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    The bad news is Samsung panels seems run out already. Doesn't matter you repair or exchange, you still get LG panel back.

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    RooDot wrote:


    Not to put salt in an open wound but I'm going on two weeks+ on a Samsung display with no IR issues. Lots of use, sat in an eight hour meeting with lots of static images pulled up and everything worked perfectly. I hope everyone especially you LG people get what you paid for, this lottery stuff seems like a whole lotta BS.

    It's helpful for all of us to know how the Samsung screens are performing over an extended periof of time so we have an accurate point of comparison for the LG screens, so please keep posting period updates if you don't mind (and ignore anyone that thinks you are gloating).


    Given that some of the LG screens appear to be starting out OK but then showing signs of IR after a few days/weeks, I can understand how the problem migth still be happening because they might have thought they had fixed the probelm with the LG screens after testing them for a few hours/days. Since they probably aren't willing to stop all LG production completely, they may go through another "fix cycle" or two before they finally figure out how to make screens that don't show the IR problem regardless of how long you use them.


    I just feel bad for the people that got a Samsung screen only to have to return it due to the "mura" (bright spot) problem, which I think can happen with both LG and Samsung screens (since it happened with my first rMBP which also had the IR problem).

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    I haven't ever been to a Brazil store but in the US they are able to lookup recipts using their internal tools without a physical copy of the recipt. As a matter of fact when they gave me a replacment for my macbook suffering IR issues they emailed me a new recipt too, and said the physical one was void.

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    siamchen wrote:


    The bad news is Samsung panels seems run out already. Doesn't matter you repair or exchange, you still get LG panel back.

    Seems like a lot of people are getting their LG screens replaced with more LG screens, but I'm really hoping that Apple is still getting some screens from Samsung. I know that in spite of the legal stuff on the phone/tablet front, the component side of Samsung should be completely separate and shouldn't be affected. However, maybe LG's just putting out more screens than Samsung and that's why we're seeing more of them.

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    Not to be mean to current LG owners but for everyone's benefit I hope the IR develops further and further with more use. That might get Apple to aknowledge this issue.

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    Unfortunatelly we don't have Apple Store in Brazil, just the online and the MCP Retina starts in......... U$5.000,00. They haven't told me they could send the receipt in my e-mail, think will just ask for my brother to go to the Apple Store and try to get a copy.



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    I've almost died until i got mine replaced with Samsung screen, just don't give up

    I think Apple is horriable with their useless LG panels , the moment I had one with samsung screen I truly felt freedom, screen is amazing in every possible way.


    I believe this is a serious issue that apple needs to address, the best thing to do

    Raise so many cases as possible , let them recall this bad screens


    - log a call with apple and speak to 2nd and 3rd line about this issue

    - refer them to this discussion ID 19423006

    - remember the more we log calls the more you benefit , thank god I was lucky to get mine replaced and trust me if you don't have Samsung screen, you just wasted your money , better to replace it with ASUS


    hope this help


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    I never show any receipt, apple can track their stuff by serial number, , just provide them with the serial number and tell them look you can track it at the store


    log a call with 2nd or 3rd line


    every store take a copy for them self's too .......

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    Apple will in no way publicly comment on this issue anytime soon.

    Why? Because they're feared to loose stocks now that the iphone5 is ready to launch.

    And seems like an ipad event is scheduled for October, so no comment until then too.


    What a loss of style from Apple.

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    Anyone found apple's big logo at the back of Macbook pro retina looks slightly pinkish?

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    Can somebody plzzz take some pains to download the latest beta of Osx 10.8.2 and download drivers fOr nvidia GT650 M cuda 5.0 and check of retention still exists.

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    In most probabilities it's not a software issue

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    Now some may state the problem through chatting with a genius (if those will be not just chat-bots):


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    it is not software issue , I've tried almost everything , beta drivers , Linux , Solaris , Ubuntu , all kind of operating systems including windows and still ended up with same issues , I am not 100 % sure but from what I have seen from the brightness of both LG and Samsung , Samsung is wayyyyyyy better


    but that's just my view.

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    Why do you think so ? And do you talking about screen or lags ?