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I have alreadys posted in other threads but there is no thread with my exact issure.


In particular I have problems with the AIrPlay Mirroring with games on the new Apple TV 3G and the iPad 2.


I have tried 3 different Routers: one with 150 MBit/s, one with 450 MBit/s and one dualband 300 MBit/s.


The issue remains the same:


1. AirPlay Mirroring is not 1080p on my TV. Tried 2 TVs, an LCD Samsung B650 and a new Plasma Panasonic STW50. On both TVs there is a visilbe 5cm black frame around the picture. I looked at the Apple TV settings and looked at the zoom and overscan settings on my TVs - so I couldn't find any errors in sthe setings.

2. AirPlay Mirroring stutters on the TV that bad that it is not playable! I tried all variants 50Hz and 60Hz and no change. Music videos from my iMac didn't stutter once!

3. From time to time the whole Mirroring freezes fo a second and the continues (and I'm out of the track and naturally out of the race)


I tried 3 games: RealRycing 2, Asphalt 5 and Modern Combat 3 - all the same issue.


So what the heck is happening here!?!


WiFi network isn't to slow or to far away (same room 3m ftom couch and 0,5m to Apple TV, wired connection to the router didn't help either).

+ Either the new Apple TV 3G or the iPad 2 seems not to support WMM, which can be switched on on some routers; the opposite happens: disabling WMM makes AirPlay work between iPad 2 and Apple TV3. With enabled WMM I wasn't even able to play music!


It seems like the Apple TV is buffering too slow or that the hardware is to weak!

(There is one thread where Apple TV buffers videos and stutters the same way. I didn't try look some long films, only Music Clips.)

Apple TV (3rd generation), iOS 5.0.1
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