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Since upgrading to 10.7.4, I get a message on my screen with each system boot stating:  keyApplicationTitle keyWarningOptimalInfo, and a button I must push that says: keyOKButton -- what is this and how can I get rid of it?


Please help.  I do not want to have to deal with a button each time my system starts.  THANKS!

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.1), Early 2009 with 2x2.26 GHz Quad
  • Topher Kessler Level 6 (9,865 points)

    The next time it happens, press Shift-Command-4, then press the space bar once, and then hover your mouse cursor over the warning window. When the window turns blue, click the window and the system will take a screenshot of the warning message (the screenshot will appear on the desktop). Then post back here and embed the screenshot file in the posting so we can see what it looks like.

  • M.Sills Level 1 (0 points)

    Im getting this too but only on my Mac Pro and not my MBP


    Screen Shot 2012-05-11 at 14.24.26.png

  • RickR4 Level 1 (0 points)

    I am getting thisexact same alert on start-up, after 10.7.4 install, on Mac Pro.

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  • Topher Kessler Level 6 (9,865 points)

    Very bizarre. Does it happen if you reboot into Safe mode by holding the Shift key at startup?

  • Topher Kessler Level 6 (9,865 points)

    In addition to trying Safe Mode, what applications do you have installed on the system, and do you have any hardware add-ons? This may be a warning about an applicaiton/hardware incompatibility of sorts, and since multiple people have this problem it may be a buggy warning regarding something like that. Do you have any special setups such as encrypted drives (FileVault), or have the systems bound to a directory service?

  • VicB01 Level 1 (10 points)

    Screen Shot 2012-05-11 at 12.24.08 PM.png
    Ditto here, on Mac Pro (and not MacBook Pro) on every boot after installing OS 10.7.4 upgrade. No encrypted drives, not bound to a directory service.

  • Topher Kessler Level 6 (9,865 points)

    Does the same happen if you boot to Safe Mode by holding the Shift key at startup?

  • Topher Kessler Level 6 (9,865 points)

    Additionally, what model of Mac Pro are you guys using? You can find this in the "System Information" tool (available in the Apple Menu > About This Mac > More Information > System Report) under the "Hardware" section. The model should be something like MacPro1,1 or MacPro4,1.

  • VicB01 Level 1 (10 points)

    Thanks for the quick and thoughtful suggestions.

    1. "MacPro5,1" (it also says "Mid2010").

    2. Booted up in Safe Mode and got the same error message (or whatever that window is).

    3. Miscellaneous info

         - 6-Core Intel Xeon

         - 2.66 GHz

         - Diagnostics: "Power On Self-Test" (from last boot): "Passed"

         - 2 X 8GB DDR3 ECC 1333 MHz RAM

         - Boots up on "APPLE SSD TS512B"


  • Topher Kessler Level 6 (9,865 points)

    Very strange. I was hoping it may have been a precautionary warning about some Mac Pro systems such as the 1,1 model that has 32-bit EFI firmware, which would prevent it from running the upcoming Mountain Lion, or maybe an extensions error for some peripheral component of the systems. I'm kind of at a loss myself, and I figure Apple will have to clarify this situation. Unfortunately I don't have a Mac Pro so I can't replicate this problem to get to the roots of it.


    My only suggestion is you might try reinstalling the 10.7.4 Combo updater (available here: or at worst try reinstalling OS X from the Recovery HD partition and then updating with the Combo updater. Reinstalling will only rewrite the system files on your computer, and not touch your applications, user data, and settings.

  • VicB01 Level 1 (10 points)

    Thanks again. I will try at least the first--the second sounds painful with all my apps, but I may resort to it as well--and report back here the results. You've been super-responsive!

  • Topher Kessler Level 6 (9,865 points)

    Another thing you can try is to open Activity Monitor when the warning pops up, and then sort the items by PID (process ID). Then watch the Activity Monitor window and click the "OK" button in the window to close it, to see if any process disappears soon after closing the window. This is sometimes not easy to use when figuring out what processes might be involved, but after several tries if the same process quits quite obviously then that might be a clue of sorts.


    An additional task you can try is to create a new user account and then log into that account instead of your main one. When doing this either immediately after boot or after logging out of your current account, does the window appear?

  • DTDunn Level 1 (0 points)

    I made the original report and have an early 2009 Mac Pro.  I ran a bunch of diagnostics tests and then loaded 10.7.4 via combo update -- no change.  FYI, I am using a SSD as my primary disk.

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