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    I read some reviews on

    In almost in every review, no matter positive or negative, they write that AirPlay Mirroring stutters and lags.


    I think this should be enough to say the the whole Mirroring stuff is Beta if ot Alpha...

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    I believe this is a situation where each piece of equipment / service within a particular setup has to have, for lack of a better word or phrase, close enough matching capabilities. My experience with mirroring has been that it functions fine yet I'm convinced there are scenarios where it has issues.


    Electronics have developed at a near break neck speed over the recent years. Everything from Electronic security and survellience, home entertainment, "smart products" such as tablets. I can't tell you how many times we've gone into a home only to "discover" an anomaly. Sometimes we've discovered that as coming from the manufacture, a design flaw or manufacturing "issue". Sometimes we find its a "user related" matter and given the increasing complexity of electronics this is fully understandable.  I can also say, of all, Apple is the most close to perfection if perfection is possible.


    Another thing is all the "noise in the air" from an increasing number of wireless devices. We've found it can and it does cause "issues".  Some of the information we've posted on our site, on specific pages on our site are generalizations for things we've found by working on people's stuff.  For example, this morning we took a call, "help! Our All in One remote battery won't charge plus the little silver Apple TV remote won't function".


    That said, I am curious about your router. I believe its been mentioned in other threads a few times.

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    Look at your last video on


    You have a problem too


    Your AirPlay Mirroring is not full screen Thats another issue. Sometimes it is fullscreen, sometimes it's not


    It should be fullscreen

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    I didn't even notice that. I will examine that next time I am at that house. But thanks for pointing that out because its a question also often asked and I will have someone check into it

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    I am having a similar issue. 

    I have Apple TV 3, IPad 2 and the latest airport extreme wireless router. Apple tv is connected wirelessly to the apple router and via hdmi to LCD.  I Just did a speed test; my cable speed is 22mbps.


    I recorded 1080p video from my canon eos 5d mark III, imported the video to iPad 2 with sd card adapter (video is only 1 min 17 seconds) video plays fine on my iPad 2.  When I try to AirPlay it from iPad  to apple tv, it buffers for about 5 minutes, plays about 5 seconds of the video then just freezes, no video and no sound, just a frozen picture on my television. 


    This is horrible!  What is going on? 

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    In this situation, as you've describe it, your cable speed is not a contributing factor to the problem. As I understand it, you're attempting to mirror a personal 1080p movie from your iPad to you TV.




    1. Does the movie play, to completion, without issue on your iPad when mirroring is not enabled? (I'm wondering is a formatting error took place during the transfer process and a re-load would have a positive effect?)

    2. What is the distance seperating your ipad and extreme?

    3. What is the distance seperating your Apple TV and your extreme?

    4. Mirroring works well in virtually all other situation I imagine?

    5. Are other devices inside your home/business accessing the Internet and thus stressing the capabilities of your Extreme simutenous to you mirroring?

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    I just looked at my iPad2. There was a notification at the SETTINGS button. There's an update available and one of the items the update addresses are some video playback issues when using AirPlay.

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    @Allabouthomeelectronics, all of my apple devices including airport extreme are updated to the latest firmware. 


    The movie plays perfectly on the iPad 2 From beginning to end, also works with ipad apple hdmi adapter connected to tv. 


    Distance from iPad 2 to extreme (from my couch) is about 17 feet.


    Distance from apple tv to extreme is about 11.5 feet. 


    Mirroring works fine, except for playing this movie too.


    Other devices accessing extreme are an action tech 200 connected to an outlet that goes to a back room in the house to another action tech that connects to an airport express and there's a slingplayer connected to another port that isn't streaming, that's it. 


    Everything works 100 percent except for this movie; the eos 5d mark iii records a .mov if I'm not mistaken. 


    It was recorded as 1080p 24, I'll try 1080p 30 when I get back home to see if that makes a difference. 


    It does play perfectly on my iPad 2 though......

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    I looked at AppleTV specs.


    They way the specs are "written" would seem to sugesst switch to 30 frames, as you pointed out, might fix the problem you are experiencing.

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    I had the same issue but have seemed to resolve it. My Apple TV 3 is on Wifi on a DLink DIR-601 router.


    The fix was to set the NAT filtering to use Endpoint Independent for both tcp and udp. Also enabled multi stream.

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    ... It gets even "better" ... Now I can't log in into my iTunes account with the Apple TV. So I see only the sharing icon and the settings icon on the desktop .... It's a shame, such a bad product from a perfectionist ...

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    @ifan1972. I would like to try your solution, but I am wondering if we have the same issue. Basically, the stuttering I have is only when I go full screen on mirroring with various TV apps. If I just mirror, I have no problems, if I use standard Airplay, also no issues. But when I mirror a TV channel, and expand the video to full screen, then every 20seconds or so, the picture freezes for a second whilst the sound continues, and then it all catches up.


    My access point is seperate from my router and connected via a D-link Home plug Powerline system. So, the wifi access point is a very basic one with limited features that can be adjusted.


    Also, I am not convinced it is any issue coming from the outside world, as I have a fast enough broadband connection. The D-link wifi access point is in the same room as the Apple TV and iPad, so, there should be no serious issues there.


    Essentually, I have one of these guys as my wifi access point KO6


    I just want to make clear that I can happily airplay at full screen a 1080 video from my NAS in my basement via the powerline adaptors and that D-link wifi access point without stuttering. I can also mirror without issues. The problems only occur when I mirror then expand a TV on-demand or live stream to full screen - then I get this terrible stuttering problem and on almost all TV services, regardless where they come from (only exception seems to be UK's 4od, but that has other issues)


    Could it really be my access point still?

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    I got mine to work, but on a dual band. I have my apple tv on one band and the computer on another and it works perfectly. Wheras, when they were on the same band, it lagged and never worked.

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    I hope someone is able to find a solutin for this.


    I also have an Apple TV 2 and an iPad 2.  Apple tv is connect via HDMI to the and plugged up with the ethernet and also using the optical out to the surround sound.  The iPad is using a Linksys 2500 dual band for wifi.  But I still have a stuttering problem if I want to play Asphalt 7, or a lag problem if i want to play any other game like Temple run.

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    A Video for you:

    First RR2 stuttering and nö fullscreen