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NEED HELP! Using the new iPad and when I open my library it was trying to download a book I'd previously purchased,read, and deleted. I tried to delete it before it fully downloaded but it would not allow it. Then, like the cascading windows error on PC's, more and more copies of this book appear in my library and it's growing exponentially (like the cascading windows tile analogy). It never fully downloads the book and will not allow me to delete. Now I've got 24 copies of Personal Foul trying to download and every time I close the program and reopen it has added more.


Can you help!?!?


-I'm running the most recent iOS and iBooks versions (5.1.1 and 2.1.1 respectively)

-The book that is attempting multiple copy downloads is a book I purchased a year ago on my first gen iPad. Upon upgrading to the 3rd gen iPad I did not sync that particular book and have set auto sync to the "off" position-- so it should not be attempting to download that book in the first place

-I've attempted to restart my iPad

-I've exited the application several times

-I've gone to the "purchased" section in the store and it does not show this book as "Installed".

-I have attempted to select and delete each copy but it will not delete once I've entered the command

iPad (3rd gen) Wi-Fi, iOS 5.1.1, iBooks 2.1.1 "multiple copy" bug?
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