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  • rrahimi Level 3 Level 3

    MacPro is really due for a refresh. I suggest you get a refund and wait.


    In the meantime, Apple might come to their senses and dump LG. If not, you can still get the (hopefully) newer MacPro.

  • frocco Level 1 Level 1

    I am getting depressed now that I have tried 3 computers.

    I do not know how some of you have the patience.


    I guess I have no choice but to try again.

  • apl235 Level 1 Level 1

    I called AppleCare and explained the situation, and after getting sent to a senior sdvisor and then around the sales team for a while, Apple will be sending me a new system to replace this one. All in all, a nice experience, even when I was told by the senior advisor that what I'm seeing is normal for Retina displays, yadda yadda, whereupon I told him that, no, this is a design / manufacturing defect and so on and so forth, and he relented pretty quickly. Anyway, I'm very happy that they're sending me a replacement system, because I have to say, this Pro is everything I hoped for and more from a technology perspective. I do NOT want to give it back....


    And so it goes.

  • clevelandownz Level 1 Level 1

    Well I got my rMBP back today with a new screen. First I checked to see if it had any of those little white pressure spots, NONE -- so I drove home and then ran a scan and got this...


    Color LCD




    Wahoo... I have gotten a samsung screen. I do notice the little yellow tint, its not as bad as some people are saying... the LG was much brighter, but that IR and those white pressure spots was just too much for me. I do use my computer for photo editing, but I think I can manage with a little yellow tint, I just have to keep that in mind when I edit no


    first try getting it fixed and I am still a happy apple customer


    RIP Steve.


    Everyone have a good day.

  • flat earth Level 1 Level 1

    It becomes much moe difficult for Apple personnel to argue that IR is normal for Retina displays when you ask the question:  "Then why is there IR only for the LG displays and not the Samsung displays?"  That kind of an argument sort of yanks the rug out from under their argument.  They don't count on you knowing things like that.

  • ulquiorra Level 1 Level 1

    2012-10-05 09.20.32 pm.jpg2012-10-05 09.45.36 pm.jpg

    can anyone please tell me ,if i have IR  or not, cause i dont understand from this result codes. plz

  • frocco Level 1 Level 1

    How do you run this test?

  • frocco Level 1 Level 1

    Nothing happens when I click download

  • ulquiorra Level 1 Level 1

    it downloads normally

  • frocco Level 1 Level 1

    I will try it again when I am home. At work now.

  • rrahimi Level 3 Level 3

    can anyone please tell me ,if i have IR  or not, cause i dont understand from this result codes. plz


    To figure whether you have IR, you need to determine your display. Just run this app:


    Display Detector


    To figure out whether IR is actually showing up (it could take weeks before it does):


    1. Set your desktop background to the darkest of three solid gray backgrounds in Preferences
    2. Open up Safari, go to Apple's homepage.
    3. Leave Safari open and in the same place for 15 minutes (screensaver disabled)
    4. Minimize or hide Safari and check for a ghost of Safari on the screen
    5. If there is one it would disappear in a few minutes


    The Application you ran earlier does pretty much the same process, with guided step by step instructions and also standardizes test so we can all compare.

  • ulquiorra Level 1 Level 1

    the display detector says :


    Color LCD



  • pharmdy Level 1 Level 1

    This same thing happened to me. Loved the white whites and deep contrast of my LG display, but had IR. Screen replacment got me a Samsung, but it was extremely yellow. Swap out for new machine entirely, Samsung display, but still yellow (not as yellow as replacement screen). I returned it completely and am waiting a few months for Apple to get this right. I am absolutely NOT ok droppinh over 2,000 on a machine with a sub-par display in any capacity. Frustrating thing is, both Samsung display units in store had perfect white points (they are June models). Seems like all Samsung display from September are yellow. *****, because I was happy with the machine otherwise

  • Phonzee Level 1 Level 1

    I am from Mexico, I took my rMBP  to Best Buy where I bought for warranty because of IR. They sent it to apple service and the result was that my display is defective so I will get a display replacement. The question here is that if they disarm the clamshell and replace only the display or will I receive a brand new clamshell ? I need to know what to expect ....