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I have a company iPhone developer account which I registered two years ago.  I have renewed it and it has not expired.  I am the agent and I know the Apple ID and password as I login to the dev portal fine.  I am now trying to publish my first app under this account but I get this message when trying to log into iTunesConnect Apple ID does not have permission to access iTunes Connect.


My account seems to be in some strange state as I invited another developer to my team (my hotmail email account) and then tried to make that user the Agent but that didn't even work, my new user shows up in the list of developers/team members, but I cannot select them in the dropdown to make them the agent, only my current agent name shows.


Is this a hand off to Apple support situation?  I am up against a hard deadline and fear this is going to add significant delays waiting for Apple support to look into it (I've seen some other posts of people waiting 3 weeks with this problem and getting nowhere with support).


Thanks in advance for any help,


iTunesConnect, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
Solved by PaulFromNB on Jun 4, 2012 12:01 PM Solved

Sorted!  Just call them, the email support did reply twice but clearly didn't read the email as they said I should try a list if things...all which required me to login to iTunes connect!


My problem was my Apple ID had a space in it which the dev portal is fine with but iTunes connect is not.  They just changed my apple id and it works fine

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Confirm your process against TN 2250

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