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I tried numerous different times to connect this printer wirelessly and it's not connecting.


Anyone have suggestions or does anyone have this printer working properly with the OS stated?


Hope everyone is well.

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    Post in the Lion Printing & Scanning Forum.

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    Thanks for the suggestion.


    How's this:




    Thanks Again

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    I just bought a Samsung ML-2165 (not wireless) and can't install it on a MacBook with OS 10.7.4 (Lion).  Samsung says it is a known issue with Apple and to download the printer driver provided on the Apple web site instead of using theirs.  I tried that, with no success, even though the installer reported success installing the driver.  I got the same message when I tried to add the printer as before: "The software for this printer is currently unavailable.  Contact the printer's manufacturer for the latest software".  (At one try I got a different message:  "Unable to find and appropriate software on your system after searching...", but I have been unable to replicate this one.)


    There is a discussion stream related the the ML-2165W (wireless), but I didn't see anything helpful there for my USB situation. We don't have Windows on this computer Installing in Windows seems to have worked, for someone, but maybe only wireless anyway.


    I didn't see anything related to the ML-2165 on the Lion Printing and Scanning forum, but maybe I missed it and will check again.


    Does anyone have any experience with this or suggestions to offer?  Is there any point in trying to call Apple for assistance?  Not sure if I would have to pay for that. I will also post this under the ML-2165W (wireless) discussion thread.