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Maxplanar Level 4 (3,070 points)

There does seem to be a systemic problem with the iPad home button.   There are countless reports on the net of people who are experiencing problems with the button not working, and I'm now onto my second iPad in a row that's experiencing the same issue - when my first one stopped working I brought it to the Apple Store, who instantly replaced it without question, even though it wouldn't behave badly for me in the store.   But now that new iPad is doing exactly the same thing.   Symptoms are that the button works very erratically, and often not at all.    It's hard to figure out if it's a hardware problem or something else.   There are countless solutions proposed on the net, most of which amount to shaking a bag of bat's teeth over it.   Anyone had any real success with any technique?   It really seems like it's an iOS problem rather than a hardware problem, as iPhones and iPad Touches are also reporting it?

  • rbrylawski Level 6 (11,850 points)

    You can try waving bats teeth over your iPad, but it really isn't a common problem and there is no system or software issue I'm aware of that causes a home button to stop working.  Before you take your iPad back to Apple, try the standard trouble shooting steps......Reboot, Restore from Backup, Restore as New Device.  If you need direction on any of these, let us know.  But, if you do all three and your home button is still non responsive, it's likely a hardware issue and should be looked at by Apple.  My houselhold has had 3 iPads and 4 iPhones over the last few years.   Not one of our devices has ever experienced a home button which doesn't work.

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    Have tried rebooting and just about everything else. Have in the last 48 hours removed the iPad from the intellicase as a last resort and so far it is working without problems!

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    I had this problem with an iPad2, purchased in May 2011.  It occured at about the 8 month point.  After a few weeks of increasingly erratice behavior, the home button failed completely.  Apple replaced the iPad, in the store, without question.   The problem occured again, in the brand new iPad, after 60 days.  It appears to be a known issue.  Resets and restores did not solve the problem.


    I am currently using the second iPad with its home button working less and less consistently.   As a workaround, I use the ACCESSIBILITY setting in Settings / General.  I have it turned on.   It gives me an on screen option for the home button.   Should the physical button fail completely, as it did in my first iPad, this will at least give me an option to use the iPad until I take it back to the store.   This is important if you want to remove confidential data before turning the iPad in for repair.


    It goes without saying that this is disappointing.

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    I would disagree that it isn't a common problem - there's countless threads about it around the net.   It really does seem like a real issue, and Apple's Genius Bar replacement was very clearly becuase "yes, that happens".   I have had to give up using the Home button on the new, replacement iPad they gave me, and I just use the four finger swipe to return to the home menu.

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    Having removed the iPad2 from the magnetic case it then worked without problems for about 2 weeks but started giving problems again.  I have now initialised the accessibility button and use that when the home button fails to work.  Using the four finger swipe I found a less attractive option.  Clearly there is a problem with the home buttons.  What surprises me is that Apple do not seem to be working to fix it.

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    Mine does seem to be start acting up....but I still can't know if it's the button or me. Not a consistent thing.


    I've also seen folks talking about giving the button a good blow out with a can of air....that button is a small opening in the chassis an it's possible that some bits of dust or dirt can effect how well it works.

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    I'm not having trouble yet - BUT - my home button is getting mushy, soft, it no longer has a distincttive click. My iPad is only three months only - I can feel the difference. My iPod Touch is 3 YEARS old and still has a snappy home button. Appreciate your thoughts: is the feel of your home button changing?

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    I know this seems......silly?!?  My home button doesn't/hasent worked in the past and I got it fixed.  Try this.  With your iPad in portrait view (long ways up and down), press and hold the home button.  While continuing to hold the home button, turn the iPad to landscape view (long ways left to right), then back to portrait view.  Make sure your screen rotates when you do this.  Now let go of the home button.  Hopefully, this is a fix to the "more common" issue in this case and resolves your problem.


    Good luck!

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    I was having problems with my iPad2 home button not working, or more often, working erratically.  I tried Ram4Kid's fix and it worked perfectly, first time!  Give it a try.  I don't know how, but it solved my problem.  Thanks!

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    I was having the same problem with my iPad 3 home button, but after I followed Ram4kid's instructions, it worked perfectly!.... Thank you Ram4kid for sharing the information!

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    I thought this was a joke and something was going to jump out of the screen at me, but tried it anywas. Ram4Kid's fix worked for me also on our iPad3. Awesome! Thank you. How do people come up with stuff like this?

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    Worked for me as well !


    Later on I found this:

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    You x out of an app by putting all of your fingerson the screen and move them on touch screen like you are squashing something in your hand, without taking your finger off the screen.

  • cvete1 Level 1 (10 points)

    This an alternative way.

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