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  • Meg St._Clair Level 8 Level 8 (46,845 points)

    darsuz wrote:


    the blackberry playbook is presently outselling ipad in the uk,

    I would be very interested in the source of that statistic. I've been following BB's descent into oblivion for a while now. That would make some interesting reading.

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    I'm not an Apple Fanboy.  The iPad 1 was my first, and based on the support, my last Apple purchase.  It took Microsoft a while, but in my opinion, the best choice today is a tablet running full-blown Windows 8. Not that Applesque RT.  in the event that Microsoft ever pulled an "Apple", It's an Intel PC and there is always the Linux option. :)

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    I have a Samsung Galaxy 2 which is almost as old as my iPad 1. It's happily running ICS and all the apps I want run so smoothly.

    Doh! Another app telling me I need iOS 6 before I can install it! -  Roll on Kindle Fire HD 8.9 when it's released here.

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    hi Meg St Clair,

    enter ipad vs playbook 2013


    subtitle title is blackberry playbook outselling the new ipad in the UK



    It is interesting. little competition is healthy for us consumers.

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    Another post that proves my earlier point. The less old Galaxy does not run the latest version of Android.

    Developers like ourselves have to target Jelly Bean with our new apps, it makes no sense for our new Android product to target older versions of Android.


    So the situation is basically the same as with iPad 1 and iOS 6.  Most apps (all the ones I use) still run on my iPad 1 under iOS5. Our new apps will target iOS 6 only. 


    Posters on this thread seem to be under the illusion that by switching to eg: Blackberry and Microsoft they will have a better total lifetime customer experience than with the iPad 1. There is no logical reason why this should be the case. Both companies (and many others) have proven over decades that the care less about customers than Apple does, and I have the scars on my back and in my bank balance to prove it.

  • Meg St._Clair Level 8 Level 8 (46,845 points)

    darsuz wrote:


    hi Meg St Clair,

    enter ipad vs playbook 2013


    subtitle title is blackberry playbook outselling the new ipad in the UK

    Yeah, outselling it in one retailer in the UK, not in the UK overall.  And, the numbers do not appear to have been verified. No, I still have little hope for Blackberry.

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    Umph! Ok, I guess you actually do care. You call me out of my name, talked about my spelling and criticized my grammar. And then said this is for the busy people, or did you mean business people. I don't sit around anywhere, I am military soldier so I don't have that type of time, ensuring you keep your freedom.  I get discounts on stuff like this. I'm in college at the present time to better myself and guess what, I have to keep up with the technology as well in order to complete class work. My MacBook want support half the software that my college offers in order to stay inside the APA Guidelines, I didn't cry. So once again stop being a Internet thug and crying over spilled milk. Oh yeah I'm on my iPad 2, and I'm not mad..

  • knighthere Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm a user, I use apple products because they just work together. So yes you are crying over spilled milk!

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    Apple should take a lesson from Asus who has provided updates for ALL of their Transformer tablets to the latest version of Android. ;)

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    Boy you are so right. Apple should take a lesson from Asus, because not only do people want to be able to update there pricey electronic they want them to last. And Asus is know for having the best software and hardware. Man hush, apple is doing just great. Who in the **** uses Asus it's a knockoff. So I guess when apple make knockoffs y'all will be ok.  Asus, Acer sounds familiar, it best the Asus person worked for Acer<-----which software don't last more then two years  tops.  But we all can learn from someone. Great response.

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    Asus is not a no-name knock-off garage shop operation.  Whom do you think Google employs to make their Nexus 7 ( the third best selling tablet, right on the heels of Amazon).  Add the Asus-braned withe the Google-branded, and they're probably already in second place (so like in the old Avis commercials: They try harder!!!)

  • knighthere Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Knock-off!!!!!!!!!!!   they actually in the top 10, not 2.  Who really looks for asus when they shop for anything beside you.  This a product you have to be persuaded to buy, we'll maybe not you.  But once again we can all learn from someone, even if its not what to do.. But keep making your point.

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    TABLETSasus, samsung, apple, rim

    Asus and Samsung tablets top the iPad in satisfaction rankings


    Christopher Null

    @christophernull Dec 19, 2012 3:00 AMprint

    Conventional wisdom might tell you that the Apple iPad, with a devoted following that includes everyone from toddlers to CEOs, would sweep the satisfaction ratings in the tablet category of our tech satisfaction, reliability, and service survey, but surprises awaited us when we dug into the numbers.


    Yes, Apple earned the best marks in touchscreen responsiveness, battery life, and speed, and very high marks in most ease-of-use measurements. But a number of competitors bested the company in other metrics. When we averaged the overall satisfaction scores, Apple wound up in third place.


    Asus—maker of the popular Google Nexus 7—scored in the top of the range in virtually all satisfaction measurements. “This tablet is very fast, with a beautiful display, and fully capable of doing everything I could foreseeably want," said one Nexus 7 owner who answered our survey.


    Market chaser Samsung also earned very high marks overall, matching the best score in operating system satisfaction.


    RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook has been widely considered a dud, but people who own the device seem pleased with it. RIM took fourth place among tablet makers in overall satisfaction with device features, garnering the top mark in display quality.


    Users’ biggest complaint, in aggregate, is the dearth of ports on many tablets. Users seem most satisfied with display quality.


    As for reliability, Apple claimed the top spot with flying colors: Only 4 percent of iPad users reported any significant problem within two years of ownership, while an average of 12 percent of owners of other brands reported problems.


    For users who reported problems, operating system issues were the most common gripe across the board. Battery troubles followed, along with complaints of touchscreen failures.


    About the survey

    Despite Apple's narrow loss in the tablet category, other products from the company scored well in this year’s satisfaction survey. In overall satisfaction, Apple took top honors in laptops, desktops, and smartphones.


    We launched our satisfaction survey in August and began tabulating the results in mid-November. We changed our approach to rating and ranking tech brands this year: Instead of rating products as below average, average, or above average, we simply report the average score (on a scale of 1 through 10) that brand owners gave to their devices in the survey.


    We investigated five product categories in this year’s survey: laptops, desktops, printers, smartphones, and tablets. Overall, we found that tech users are satisfied with their products, as the numbers are generally positive and seem to be improving from year to year. Satisfaction levels with product reliability and durability in particular have improved considerably since 2011.


    Asus, Samsung shine in tablet satisfaction

    Brand     Design     Operating system     Battery life     Overall speed     Display quality     Touchscreen responsiveness     Available ports

    Asus     8.8     8.6     8.5     8.5     9.1     8.7     7.8

    Samsung     8.7     8.6     8.1     8.4     9.0     8.7     7.0

    Apple     8.8     8.6     8.5     8.6     9.1     9.0     5.8

    RIM (BlackBerry)     8.4     8.3     8.1     8.3     9.4     8.5     6.8

    Acer     8.4     8.3     7.6     8.0     8.5     8.1     8.0

    Toshiba     8.2     8.1     7.5     7.7     8.5     8.0     8.0

    Lenovo     8.2     8.2     7.8     7.9     8.4     7.5     7.8

    HP     8.1     7.8     7.6     8.0     8.5     8.1     7.2

    Barnes &amp; Noble     8.3     7.6     7.8     7.8     8.8     8.3     6.8

    Amazon     8.1     8.0     7.9     8.0     8.7     8.3     5.9

    Dell     8.0     8.0     7.0     7.7     8.4     7.9     7.3

    Motorola     7.7     8.1     7.4     8.0     8.2     8.0     6.5

    Chart notes: Each listed number is the average response on a 1-to-10 scale where 1 is “extremely dissatisfied” and 10 is “extremely satisfied.” Brand ranking is based on the average scores across all satisfaction measures.


    iPads rank as the most dependable tablets

    Brand     Any significant problem     Satisfaction with reliability

    Apple     4%     9.2

    Amazon     8%     9.0

    Asus     12%     9.0

    Samsung     7%     9.0

    RIM (BlackBerry)     14%     8.9

    Barnes &amp; Noble     10%     8.8

    ↑ Above average ↑

    ↓ Below average ↓

    Motorola     9%     8.7

    Acer     12%     8.6

    Lenovo     22%     8.6

    Toshiba     8%     8.5

    HP     14%     8.4

    Dell     13%     8.4

    Chart notes: A “significant problem” is one that stops or seriously impairs the operation of the tablet during the first two years of ownership. Based on satisfaction scores on a 1-to-10 scale where 1 is “extremely dissatisfied” and 10 is “extremely satisfied.” The average satisfaction score is 8.8.

  • knighthere Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    And the reason you copied and paste that is.  Your was to prove Asus is what? Not a knock off or they in the top 2. Or to show me where they software rated. You lost me with this post. Just become an apple user and you will ok. Cause I quote " iPad ranked as the most dependable tablet" unquote GAME SET AND MATCH,((())()())--- POOF

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    There is so much going around and around in this thread but the bottom line to me is Apple has done some poor customer relations with its move to no longer support the ipad 1.  There is no question the technology needs to move forward and so too do devices and such.  But here is a company that did not tell consumers it was not supporting a product it just released an update and said that the ipad 1 was not included.  No statement or warning to consumers.  We had no time to react or trade up, now who wants a unit that cannot be updated and apps are slowly not working anymore.  I know there are a lot of Apple lovers out there who have the resources to keep this company in its high position by essentially robbing consumers and selling disposable product, but I for one am appauled and am no longer A greedy Apple consumer.  Pay for this pay for that and then pull the plug.  Issue a statement and deffend your position for anything but greed.  Figure thats why they dont have to.  It is the people who are not upset about this that are feeding the hungry Apple corp and allowing them to be the giant that they are.  To bad because shiny well built toys will only take you so far if they are all disposable.

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