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I own a tangerine iBook, with OS X 10.4 operating system.


About a week ago I posted:

Battery Charging Indicator Light Is Out



My iBook wasn't charging the battery, even when the power cord was in, and it didn't seem to be getting electricity from the cord.


I thought the problem was solved. It seemed as though I had two bad power cords, and when I plugged in a third cord, all was well. But today I'm back to the same problem. I've got the power cord plugged in, the battery is draining, and when I look at Power under System Profiler I get this:


AC Charger Information:


  AC Charger (Watts):    0

  Connected:    No

  Charging:    No


Since I don't feel up to attempting a difficult repair, I need advice. Would it be cheaper for me to get another used laptop, or pay a pro to repair the one I have?

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    Are you running this iBook off the battery and have you tried the power without the battery present?

    I am just wondering if the battery is at fault here. How old is the battery and if a replacement, would it be a genuine apple battery?

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    I'm at the library now, using a library computer. I do have an "official" iBook battery. It is a replacement battery, and I don't recall how old it is. I didn't know that you could run the laptop without the battery in, I thought that, even if the battery is dead, it needs to be in to make the iBook work.


    I do have a couple of "dead" batteries that I keep forgetting to recycle. I could put one of the "dead" batteries in to see if the power cord works.


    I do have a gray (I forget the official color) iBook that was given to me a few years ago. It doesn't have an airport card, and has a small harddrive. I was using it for my "writing" computer, and bought the tangerine iBook with an airport card to take to the library to use their WiFi. I stopped using the gray iBook because the keyboard seemed to go bad. There are several keys up in one corner of the keyboard that no longer work.


    If I can't get the tangerine iBook power problem resolved I suppose I could use it as a "donor" model, replace the gray iBook's keyboard, add the airport card, and put in a bigger hard drive. (I actually replaced the hard drive in the tangerine iBook, so I know that's within my power.) The gray iBook won't charge a battery, but it works if you plug it in.


    I'll see what happens when I put a different battery into the tangerine iBook.

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    If it was me I would check the other batteries and try the Tangerine without a battery in it. You could always rest the PSU by taking out the battery and power supply and press the power button.

    If that don't help then check your Graphite iBook (Gray). if that charges the battery then your open to two options. Replace the parts it needs for a working Graphite or take out the Graphite's Charging/Tracker button board (Easy enough to do) and place it in the Tangerine so that can charge the battery.I've personally never know a Clamshell to have problem with charging a battery unless the battery was dead. But not to say it's not possable.


    I believe you have enough here to at least selvage a working iBook, with little spend (if at all) and little effort.


    Best of luck.

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    Your ideas are great, but I need my computer to look for work (in order to be eligible for unemployment benefits I must apply for at least 3 jobs a week) so I wimped out and took my iBook to a repair person for a diagnostic. It will be a couple of days before I get it back, and if she isn't able to fix it I'll start on your ideas.


    I'm having a lot of emergencies in my life lately, so yesterday my stress level reached it's limit & I couldn't take one more computer challenge.


    Thanks for all your help. I did try switching batteries around. I'll post the results of my latest iBook crisis.

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    I don't blame you, computer problems can be very stressful at times. I hope that everything works out for you in the end. I am sure the problem can be easily resolved with the computer repair agent. (Fingers Crossed)

    This community of amazing people are always here if you need any further assistance

    All the best.

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    Here is an update on my sick  tangerine iBook.


    1) I have been in the habit of using the power cord with my computer, rarely running it off the battery.


    2) Most days I'd walk to the local public library to use their WiFi for job searching. I'd take both my iBook and power cord with me.


    3) A few months ago I slipped and fell, and my iBook was slammed against a cement sidewalk. The laptop continued to work, so I thought it was okay.


    4) When I started having trouble with the battery draining while my iBook was plugged into the power cord I took my tangerine iBook to a computer repair person. She told me that my motherboard was damaged, and repairing the damage would cost a fortune. I don't recall all the proper terms, but there is a connection that isn't as it should be.


    If my "best" power cord is plugged in all the way, and then slightly pulled out, the battery will charge. If the power cord is moved at all the connection is broken. I was told to only plug the power cord in while the battery is charging, and I'm not to use the computer, or move it it around, when charging the battery. I am to run the iBook off the battery, and not have the power cord in when the iBook is turned off.


    I'm told that, with the exception of a nasty damaged motherboard, my tangerine iBook is in great shape.


    So it does not appear that my tangerine iBook will ever be usable for all day writing bouts -- usage is limited to how long the battery charge lasts.


    I have a graphite iBook that I had used as my "writing" computer. It has no airport card, and won't hold a battery charge, but it runs off a power cord, and can be used all day. Awhile ago one section of the keyboard stopped working. In a what-can-it-hurt move I removed the graphite iBook's keyboard, sprayed it from all angles with canned air, reinstalled it, and it's now working. So I'll use the graphite iBook as my long-project computer, and only use my tangerine iBook for internet use.

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    Hello Again,


    Thanks for the update. Good to see you have something resolved at least.

    You can take the airport card out of the Tangerine and place it in the Graphite if you wish to use that off the power while in the library. They are easy to take out and refit. see;


    I am sure your Graphite could also charge a good battery, you could could always take that out of the Tangerine as well. (They use the same airport cards and batteries)


    On the subject of the Tangerine damage, I think it sounds to me like your DC inboard (where you plug the power cord into) has become defective. I would be very surprised if the motherboard is a fault to be honest. I've dropped one on concrete before and never sustained any damage to the motherboard. The very much embedded in the machine to really become damaged. I've replaced a DC inboard before, having collected an iBook which had a very similar fault.


    I guess so long as you have some form of computer to do your writing work and surf the Internet for job, that's all that counts.


    I would seriously think about taking out the Tangerine's Airport card and putting it in the Graphite to use it for wifi Internet access to save you swapping about iBook


    Best of luck

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    Dear Knucklesmac,


    I paid $60 to have someone tell me if my iBook could be repaired. Perhaps the information I was given is incorrect, or perhaps it is correct, but I'm not paying for a second opinion. My computer fund is tapped out.


    I've thought about putting the airport card into the graphite iBook, but in order to get the tangerine iBook to work on the internet I had to install a larger hard drive, and I'm not quite up to dealing with switching things around. Perhaps someday I'll put the airport card into the graphite and see if it will work with the memory it has. (I'm currently 10 miles away from my computer, and I don't have the information on what anything currently has.)


    Thank you for your interest. Right now I'm job hunting and still trying to recover from an accident back in March (having your car broadsided by a semi is a nasty experience) so I'm not really up to computer projects.