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  • NAiDO Level 1 Level 1

    yes i think you are ok


    and the graphic card is usually one of the most individual items that will heat up the CPU also but sometimes you will notice the graphic card heating up the most


    Good luck ... and you can always run a Hardware test if you wana make sure mine came back ok!

  • rtnuser Level 1 Level 1

    I had the same issue. At least I thought I did at first.


    Especially switching from a big fat PC which blasts sound, this machine is a beauty. but when you use it you have to consider how much is packed into this thin thing.


    The machine gets hot just above the keyboard below the screen, and after intense use, the keyboard will feel warm. If the heat really bothers you, you can always install smc fancontrol, and boost the fan. Trust me, running the fans at top speed really does cool down the machine.


    Unless the machine is getting soo hot it automatically shuts down, there is nothing wrong about it. I brought mine to the apple genius bar, and they told me that everything is fine and that apple computers are made toe withstand heat.


    Just check your Acitivity monitor as well to see any apps going wrong, and other than that, just enjoy the retina experience!


    If things still worry you, just book an appointment at the apple store and bring it in for a check up.

  • chri5dub12 Level 1 Level 1


    I called tech support, and got transfered up to a "Lead Expert" in Texas. I had the ghosting issue as well. They made me mail in my computer and here is what was fixed and logged:

    Issues- High temp, fan speed too fast, same image on gray scale, misc.

    Fixed- Display, clam shell replacement, logic board replacement.


    Basically a new computer but holy crap it has not gone hot yet. call ASAP if you have this issue and don't get off the phone with them. she told me this is a known problem!

  • rtnuser Level 1 Level 1

    I was told by the support people that its normal it gets hot...

    Its the first time I hear this!


    What do you mean by it doesnt get hot? Does it stay cool even after using iphoto and imovie or transferring files into an external drive or even downloading apps from the app store?

  • NAiDO Level 1 Level 1

    please"chri5dub12" get back to us regarding your specs of temperature at idle and at normal usage and at extensive use ... it will help us alot consider if our machine is deffective or not ! please update the info regarding the temperatures of your cpu and graphic cards and heat sinks at different usage  etc... as soon as you can ... to send it to apple asap!

  • anonymous4a Level 1 Level 1

    Try gaming on a macbook retina in bootcamp windows, it gets EXTREMELY hot, if not properly cooled, its hot enough to damage your battery after a couple hours

  • 7ok Level 1 Level 1

    I had the same problem for a week and was ready to return this Mac .........until I checked my running programs. I did a simultaneous (Command, Options, Esc), to open any running programs.  Found a couple that were purchased from the Mac Store that were running in the background. Forced Quit to stop them and waited.


    Wow, now I am running an almost cold MacBook Pro Retina Screen.  This seems incredible but it worked for me.  Even watched the U.S. Open Tennis match for 2 1/2 hours and the computer only got warmer but never as hot as before.  Before I couldn't touch the middle top part body and screen.  For days now I have not experience these temperatures.  It seems to me that it isn't the computer but the alias software that doesn't let the computer cool, breath or shut down even in the sleep mode.  Hope this is your situation!  I am a very happy camper and the computer is a pleasure to use.


  • appleB15 Level 1 Level 1

    I have the exact same problem, it feels like the computer is going to catch on fire sometimes. Doesn't matter if I'm on a solid surface like a desk or with the computer on my lap. The thing constaly runs hot as heck! And last night the fans practically sounded like my computer was a jet engine... Guess it's time to visit the mac store.

  • 7ok Level 1 Level 1

    Please check the programs runnnig by doing a (command, alt, esc.) simultaneous hit.  Check the running programs.  I found that it was extra software purchased from the Mac Store causing my computer to run hot.  The second thing that seemed to be affecting the heat problem was the established connections of my iPad or iPod or my older MacBook Pro to the new computer. Once I ensured the connecitions were broken the computer cooled right down. 

    These devises seemed to keep the connection open and running hard whether in the sleep mode or operational mode. 


    Once I eliminated the software issue; and second the connection issues to the new Retina MacBook Pro, it actually now runs COLD.  I can sit it on my lap and it stays colder than the old MacBook Pro (2 years old).


    Hope this helps until Apple makes some updates to its software.

  • 7ok Level 1 Level 1

    see my update

  • appleB15 Level 1 Level 1

    thanks for the response @7ok, unfortunately I already tried what you suggested based on previous comments stating similar solutions. The only programs running are: mail, safari, ical, and word. nothing out of the normal and nothing too heavy that it should be running this hot.

    I'm not even sure if I should bother taking it into the mac store to visit the genius bar? From the sounds of many people's issues the mac store just says there is nothing wrong? I'm just affraid of the heat affecting my battery life etc.

  • Suxxe Level 1 Level 1

    Hi .. i just got my new retina macbook pro 2.6 ghz 16 gig 256 ssd.

    And i subjectivly think it runs rather hot when just browsing and doing nearly nothing. can you guys confirm that my temperatures are normal or is it running too hot?

    this is while idling: (skype + Chrome + Itunes open)

    Battery:                                       33℃

    Battery Charger Proximity:                     44℃

    Battery Position 2:                            33℃

    Battery Position 3:                            32℃

    CPU A Proximity:                               40℃

    Graphics Processor Chip 1:                     40℃

    Graphics Processor Temperature Diode:          41℃

    Left Palm Rest:                                32℃

    Main Heatsink 2:                               37℃

    Main Heatsink 3:                               37℃

    Platform Controller Hub:                       46℃

    SMART Disk APPLE SSD SM256E (S0X5NYAC850536):  ---

    Wireless Module:                               40℃

    CPU Core 1:                                    48℃

    CPU Core 2:                                    ---

    CPU Core 3:                                    48℃

    CPU Core 4:                                    ---

    CPU Core 5:                                    48℃

    CPU Core 6:                                    ---

    CPU Core 7:                                    43℃

    CPU Core 8:                                    ---


    somehow cpu idling around 50° (mostly it's a few degrees more then in the snapshot) seems a little high.. is this normal?


    100% cpu load stress test:

    Battery:                                       34℃

    Battery Charger Proximity:                     55℃

    Battery Position 2:                            34℃

    Battery Position 3:                            32℃

    CPU A Proximity:                               65℃

    Graphics Processor Chip 1:                     62℃

    Graphics Processor Temperature Diode:          70℃

    Left Palm Rest:                                31℃

    Main Heatsink 2:                               50℃

    Main Heatsink 3:                               51℃

    Platform Controller Hub:                       53℃

    SMART Disk APPLE SSD SM256E (S0X5NYAC850536):  38℃

    Wireless Module:                               48℃

    CPU Core 1:                                    94℃

    CPU Core 2:                                    ---

    CPU Core 3:                                    101℃

    CPU Core 4:                                    ---

    CPU Core 5:                                    99℃

    CPU Core 6:                                    ---

    CPU Core 7:                                    93℃

    CPU Core 8:                                    ---




    - Martin

  • Maziyar Level 1 Level 1

    Here is mine when I'm doing nothing:


    Screen Shot 2012-11-06 at 8.57.22 AM.png

    But yeah, try to even watch youtube or other flash player, can't be on your lap any more. Try to render a 3D or export a video, gets hot like ****.

    I opened 10 applications few days ago for developing, it was around 75C in smcFanControl and it wasn't that bad.

    Most of the time if you don't do anything and it's hot you can see some processes are hugging the CPU in Activity Monitor.

  • Suxxe Level 1 Level 1

    yeah as soon as i'm streaming a vid or something.. very hot around the center of the keyboard..
    not really comfortable i have to say. my 2009er mbpro did run hot too, but the case didn't get that hot where the fingers rested at least..

    but thanks for your temperatures.. at least now i know it'S supposed to run that hot.. -.-

  • glitchman Level 1 Level 1

    OUCH!!!  I've never noticed a heat issue with my MBP retina until...


    Today I pulled my sleeping MBP out of my backpack, I felt the heat through the backpack exterior before I even opened it up.  The MBP was very hot to the touch and scared the beejeezus out of me.  I couldn't believe it even woke up.  The fan started up at high speed and it cooled in a fairly short period of time, but man oh man, it was not warm, it was HOT!


    BTW, I did the CMD, ALT ESC sequence and it showed only Finder was running.

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