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    I checked for updates on the apple tv and there were some. Even had to connect to iTunes to finish the reset.


    That was a pain as I had to find a usb to micro usb cable. Thankfully my old Blackberry phone cable worked. (Apple, please include this cable when you sell the Apple TV)


    Then I moved the Apple TV box far away from the Cable TV providers box. (Using thehappybroker answer as well) in case of interferance.


    Then I checked my speed on the internet, Ping 31. Download 26.67 Upload 4.85. So no issues there


    Also, I wanted to download a whole tv series. Originally the settings were "Allow Simultaneous Downloads" this slowed everything right down.


    On my computer I set it to run individual downloads, (concurrent) had all episodes on the screen and let it download them all overnight to iTunes. When I went back to my Apple TV the next day, it only took 3-5 minutes to load an episode and watch. (With no stopping to buffer during the show)


    A lot of steps, but I don't think that I'll have to do anything more until/unless an new software update comes out.

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    Apple just used to work... That was the greatest thing about them. Lately it just doesn't work... Unfortunate... No more apple for me after 20 years

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    There is a problem between Comcast and Apple products (including AppleTV) that slows connection speeds and it all has to do with your security mode. To solve it, call 855-308-9453 or follow these steps:


    Type in your browser URL bar.


    This will bring you to your gateway. Username is admin. Password is password


    Once inside, click Connection on the left bar, then click WiFi below that.


    You should see your network and a box on the far right that says EDIT. Click the box.


    Under the security mode pulldown menu, select WPA2-PSK (AES).




    Note: You can also change your network name, your password, and the channel selection on this page. You should be on Channel 1, 6, or 11 with the Manual button selected.


    Good luck. And keep that number. It's a state-side call center for all problems wifi-related and they're very helpful.

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    This worked for me.  Thanks

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    Re: Apple TV download is really slow

    Oct 25, 2012 12:26 AM (in response to robtfromupper hutt)

    If you have slow download and long times (ex. 14 hours or more) try this solution (I've offered a lot of coffee).






    Re: Apple TV download is really slow


    30-ago-2012 6.59 (in response to Minefield)



    Use Google’s Public DNS Server To Fix Apple TV Streaming Problems


    1. Navigate to Settings >> General >> Network and select Configure TCP/IP.


    2. Select “Manually” next to Configure IP.


    3. Dont change the IP address or the Subnet Mask and Router Address. Just click "Done".


    4. Set the DNS Address screen with the following: and click “Done.”


    You should now be able to stream more smoothly on your Apple TV.



    If this works for you, please buy a cup of coffee for a complete stranger or some other selfless, random act of kindness.


    If you have slow download and long times (ex. 14 hours or more) try this solution.

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    This does not work for me. It just times out.

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    This worked INSTANTLY and I didn't need the 800 number.   Went from "Downloading - Wait 5-6 hours" to just playing the movie instantly.  Thank you! 

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    Thanks for this. I followed your instructions and a movie that had been stuck on 2 hrs and 38 minutes for three days went to 54 mins to wait. I still can't watch it but it's getting closer!

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    My settings were already set at that, except for the manual/automatic bit. So I changed from auto to manual but sadly my problem is the same.

    So weird as Netflix movies play instantly and they are fine. Think I will just give up on hiring Apple movies.

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