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    Same here I am unable to buy mountain lion. I did all those things and they did reply back saying that they were sorry as they were not able to reset my security questions as apple is upgrading the tools to enhance customer experience at the moment and that I will recevie an email after the matter has been investigated and further information is available and that it may take several days to complete the investigation so bear with them till that time. I hope they do it soon, hate to wait for days for this issue.


    Anyway I want thank sandra285 for the reply, you were a big help

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    Thanks to sandra285 I am now waiting for a responce from apple! Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us!!!! I appreciate it!!!

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    I had this problem for weeks... Just figured it out today. 1 sign out of iTunes on all of your devices. 2 go to 3 sign in and go to password and security. 4 sign in press reset security code add a recovery email account them u can reset your security questions and answers from that recovery email. I just did it and it works

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    мой id заблокирован помогите разблокировать ee. я поменял все пароли но не помогает.мои приложения все купленные в appstore не могу их обновить sos.Зарание спасибо

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    THANK YOU!!!!!

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    I can't find the reset button

  • AirJimmer32 Level 1 (0 points)

    Help me!!!!! where is the reset button!!!

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    You can contact the Account Security team by following these steps:

    Please navigate to:


    iTunes > iTunes Store

    Then for Topic choose

    Account Management > Lost or Forgotten Apple ID password (any concerns regarding security questions also fall under this category)

    Choose Continue

    You will be given the options to Talk to Apple Support Now or Call Apple Support Later, please choose the option that works best for you. If the hold time is long, you might only have the option to talk with them later.


    If outside the US or Canada, and your country has Apple Phone Support, you must call and ask for The Account Security Team. They will then ask some security questions. If resetting your Security Questions, you must have a Credit Card on file so they can reset your Password First, then they can help reset your security questions.  You should be able to add a credit card via iTunes or> Billing. <-- Very important, or they can nto assist you!!!

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    I am teettering on the edge of ejecting Apple.  I spent 23 minutes this morning (on an International call on my dime) with Apple support and they were unable to do anything.  They couldn't match even one data point in their system with my life.  (I really do know the first car that I owned as well as what my birthdate is)


    So, either my account was hacked or their systems have been hacked.  Either way, if they cannot match even one of your answers to "their system" you are out of luck. 




    Your choices are to either stick with what your currently have and never buy another app/song/book (get real), or start with a new ID and loose all previous purchases. 


    Either way, that is very convenient for Apple Corp. and I do not expect any satisfaction from them since it has been over a month now that I have been trying to get this fixed.


    Apple has turned into AppleCorp, time to walk away...

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    i dont understand where to go from question 4.


    you say go to password and security. and then sign in? I can't do anything from that screen unless i enter my security answers, but this whole thread is about trying to reset them coz i dont know them? i assume once u enter these theres a reset security code button? but i dont know my questions so i cant do this...

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    I emailed support and they told me to ring the accounts and security number etc and it will all be sorted out. The guy on the phone couldn't have been more useless and even though I rang to reset my questions, he wanted the answers for the ones I couldn't remember in order to proceed!!  I didn't even choose my security questions...I wouldn't have answered the ones I have apparently answered anyway!  I've just put a £25 gift card on my account, which is now useless!  What the **** has happened!?  I am so dissappointed with apple.

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    you can phone up and join the very long queue and wait on the line.I suggest to refuse to buy apple. As a large account manager who has bought scores of apples I think the level of support is disgusting from such a huge profit making company.

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    I almost tried all possible answer to that specific question help I can't really remember ;(

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    It turns out there is no solution to this, once you have forgotten your answers you are f'kd. There should definitely be a warning issued DO NOT CREDIT YOUR ACCOUNT WITH APPLE, as you may lose the lot. You must be able to give them 2 pieces of other info they have online like cc card details and some cloud account. If they don't exist they cannot reset the account according to their rules.

    If Apple employed normal people instead of spotty nerds who need to get out more they would have more sensible questions that apply to everyone like mothers maiden name, rather than favourite car.

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    Can I reset my security question?

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