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Gerben Wierda Level 1 Level 1
Mac OS X

For the first time i a year I am having problems with my iPad2, running iOS 5.1.1. Today, when I started Safari, it started crashing immediately on a CNN page. By resetting the iPad I could read the page. Now, I just attached the iPad to my computer, and at first it could read the iPad's content, but then after I had uploaded a few photos I had made with the iPad (for the first time), afterwards iTunes started complaining.


Now it says it cannot read the contents of my iPad anymore and I need to restore. But this iPad is also a BYOD and if I restore, I need to go through all the steps again to get it back on the company's net.


So, is there anything I can do to find out what is actually wrong and is there something I could still try?

  • Soto Level 3 Level 3

    If you restore your iPad to the last update all of the old info will be there from that time period.  even internet settings and such so nothing wil change.

  • Coppertiger Level 2 Level 2

    Connect to iTunes by cable, open Safari browser an page that is locking on you. Now go settings on pad and turn off wifi and carrier so you are isolated from the network.  Hold the on/off and home buttons in together and perform a reboot.

    Tap the Home button twice when finshed and close safari by pressing on it till it wiggles.

    Reopen and try again.  A restore from last backup as given by Soto is also known to fix corrupt settings.  A restore is really a last option, and if a backup contains the faulty setting then only a factory restore with a new update is likely to fix.  Apps, which can sometimes cause the problem, should be synced back a few at a time starting with your most recent purchases to see if one is responsible.

    It may take some time - but then again we are talking binary.......  never knew two digits could cause so many headaches for everyone, sigh!

    Best regards, Ct

  • Gerben Wierda Level 1 Level 1
    Mac OS X

    After reading Soto's post, I decided to go ahead (it's almost midnight here and I'd like to use the iPad tomorrow). First I got as far as the "Connect to iTunes" screen on the iPad. It never went beyond that. I rebooted the iMac and then it proceeded. I chose to restore from the backup on the iMac and that seemed to function. It seems now I have at least some settings back.


    But not everything. I stll need to sync. Because all my apps are gone and other stuff as well. But the Sync button in iTunes stays grayed out.


    I went into Preferences on the iPad and hit "About". This hung Preferences. I removed the iPad from the computer. I tried a reboot of the iPad. I get a progress wheel, until the iPad turns itself off a minute or two later. A second reboot of the iPad made it come back again.


    I looked at WiFi syncing on th eiPad, but it said it would sync when connected to a power source (it was, on power only at that time) and when th eiMac was available (it was, but this was not detected). I turned Airplane Mode on and then connected it through USB. And then the Sync button worked again.


    It is now syncing, but it all feels pretty iffy.

  • Soto Level 3 Level 3

    that was a mouthfull...  how old was the backup that restored from?  if you were missing apps and such, they must have all been added or changed since the last backup. all of this for a webpage....the internet wins again..

  • Gerben Wierda Level 1 Level 1
    Mac OS X

    It turned out that the forced "after 5 minutes lock iPad" (forced because of a MobileIron profile) means I have to stay around keeping the iPad unlocked while the 30GB music etc was syncing. The backup was 5 days old or so.


    After a while the iPad was fully synced again. The only things that have been lost were the VPN settings.


    So, I thought I was home free. But I still have the original problem. Safari crashing.


    For instance, when I connect to a WiFi hotspot with web-based login, a window comes up that directs me to the login page. This is a web window. This does not work anymore on the iPad, it keeps crashing. I seem to be back to square one.

  • Coppertiger Level 2 Level 2

    Do you have the ability to log in and download from either the App or ITunes Stores when using the iPad on a hotspot, keeping safari closed down. If the device was connected to a company network, then it almost certainly has a Config file installed plus security key for network authentications. If the file is corrupt (likely) some or all network log ins will fail or may fall over at some point, such as the problems described with iTunes sync. Have your company network admin confirm whether this is the case and ask them to reinstall your credential configuration file.

    Regards, Ct

  • Gerben Wierda Level 1 Level 1
    Mac OS X

    I don't think the problem is at the network level. When on WiFi, I can use Mail, App Store, etc.


    But when I start Safari and load, it hangs during page load. Debug console (I have turned that on) says it has 19 messages. But I can't look at them as Safari hangs. I go to the start screen, double click the start button, kill Safari and start it again. Safari starts up with an emtpy page and after a while quits. I start Safari again. Now it comes up with an empty page again and Debug console shows No Errors. I type in the address field (note: my history is empty) again. It loads. Again 19 errors, but when I click on showing them, Safari quits. I start Safari again, it immediately quits.


    I start again. I open This works.


    I open This loads with 1 Log in Debug console. javascript: Log on line 30 The "fb-root" div has not been created, auto creating


    I go back. is now in my history.


    I type Safari quits.


    I restart Safari. It reopens I select Safari quits.


    I restart Safari.  It reopens I select Safari loads the page. I enter Safari loads the page. I enter Safari tries to pen (normal) and quits.


    I restart Safari. I opens and quits while loading. Note: according to double-click the home button, Safari is still running, so when I say Safari quits it means probably "I get kicked back to the home screen"


    I try getting Safari a couple of times. And now it hangs a while with the Safari icon in a pressed state (somewhat dark). The iPad does not react to the home button or to trying to select another app. Suddenly the screen goes black, I get the progress circle and then I get my password code lock again (looks like power off and power on sequence).

  • Coppertiger Level 2 Level 2

    Please download and install the Opera MiniWeb Browser from the App store.  Reboot when the installation finishes by holding down the  start and Home buttons together - keep depressed until the apple logo appears.

    start Opera - OK the startup screen, then try the sites that are giving you problems in Safari.

    Let me know how you get on.  We may need to reset your p-list and SCM folder and reload the operating system.

    Regards, Ct

  • Gerben Wierda Level 1 Level 1
    Mac OS X

    Well, I installed Opera MiniWeb Browser and tried to visit a couple of sites in both Opera and Safari. No problems with Opera, but Safari hung after a few pages. Restarting Safari did not help (comes up with empty page and is nonresponsive).


    So, whatever resetting the p-list and SCM Folder is, I might need it ;-)

  • Coppertiger Level 2 Level 2

    Can you talk to your Network admin who installed your MobileIron profile.  i suspect that this is a lockout issue because you have not been able to verify a login.  We need them to delete the old profile and re-install it for you.  Once they can establish network connectivity via the company net (VPN etc) we can consider their end isolated as a cause.

    I'm interested in why the MobileIron has a global 5 minute lockout policy in place and not one restricted to the VPN log in.  Also why can they not drop the policy onto a USB so you can install it yourself if ever you need to reset restore.


    Their policy will not come as standard with any iOS upgrade etc, and to be honest I am not sure how the pad handles such scenarios where companies have installed standalone network profiles.

    Perhaps it might be better if this thread is marked closed but unresolved and a link to the same under the ipad in the Enterprise forum.

    Some topics that make me question the validity of your restore process include looking at the following (Code ensures user installed apps and data is retained when checking a device back in for service update reconfiguration, etc)  General Help


    If your device was set up using a configurator as one device under a large number of your Company's BYOD (Buy your own device??) scheme, then, it almost certainly is running a profile for Network and audit puposes and no doubt tracking as well.  Think you need to talk to your Company Network Admin team first.


    Best wishes, Ct

  • Gerben Wierda Level 1 Level 1
    Mac OS X

    Hello Ct,


    First, thanks for trying to help. With respect to MobileIron, my problem with Safari also happens when I completely remove MobileIron, both profiles and the app. I am now connected to my home WiFi, no MobileIron on the iPad and after a few pages of Safari it hangs. I switched to Opera and the page loads.


    We can download the profile via a company web site, so its: download MobileIron, start MobileIron, enter the web site address, enter the login credentials and get the profile pushed to you. Works like a charm. No need for USB.


    (BYOD = Bring Your Own Device, but it could read "Buy" as well ;-)


    Anyway, I am now running completely without company interference, connected to my own home network, nothing installed by my company, but I still have the hanging Safari issue. Nothing to do with MobileIron it seems (though MobileIron might of course have been invlved in hosing my system).


    Is there a way I can really reset my system to factory default or reload the OS or drastic stuff like that?

  • Gerben Wierda Level 1 Level 1
    Mac OS X

    I found some interesting data. In Settings, General, Diagnostics and Usage, Diagnostics & Usage data I find a lot of plists of crashes. These are

    panic (iOS borks, 3 times)

    mediaserverd (SIGABRT)

    MobileSafari_iPadName (SIGSEGV)

    MobileSafari ( failed to resume in time)

    WebSheet (SIGSEGV)

    ReportCrash (SIGKILL)

    ResetCounter (not crashes it seems)

    Preferences (once, has active assertions beyond permitted time)


    Earliest in the list on May 21.

  • Coppertiger Level 2 Level 2

    Thankyou for the update, and thanks for explaining the company perspective.  The steps for restoring an ipad can be found here


    Before starting any restore I would suggest you go to Settings\Safari and clear out your history, cookies, data etc.  Turn debug off, java on, private browsing off (will cause problems loading pages like CNN because of cookies issues) set cookies to 'When visited'.

    Open new tabs in background (when off it can hang pages with lots of media content)

    And in Advanced settings - remove all website data.

    Clear History  and clear cookies and data - you need to have any backup as clean of any junk and clutter as possible

    Prior to backup also disable Restrictions in Settings\General


    Ensure you have a full charge on your pad before you start, as the restores will require connection by cable and any powering will be what is available through your usb which will be minor.

    Depending on your configuration it can be a long process - so have a good book to read or something else to keep you occupied.  Also be available to keep an eye on the process for any hangs, errors or issues whilst it restores.


    Because you may have a settings issue with another App, my advice would be to perform a backup - but then unsync your Apps before commencing the restoring process.  In this way the data in your Apps is preserved in the backup - but will only write back that data for which you have Apps installed when you restore from that back-up.  The Apps themselves are not backed up as they are in your library.

    Similarly, I would recommend going to Settings\General\Reset  and Reset Network settings, also turn wifi and data carrier off in settings so your ipad cannot initiate another connection before you have finished.  There is one other area known to be problematic with the iOS 5 variants - they all need to have the latest updates for the following installed if you use them.  Itunes (obviously)  and if so it will not hurt to run a repair routine on it prior to starting.  Repairs and checks for the latest of the following will not go amiss either


    Apple Application Support


    Quicktime - (often overlooked)

    Safari - especially if you sync bookmarks (iTunes - device connected, clicked to display summary page, select Info page and untick for this repair so that bookmark corruption is not an issue).

    icloud Control Panel Applet

    Apple Software update application



    wifi/carrier off

    Network settings reset


    Unsync Apps


    At this point - and as an after thought I wondered if you can go through your iTunes settings under the Edit Menu\Preferences - Parental for instance is not locked down with any hidden settings etc.

    Whilst in the Advanced tab click on Reset warnings.  Also:

    Right click your device in the main iTunes window and select to Reset Warnings there to, this will allow previously ignored warnings to re show if they occur again.



    Restore iOS - but dont elect to restore from your backup just yet - just restore to 5.1.1


    When finshed switch back on and test wifi and safari.

    If all ok, resync your Apps a few at a time to see if you can isolate a possible cause.

    If the problem re-occurs before you reinstall any apps and reinstall their data from backup - it may well mean a possible hardware issue, and or a configuration file not as it should be (Plist - Property list) that is being utilised with the restore process.


    Finally, a small apology

    I know my answers seem a little long winded - but rather than just refer you to support articles I have tried to pool as many workarounds as possible into my replies, so that if you follow them through, I will know what you have done and what you have not.  Hope you understand I am not just trying to wear your eyes out ;)

    Kind regards


  • Coppertiger Level 2 Level 2

    mediaserverd - can you confirm if you are running either ipeng app for ipad, and or squuezebox controller?

    Regards, Ct

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