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  • ulquiorra Level 1 (0 points)

    it doesnt bother me,i only see it when i did the test.

    is this so important? i mean if we see it only by the test we do.or it might get worse?

  • shad0vv Level 1 (0 points)

    It will progressively get worse over time and will become visible even on the galaxy default wallpaper quite clearly less than a minute, or at least that's what happened to me after 2 months since purchase. If you are still within the 14 day return period, I would immediately request a replacement/return instead of repairing to have the power to authorize a refund without question than "hopefully" get a screen replacement from a Genius.

  • ulquiorra Level 1 (0 points)

    am not within 14d, i have it 1 month .i just did now a test and in 4mins i can see it ,with solid gray dark.

    but only there we can see it? i mean when u go to random pages etc or u do something else we wont see it ?


    also when they say about yellowish in the samsung? how we see that? (i mean when they change my screen ,how am gonna understand if its yellowish or not )

  • Locoroco Level 1 (0 points)

    On the yellowishness, mine's so bad that I spotted it by first look.  To simply matters, change your wallpaper to Moutain Lion's solid white background.

  • ulquiorra Level 1 (0 points)

    u changed from lg to samsung and u got yellowishness ?



    also here it says that its normal the IR



    On an IPS display, when an image such as a login window is left on screen for a long period of time, you may temporarily see a faint remnant of the image even after a new image replaces it. This is referred to as "persistence," "image retention," or "ghosting." This is normal behavior for an IPS display, and the faint image will disappear over time.

  • Locoroco Level 1 (0 points)

    That's right.  That too, you can visibly see the diff Yellowishness from LG's clean white to Samsung's Yellowishness.  Also, remember that Apple Marketed the rMBP as a laptop with high quality display.  Does the "it's normal" tag line make sense to you?  Click on my id to find out more.

  • Barry Fisher Level 3 (655 points)

    Did you try tuning it the other way, down to 5500 for instance. Higher number is warmer color (more yellowish until you get too high)  But you should get a hardware color calibrator such eye 1 or Spyder 4 to really calibrate it.

  • shad0vv Level 1 (0 points)

    If IR were "normal" than why doesn't Samsung has it as well?


    The yellow/pinkish tints are usually spotted on white backgrounds and you will clearly see the difference if one side or the entire screen is not uniformed to one solid color (white). In addition, LG also suffers the same yellowish tint more frequently than Samsungs, in my opinion. I have received 7 out of 9 replacement units and 1 out of 2 repairs that were LG displays, though 6 out of the total 8 LG screens consisted IR/yellow/pink tints. The only benefit of owning an LG is the viewing angle, color accuracy, darker blacks, and beautiful contrast levels, whereas the Samsung screen is slightly brighter and more uniformed for whites. The only reason why I exchanged/returned my Samsung rMBPs was because of other defects or backlight bleeding that was present in a lot of them. If you still remain content with your LG display, keep it, but after the 2nd month you use it, I assure you IR will be present less than a minute of usage.

  • Locoroco Level 1 (0 points)

    Been there done that, from default D65 to other spectrums from either sides.  Apple Senior Tech Advisor replied that I shouldn't need to even do calibration.  Btw the yellowishness is obvious especially having used the previous LG that produced clean-white.


    I have not used color calibrator before ... believe that it is more useful for matching the monitor's RGB spectrum for print production purposes.

  • ulquiorra Level 1 (0 points)

    i just test it again , and i can see it in 4-5mins. but this is only when i test it.i dont see it anywhere else.

    do u believe i should change my screen?  (i called them in case and asked them for a replacement and they told me 2-3d and it will be samsung, cause they dont have LG )


    Build Week- Week 1 (January) or week 28 (July)


    Quick update of faulty or perfect display stats:


    LG week unknown (8x)

    LG week 23 (3x)

    LG week 24 (3x)

    LG week 26 (4x)

    LG week 29 (2x)

    LG week 30 (2x)

    LG week 31 (2x)

    LG week 32 (3x)

    LG week 33 (2x)

    Unknown week 24


    LG week unknown

    LG week 26 (3x)

    LG week 29

    LG week 33 (2x)

    Samsung week unknown (2x)

    Samsung week 23

    Samsung week 30 (2x)

    Samsung week 32

    Samsung week 33 (3x)

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    Just to clarify, out of 9 replacements/repairs, was all LG-to-LG?  If yes, then how did you do the baseline comparison to Samsung?

  • shad0vv Level 1 (0 points)

    I didn't need to do the checkerboard test or any test specifically. I could produce IR through opening a browser for a few seconds and returning to my desktop wallpaper to see a feint burn-in. If I used other apps and waited patiently a bit more of a minute or less you could see the texts somewhat clearly, as well as the borders. I would highly suggest replacing your screen to avoid higher consequences of affecting your work and performance. I even was able to reproduce the burn-in on my web browser through a dark grey background after waiting a few minutes on another app and coming back to see the app burn-in.


    @Locoroco I guess its not a fair comparison since I didn't have equal amounts of each manufacturer display units, but through my experiences and the viewing of in store Samsung rMBP screens, I concluded each screen manufacturer had the aforementioned advantages and flaws respectively.


    Next week Wednesday and Thursday will be the arrival of 2 more rMBPs to identify so I'll inform everyone if Apple has improved their qualtiy control line or not.

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    Well that's it. I've had it with Apple. Just saying, the 15-inch Zenbook is coming and it's the only thing that comes close to the Retina.

  • DomdiDom Level 1 (0 points)

    So funny, so apple/Foxconn asks for better "quality control" and 3000-4000 people go on strike yesterday.


    No wonder these laptops are like crap. I know the story refers to Iphone 5 but obviously it holds true for all of Apple's products made there.


    How bad are things going to have to get before Apple wakes up I wonder.


    ...and what kind of company doesn't "train" their employees. If a monkey can't do it, you should be trained and if a monkey can do it, then we shouldn't be paying up to $4500 for it.



  • DomdiDom Level 1 (0 points)

    clrokr wrote:


    Well that's it. I've had it with Apple. Just saying, the 15-inch Zenbook is coming and it's the only thing that comes close to the Retina.


    Ya, I'm 75% sure I'm not going to go through what everyone else in this thread has had to endure and just get a G75. More bang for the buck, only not as slim. Frankly I can buy 2 G75's for the price of one rmbp of similar configurations.


    I would accept a statement by apple that they know there's a problem and they will handle any problems but in lieu of the fact that apple is only trying to deny there's any problem and in some cases blame the user for how they're holding the notebook or blame them for having too high of expectations etc. I know some honourable apple people are fixing the computers, however I'm not interested in having to count on the ethics of the apple guy in front of me and without clear and honest and ethical marching orders by apple, the risk is all mine.


    I can't respect a company that doesn't take responsibility for their problems and doesn't respect their customers.