


    First of all, I tried starting the Target Macbook in Target mode and iMovie found the SSD but it behaved exactly as I described before: after draging the project file from within iMovie to the target SSD, it did not prompt me if I wanted to copy the project files only or with events, it just started to copy the project file alone.  So no change there.


    Regarding your second suggestion:


    • I cannot see the iMovie preference files in either my target Macbook or the old Mackbook.  I go to SSD-->Library-->Preferences and there are no iMovie preferences files - only iLife preferences files (i tried to temporarily delete these files to see if the problem was sold but still no luck).  I also go to the user folder (as you suggested) but cannot find any "Library" or "Preferences" folder there.  So, in other words, when i go to: SSD-->Users-->[myhomefolder], I see no Library or Preferences folder.
    • I found iMovie cache folders only on my new target Macbook, deleted them also.  I could not find any iMovie cache directories or files on my old Macbook which the project/event I wish to move. 
    • I ran Repair Permissions.  In fact, using Onyx, I deleted all cache files, ran repair disk, and executed all maintenance tasks, etc.  Still no luck.



    If it provides a hint, I should explain that on my source Macbook, the iMovie application contains the iMovie Project file I wish to move and no other project.  Also, ALL the events for this project are actually automatically presented from within iPhoto (so I have actually not imported Events into iMovie - it has taken them automatically from iPhoto).  Could this be a key to the problem???

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    I had problems finding the imovie plist files.  If you open Finder, select Go from the dropdown down menu and then press the Alt key you will see Library added to the list of items.  If you select this Library folder and then open the Preferences folder, the iMovie plist files will be there - this is the library folder Bengt is referring to above I believe.



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    You'll find the iMovie cache folder in this Library also.

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    Ok, thanks Russ New Boy - I found the iMovie preferences files as well as all the cache files but this didnt help me with my problem......   BUT....


    I did a small test.  I imported video into iMovie as an Event and created a project with this video.  And when I tried then to movie the project as I had been with the project I was working on it worked! So, the problem is related to the fact that all the Events of the Project I wish to move have not actually been imported into iMovie but appear as a link from iPhoto (as I had hinted in my previous post).




    SO..... how do I move/copy an iMovie project to a new Mac whilst copying all the related Events also which are actually Events from iPhoto???

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    Can anybody tell me how to move/copy an iMovie project and all the related Events from one Mac to another whilst copying when all the source files are Events from iPhoto (that appear as a type of link from within iMovie)???

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    I have never shared files from iPhoto, I have always exported the files from iPhoto and re-imported them into iMovie.


    However, I would suggest dragging the project from one mac to another. Then open the project in the destination Mac and select file/consolidate media. That should copy the files across.



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    That doesnt work - after dragging the project over, the consolidate function is greyed out.


    So I am stuck on my question: how do I move/copy an iMovie project and all the related Events from one Mac to another whilst copying when all the source files are Events from iPhoto?


    I certainly hope there is an answer to this because I have spent 2 full weeks on this project!!!

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    I can not see any Easy Quick fix but I would try


    • in iMovie Copy Project's incl Event's over to an external hard disk (or Mac in Target-mode)

    • Copy iPhoto Library over via DeskTop/Finder to same device

    • Put iPhoto Copy in Picture folder on Target Mac

    • Start iPhoto on Target Mac - BUT KEEP alt-key down - select the moved iPhoto Library

    • Close iPhoto and open iMovie on this Mac



    • Event's - should have copied over

    • Project's - should have also copied over OK

    • and at the top of Event's window You should find iPhoto Movies


    And - Your Project should also find all parts to be able to run


    If You used Audio from

    • Audio-CD - insert it - as iMovie don't do any copy but will look for it (the CD)

    • Audio from GarageBand & iTunes - Have to be moved too to their proper relative places


    BUT - this is just a teorethical suggestion - And it's about the same as I do with FinalCut material.


    Yours Bengt W

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    But when you say:


    "• in iMovie Copy Project's incl Event's over to an external hard disk (or Mac in Target-mode)"


    ....that's impossible - that's the problem - when I initate the copy/move it wont come up with the prompt aksing me if I want to copy the Events over as well, it just copies the the project file only.


    But I will try some of the other things u suggest...

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    Then iMovie is ill behaving - and I would do

    • trash iMovie pref files

    • trash iMovie Cache file

    • repair permissions

    • repair hard disk (still Disk Util tool - but You need to start Your Mac from DVD or other external hard disk - can not do brain surgery on one self)


    Yours Bengt W

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    Ok, this helped, as follows:


    • I copied the project file over to the new Mac (project only, not events, since that dialogue box wont give me that option).
    • I copied the iPhoto Library to the new Mac, and started iPhoto with alt-key, selected that Library.  This allowed me to start the Poject library and all seems well in that sence, now...............



    ... how do I merge the 2 iPhoto libraries on my new Mac, whilst maintaining Event structure and most of all whilst maintaining the iMovie project file (in terms of it to link to the appropriate sections with the desired Events)???

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