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I have to restart iTunes every day to access my home sharing on my Apple tv, Apple had me turn off the firewall on my computer that did not help This happens on all my 4 Apple TV's only 2 are wireless but it mainly happens on my wired Apple TV's. the rest of my network works fine

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.4)
  • Aronis Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm considering getting an Apple TV.


    So I'll be watching this thread.


    Do you have any issues watching Movies which are stored on the Mac via your network to the Apple TV?


    I for the first time tried to play a movie stored on one mac on another mac connected by a wired network. The movie played for about 5 minutes then stopped.  Then the Mac Mini said that the other computer was not in the home shairing was of course....


    I'm concerned the Apple TV may end up being a PITA.



  • Attilas Level 1 (45 points)

    Exact same problem since a long time. Started after an ITune upgrade 6 months ago if I remember correctly.


    Im using Home Sharing. I have IPad,IPhone and 2 Apple TV one 2nd (Wifi) and one 3rd gen. Wifi provided by Apple Express. Home sharing work great on all device without interupting playback and/or disconnecting until I leave iTune server hosting Home Sharing idle for something like 2 hours. I have tried many time to access Home Sharing from any of my Apple device before that said 2 hours idle and it connected properly. Like you, it mostly happen overnight while iTune is idle for a long period. When it happen, all devices stop detecting ITune Home Sharing. Remote Apps and/or Music Home Sharing can't connect. Doing of one of the points down below temporarly fix problem on all devise and they connect right away until everything is idle again.


    1) Turning OFF then ON Home sharing temporarely fix the problem (Until next idle).

    2) Closing Itune also temporarely fix the problem.


    Since long time (Before this problem started) I have ITune installed in a VMware virtual machine running Windows XP SP3 32bit on top of an VMware ESXi 5.0 host. First I though it was more of my unusual setup causing the problem. I have tried a lot of things. Scratch reinstall, removing firewall, removing all kind of power features on host and OS it self.No anti-virus, no other software installed. Running out of idea. Now glad to see some else have the exact same problem.


    Will keep looking and post if I find anything.


    What is your setup hosting iTune ? PC, Mac + version ?

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    I am running a 27" iMac (late 2011) Mac OS Lion completely updated I have 5 Apple TV's 1 Latest this year 3 2nd gen and 1 first gen. I am running an iPad, iPhone and a few iPods from this iTunes library. 3 of the apple TV's are wired the rest are wireless all show the same problem. I have reset the router and Airport did not do anything. Since the post I have been in contact with Apple Tech support a few times and have and have gone through resetting the devices turning off the firewall, and reinstalling iTunes. In tipical Apple fasion they will not admit there is a problem but it probabally will be fixed in the upcoming updates to iTuens

  • Attilas Level 1 (45 points)

    Im pretty surprise you have the same behavior than me while you running itune on iMac  and me on a virtualised Windows XP.


    Narowing problem down to itune code and/or apple services...


    Will do some test right now, my itune is actualy not responding because of overnight idling.

  • Attilas Level 1 (45 points)

    Didn't had luck this morning. So finaly created a monitoring program in C# that use the itune SDK COM (Sorry not working on MacOS).


    The program start iTune, monitor it for activity, and when one hour of idling is elapse it restart the itune process ! Simple and effective...


    Think will have to wait for a fix by Apple on this one.

  • Attilas Level 1 (45 points)

    Have two friend of mine which have no problem using itune on windows xp 32bits. They however run os on a mini itx intel moterboard for which network card doesn't support ipv6. My setup support ipv6 but can't see ow to desactivate at the network driver level.


    May be you can try this on your iMac and see if you get any difference ??



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    My expiereince is exactly like yours - I have an 2011 iMac sharing my iTunes library to watch on 3 appletv's in the house.  So - after seeing the last post in this thread I decided to see if I could get a Windows machine on the network to share the library until it was fixed on my iMac.  I got the machine up and running and put one episode of Star Trek in the library of the Windows  machine (Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit).  My plan was to watch it for a few days to see if the home sharing stopped or continued to work.  Well... it's been a few days... and not only did the home sharing continue to work..but it still works on my iMac as well.  So, apparently something about having another machine sharing is keeping the connection alive from the iMac.




    But, I don't really want to keep two machines running indefinitely...

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    Same Problem here. iTunes on OSX Lion Server. All the latest Versions. After a certain amount of time i always have to restart iTunes on my server, in order to get a connection from my apple tv (2. gen) to my home sharing. this is realy annoying.

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    I'll chime in and say "one more" here...


    I'm running iTunes on a 2011 iMac with OSX Lion. I have Home Sharing turned on, and primarily access TV shows from an Apple TV (3rd gen.) over a wired network. Every day, when I sit down to watch a TV show, the Apple TV invariably gets hung up on accessing my library (times out), and I have to run upstairs and shut down/restart iTunes before things will work again.

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    Same question here as well.  I'm looking into setting up a script to automatically restart iTunes every day, because my wife is getting annoyed at the media on the Mac not working on the TV.

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    Same problem here. 


    I have a 2011 iMac sharing our iTunes library to all our Apple TVs, iPads, and iPhones.  I always keep my MacOSX Lion and iTunes software up-to-date.  But unfortunately it seems that after a recent iTunes/MacOSX software update (not sure which) a new problem/bug was introduced. 


    After an idle period of several hours, the iTunes library will no longer service sharing requests from our other idevices.  When trying to connect all we see is the spinning busy circle on all devices.  I have to then manually restart iTunes on our iMac in order to restore normal sharing functionality, and then everything works great without any problems; no sudden disconnects, etc.  But after several hours go by without any iMac or sharing activity, the same problem appears again.


    Very frustrating.


    FYI.  Our iMac is configured to never sleep.  No screensaver either.  Only the display is configured to sleep after 15 minutes.  Never had this problem until very recently.


    *** I can't imagine any external firewall, network, router, or other factors that would contribute to a problem that resolves itself by simply restarting iTunes.  Seems like a new bug in recent updates of MacOSX or iTunes.



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    I was having the same issue and found this thread.  Got me thinking and I tried changing the sleep setting on the Apple TV to 'Never'.  So far its worked.  Just make sure you have one of the screensavers set to run so you don't get any screen burn if you leave it unattended.

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    Yep, same proble here. Using OSX Lion, fully updated on a 24' iMac. I have an Apple TV 2 & an Apple TV 3, both hard-wired. Every single day I need to restart my iTunes to get the Apple TV's to see it, sometimes more than once a day. With the kids screaming for Elmo while I run to reset iTunes this is starting to really **** me off, especially seeing how many people are having this issue I'm shocked that Apple hasn't reeased an update for this yet!

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    It's been a few weeks now and setting the Apple TV's sleep setting to NEVER is still working!  I haven't had to restart anything since!

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