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    I see. That's why page numbers were messed up. I was lost for a moment.

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    Wow, they JUST did that.  I had all these pages opened up, but hit refresh and BOOM, they were gone.  What was in the threads that they didn't like?

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    Apple listen, we deserve an explanation here.


    1- Why would you delete forum pages?

    2 Why can't you be responsible enough and solve the Retina issue.



    Steve Jobs, I miss you so much



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    How many pages did they erase? 

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    What a great way to respons on a defect product you sold to os. Great Apple just Great.


    I now you dont care but just cancel my iPhone 5 order.

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    Alright so I managed to get an appointment tomorrow at 12PM. I will report back with what they say about this issue. My rMBP is just over 2 weeks old I bought it on 13th September. It ***** its having defects already. Im already upset that they might say that they will replace the screen. I hate it because opening a laptop = potential for more problems to arise as they mess around with data cables and unscrewing everything

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    And as many people report here saying they were replaced with same LG screens I have a weird feeling that mine might be replaced with LG again .

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    How can apple stay silent about such a major defect with a laptop! especially with display when its supposed to be the best. I really hope they give a statement and do something about it as its not just me and I believe this problem is there for almost all LG screen users. And I think many people wont even recognize this issue as they never usually go to dark backgrounds. Thank god I changed my second desktop to grey and its full of ghosting

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    This is the second defect for my just over 2 week old rMBP. I received the laptop with a small dent on bottom cover, I believe its because of the charger being placed just below the box. And now this :/. And apologies for spamming guys

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    tivoboy wrote:


    What was in the threads that they didn't like?


    There is a hint in Sound Evolution's post (see what I underlined):

    Sound Evolution wrote:


    due all respect, but it is not okay and not professional, neither ethical to threath. Please can we keep it more polite. At the end any threat is senseless anyway. Apple is the big company here and will always win. Better try to work it out with them in a decent and respectful manner. I still believe at the end Apple wants us to be happy customers. Right now there are some "procedures" that they have to follow, but I am sure there will be an solution at the end


    Secondly, Apple does have the right to remove whatever they want from their forum. It is their website and we are guests here. They can make any rules they want and if we don't like it, there are plenty of other forums we can discuss this matter.


    Summary: A user in their frustrations with Apple regarding their MPRr (with the extra IR "feature") broke quite a few rules Apple has for the forums. Read their terms for a clear idea of what you cannot say:


    Apple Support Communities Terms of Use

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    clrokr wrote:


    Grrrr8 wrote:

    My personal view: Apple should be making a public statement about the IR problems on the Retina MacBook Pro - just like they decided to make an announcement about the problems with Maps on iOS 6. Time will tell.

    I think so too. But Apple is making a statement every time they edit this forum. They also attached the knowledge base article about IR. This is not a letter or written statement of any kind, but it sends a message. And I'm not liking it. I just don't get it: If they had recalled all defective units some months ago, they could have saved themselves a lot of 14-day NQA returns.


    I don't understand why they have decided to handle it this way either. I had to send back 6 MBP Retinas with LG display as NQA "rejects" due to IR. Only one I sent back didn't also have the yellow tint and poor brightness problems too. I guess they will one day be sold as bargains through on the Apple Online Store as refurbs. I hope with new displays! I don't think they will be going into landfill.


    Must say, I really like my new MRPr with Samsung display, just wish it wasn't so painful to get. Commiserations to those still trying...

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    WTH :-O, reading that litrelly made me lol. How can they say that it is normal :/

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    I just got my machine back today repaired at the store. Took about 44 hours total from drop off to pick up. It is a Samsung! No one told me that they are only replacing with Samsung screens, but it is nonetheless. In fact, when I went to go run the terminal command, it was already in the grayed out area / bash history. So they ran the command themselves at the Apple store after they replaced the screen. I guess they don't know what the screen is themselves before they put it in! Glad they ran the command to check. This obviously means they are more aware of the situation than they are admitting...That or the genius there was more aware and figured they'd double check for me.


    The screen has no dead pixels or light leaks fortunately. I do see what people mean by yellow tint though. To me, this is how Apple displays have always looked though. They typically have a warmer white point setting than PCs. Also when you calibrate the monitors with a Spyder, they also even take on a warmer tone for color accuracy. I don't consider this a problem because you can calibrate your monitor. Even by eye if you go to system settings and make it as blue as you want. So honestly, I think it's a matter of personal preference in this case and I'm willing to bet anyone calibrating their LG screen would end up with slightly warmer tones anyway. So unless it's screaming yellow, I don't consider it a flaw or defect at all. Plus, for what it's worth, it's easier on the eyes. So less eye strain.


    Anyway, what did it take? A lot of persistence. I went into the store, they sent me out immediately acknowledging the issue but saying there was no official fix for it and there was nothing they could do. They refused to replace the screen and they didn't know of any test when I mentioned it. I called AppleCare and over 2 hours later (lots of time on hold and talking to a machine that never understood my serial number) I came out with a repair number. Which was lucky, I think because I had a rockstar AppleCare guy, because at first it was "take it in to the store so they could run the test." Oh right, the test they didn't know about? Anyway, I took that repair number in to the store and no questions asked; a straight up fix. Sure it took 2 days, but it was over the weekend and I now can put this whole issue behind me. Thank God.


    I truly hope everyone else can get their screens fixed. This is a horrendous nightmare and it really could have been an easier process if Apple just acknowledged the issue and were willing to repair it outright. However, I do believe that more and more employees are becoming aware of this issue. I'm sure no doubt to the persistence of this thread and all of us calling them and bringing our machines into the store. I feel the more the employees can physically see and learn about this issue, the more sympathetic they will be and the easier this entire process will be for everyone.


    I also believe that because there are not enough (whatever the magic number may be) people with this issue, they will not issue a recall. They SHOULD IF your screen is an LG. They could very easily make a downloadable application that runs the command tells you yes or no with regard to recall eligibility. End of story...But I don't think they will, I'm with everyone else here that they are just trying to sweep this under the rug as "normal." Those who don't notice or fall for it won't replace and that saves them money.


    I noticed the repair bill on this was just over $700 if I had to pay it as I signed off on the repair. So this does sting for Apple and I do hope they can get money back from LG.


    Good luck to everyone else out there. Call AppleCare.

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    Glad to hear you got yours fixed . Did they handle your rMBP carefully? without scratching ot you know what I mean

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    gam3r wrote:


    WTH :-O, reading that litrelly made me lol. How can they say that it is normal :/

    It's not just Apple.


    Dell has a similar article:



    And users with the new Dell Ultrasharp U2713 27” monitor are having similar problems, resulting in multiple returns:



    No surprise that this monitor uses LG AH-IPS panels too!


    And the Google Nexus 7 tablet is having the same problem too:



    I blame LG! :-)