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    I'm having similar problems. going from an iphone used on a different computer to a new mac is extremely difficult. In order to add those songs that have been "skillfully acquired" requires the owner to "erase and sync" everything from the iphone. Not only that, I have bought hundreds of songs from iTunes (they have a lot of my money) and I have problems now when i purchase a song from my mac that does not auto. sync to my phone. it requires me to manually download the song itunes app on the phone in the purchased section.


    I love Apple, no other computer or mobile device - in my opinion - can compare. However, these added securities and the red tape found in iTunes is frustrating and inconveniencing.

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    The issue is with the new ios7.  Converting to smaller acc files will not work for some reason if it was not purchased from iTunes.  I know in previous versions it worked for me, but with this new version I had to bite the bullet and not convert them to smaller files.  It means they eat up a bunch more space and I loose 3 gig in the process but at least they all synch up now.

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    How do you get them to sync then bc the apple guy told me that the only thing he could think to do is restore my phone.

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    Once in a blue moon, usually after I have been slinging around a lot of files, I will get an error that a file could not be copied from iTunes to whatever device I am syncing because it could not be found. Almost every time this occurs it is because iTunes has created a bad XML key in addition to the good key that it also created when the song was copied into the iTunes library. The bad XML key tends to contain the original location of the file.


    So, what happens is that iTunes can play the song because it uses the good key. It will also copy the song because it has the good key. However it will also attempt to copy the song using the bad key. This prompts the error and here's how to fix it.


    You need to shut down iTunes and find the "iTunes Music Library.xml" file in the /Users/yourusername/Music/iTunes/ folder. You then copy this file to the desktop and perhaps name the original file something else. Then, open this file with Text Wrangler (free) or another hard core plain text editor. Then you need to search for the bad key. The best way is just to search for the Song Name. So, if you are searching for the song,  Glass Onion, just type that into the search box and the text editor will take you to that instance.


    Notice that the iTunes library file is neatly ordered with each song having a unique "key" consisting of a dozen or more lines. You are interested in the line that shows the location of the file. Look at that and see if it matches the location in the iTunes Music folder. If not, then there is your problem. If it matches, then continue your search; the errant file will almost certainly be in another key and the location will likely be wherever it was when you dragged it into iTunes.


    When you find that key, then you have two choices. The simplest if you do not want to edit the XML file is to simply copy the correctly referenced file out of its folder in the iTunes Music folder to the location referenced by the key. Then, close the XML fle without saving and copy the unsaved XML file back to its correct location, Fire up iTunes and you should see another copy of the song in ts Music library. Select the song and "Get Info" on it. You should see the location at the bottom of the get info box and it will be in the errant location. Back out the Get Info, delete the file from iTunes and trash it. This will automatically delete the bad key which was the objective of this whole entire Massacreee! Check your trash and it should be there. Check your library and the correctly referenced file should still be in your iTunes library.


    You can also edit the XML key by simply deleting the key. While that should work, I don't like such ham-handed whacking and you could have unforeseen problems. I have never seen this, but if the address in the bad key is nonsense, then you can put a valid location in the key, copy the song file to that location, save the XML file, copy it back to the /Users/yourusername/Music/iTunes/ folder and go from there. Finally, note that have used the word "copy" advisedly here. That is different from "move." This is a nettlesome little problem. Good luck.

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    I had this problem first with my iPad a while back and then with my iPhone.  It's like iTunes couldn't figure out what music to sync, so only some music synced, and it was messed up.  I fixed it by unchecking the "sync music" box in iTunes when I synced the device.  This erased any music I had on it.  Then I re-checked the "sync music" box when I synced it again, and the music copied perfectly.  I know this discussion has been going on for a while, but hoping this might help someone with this problem who stumbles on this discussion.

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    I've had this problem for several months and your solution is the only thing that workled. I thank you sincerely from the bottom of my heart.

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    ive tried deleting all the music on my phone that way but even when I uncheck "sync music" nothing deletes from my phone, all the music just stays on??

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    Hmm . . . Try manually deleting the music on the phone first.  Go to Settings > General > Usage > Music > Edit > Delete (hit the red minus sign).  That should take the music off the phone.  Then try the above solution within iTunes.  If that doen't work, I'm stumped. 

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    I've done all of the above (unchecked sync and taken music off my iphone) how do i get it back on? My iTunes tells me it's done it but nothing is on my phone.  I've checked sync to put it back.  I've been having problems since I downloaded the new update.  HELP!!!

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    Thank you so much for this, I haven't ever signed in for discussions before but I want to thank you so much because I have been trying to get my music back on my phone for 5 days and finally yours worked :) thank you so much

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    You're very welcome.  I'm glad it helped.

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    Thanks so so much cgb. Worked like a charm.

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    The same for me. I noticed only about ~1/3 of my library was getting synced and started trying to get everything there.


    I've wiped and restored my iPhone, tried unsyncing and resyning and nothing seems to work. To add insult to injury - I keep unchecking «synchronize music» and then it comes back on its own so I'm not even entirely confident that unsyncing is working. There seems to be nothing I can do.

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    I've been having this problem since October, and I've been on the phone with countless representatives, both Genius level and above and nothing works.


    We've tried restoring the phone (9 or 13 times), a brand new phone, creating a new library, creating a new user, and *nothing* is working.


    I've tried uninstalling iTunes and reinstalling, syncing and unsyncing, but iTunes freezes on "waiting for songs to sync" and crashes the entire computer.


    I don't know what else to do. Has anyone had this significant of an issue before?

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    HI, so what must be done is erase the music on the iphone through itunes. Uncheck the music tab on itunes, sync iphone. Then check the music tab and sync iphone once again, i think that should resolve the issue.