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After upgrading to the Lion and when Fullscreen mode came into life I started to experience troubles with Aperture… beginning from entering into the Fullscreen (which used to be not a problem for Aperture) and now the power button is my favorite button on my Mac Pro if I open Aperture… After last update to version 3.3 when I try to make any adjustments my Mac completely freezes or screen suddenly becomes black and nothing helps except magical POWER button. The system is even unable to write any error log, so there is nothing to post as a technical report. This trouble happened before the 3.3 update but it was not so often. Now for last two days I have restarted machine for at least 30 times almost every 10 minutes of work. What happened to used to be a great app?!

After examining forums, support sites etc. I have done following:

  1. Recovered/reinstalled/fresh installed Lion.
  2. Reinstalled Aperture/repaired library using all 3 methods after pressing Opt+Cmd buttons.
  3. Repaired permissions using all possible solutions/performed all tests using Drive Genius and Lion Cache Cleaner.
  4. Created new user account and started Aperture from there
  5. Tried to make adjustments by clicking instead of dragging sliders.
  6. Inspected all hardware.

Nothing helps….

I haven’t installed any new software except PS 6, haven’t changed my camera (Canon 1Ds Mark II) since those 3.x.x Aperture updates. And now I don’t know what to do with my primary photo editing app because it became almost useless.

Is here anybody who can help in this kind of situation? Or the only solution is to move to Lightroom?

Aperture 3, Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    Did you start up in Safe boot  (hold shift key and power up)   Cant do much will there so after it starts shut down, and is probably similar to your cache cleaer.  Your might read

    First read   http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3805 


    Delete the user's (Apertures preferences)    ~/Library/Preferences/com.apple.Aperture.plist

    Delete the Aperture cache.   The cache file to delete is located at ~/Library/Caches/com.apple.Aperture  then reboot again.


    First read  http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1417

    1: Use command + S  and power on the Mac  to start in single user mode then type   sbin/fsck/ -fy  (after that is finished… type)  reboot

    There may be a simpler way but all the above covers a lot of variables with some overlapping fixes. Its like a tune-up for the car.  Let us know if there are still issues after the basic steps from above are taken.     Good luck

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    First of all, thanks for a reply!

    I've done everything suggested plus deleted all caches/reinstalled Aperture/reinstalled Lion, again cleaned the system. Yesterday I edited about 15 pictures without any crash and thought that everything went OK, but… Today I imported 38 new photos and while browsing previews again got that familiar black screen with no chance to bring the machine to life. Once again POWER button and not a system report.

    The only thing I noticed, that crashes occur when I use any sliders or change views fast. Aperture’s always been hungry for system resources. I suspect it simply does some heavy calculations and somehow hangs up the whole system. Yesterday I made small pauses 5-10 sec between adjustments and got no crashes. If I’m right about that it makes my wonder how PS CS 6 manages 25 files of 50 Mb each and the native app from Apple can’t work with RAW file of 15 Mb?!

    That seems to be a “hidden invitation” from Apple to go for a new Mac Pro if I like to continue using Lion and new Aperture (mine is old, but I don’t see any reason to change it for so called “new machines” especially before I’ll get a new camera). My Mac Book Pro (2006), which is still on Snow Leopard, feels good with Aperture, slow, but not crashes.

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    Dmitry What is your Mbp... How much ram do you have and what percentage of HD do you have that is free space?

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    My primary machine:

    Model Name:          Mac Pro

      Model Identifier:          MacPro1,1

      Processor Name:          Dual-Core Intel Xeon

      Processor Speed:          2 GHz

      Number of Processors:          2

      Total Number of Cores:          4

      L2 Cache (per Processor):          4 MB

      Memory:          8 GB

      Bus Speed:          1,33 GHz

    MAC 1 - SYSTEM:

      Capacity:          499,25 GB (499 248 103 424 bytes)

      Available:          368,54 GB (368 542 355 456 bytes)

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    If you did all of these  and you have 8gb Ram then I think I research for a Ram test utility.  Drive Genius has one dont they?  Or you could have a bad video card  or logic board.  But Im guessing at this point you need a higher level person and a Mac Genius

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    Drive Genius deals only with HDs.

    I will try to replace my videocard with the original one and see what will happen.

    About Mac Genius:) Apple doesn't like us in Russia, we don't even have a singe Apple Store for the whole country, so we are on our own. That's why I wrote here.

    Anyway, thank you for your cooperation!

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    Hey Dmitry


    Search the internet for a utility to test your ram too!  Had a friend whose machine could only take Apple ram.  He switched it up a few times but only the apple ram worked.  Good Luck

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    I changes the videocard for Radeon HD 5770 (it works with MacPro 1.1). For three days I’ve been heavy working on my photos in Aperture. I’ve got not a crash.

    But my old Radeon X1900XT seems to be OK because before that change I performed a lot of graphic work in PS CS6, PSE 10, iPhoto, Acrobat X other graphic soft – not a crash. As soon as I opened Aperture, 5 minutes and my machine was down again.

    It seems to me that Apple somehow made changes in the graphic engine of Aperture without paying attention to the optimization of its performance. Now it consumes all graphic resources and older machines are unable to handle Aperture.

    Here is another unlucky one with a similar problem:


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    I am having exactly the same problem but I don't have Lion installed. I work on a Imac27 2.93Ghz Intel Core I7 with 8Go of Ram. Aperture 3.2.3.


    No problem at all with any other software, including PS6 and FianlCut Pro. But Aperture cause that weird crash, black screen. Seems to happen when doing many operations of sliding adjustments a bit fast (but not sure it is related yet). Don't you think there is an OVER HEAT problem caused by Aperture and the screen goes black to protect itself of the graphic card or the cpu is shutting down due to overheat?


    Thank you for any help!. I bought that Imac to do photo retouches, bought Aperture as well and now it is a nightmare.



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    Hi Richard!


    Before starting this discussion I thought like you that it was a kind of over heating, fast adjustments, full screen mode and so on. But fans in my machine were silent, Aperture crashed after a couple of minutes of work and either in the full screen mode and in the browser window. Don’t waste your time repairing permissions and other maintenance stuff you see in this discussion, it didn’t help. I even reinstalled the system several times. The problem lies somewhere inside the software and the hardware. As you can see, I replaced my video card and since that time I haven’t had any crashes. In your case, iMac, that could be a little complicated but try to replace the video card by more powerful or at least by a new one.

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    Hi Dimitri!


    Thank you for your answers and help. It is very discouraging! I think about bringing my Imac back to Apple and have them replace the card if it could be the problem!

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    Hi Richard!


    Don't be upset! At least you have an Apple service and stores somewhere around, none of these here in Russia. I hope that my experience will help you to solve the problem! Aperture is getting hugry for system resources with any new upgrade, next time I will wait for a while before upgrading.