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    I just want to contribute my full IR story to this thread. I bought a very early rMBP in June, which came with a LG display. I started noticing IR after about a month (without reading about it before) and it got worse with time. After it was at a point where the IR was seriously influencing my work I took the machine to the apple store. At the genius bar they seemed to be aware of the issue, and they told me that they would talk to some technicians and call me back as soon as they have some news. One genius "secretely" told me about the LG vs. Samsung issue, and that they probably can't guarantee me that IR will be gone when they replace the display.


    I received a call about 1.5 weeks later. At the apple store they first tried to convince me that there is nothing they can do about it, and that the IR is just natural. Since, I'm out of the two week period they couldn't do anything. I argued against this, since the IR clearly didn't show up in the first two weeks, and that it really seriously influences my work. After insisting on it, they ran the checkerboard test, and the pattern was still visible after a minute. One indeed has to be aware that the background color they use in this test is clearly darker than the "darkest solid grey"-background in Mac OS X. Thus, the IR is relatively hard to notice. Nevertheless, since my display failed I was granted a replacement.


    It took again a week after I brought my laptop in, and the replacement was done in one evening. It is a Samsung and somehow I have a feeling that this wasn't a coincidence. Given the long time they were "investigating" the problem, I think they might have made sure that the replacement display is a Samsung.The colors of the display are indeed "warmer" (I wouldn't call it yellow though), and I actually prefer them over the colder ones from the LG. However, this is probably a matter of taste. After two weeks there are no other problems with the display, and there is absolutely zero IR.


    My conclusion: Every LG has IR; Samsung doesn't, but be aware that colors are different (matter of taste); The checkerboard test with the dark background is hard to fail; One has to insist on a replacement, but otherwise I can't complain about the work of the geniuses.

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    I have got an LG

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    Bought my (LG)rMBP in mid August.


    IR started about a week ago and gets worse with every passing day.


    Such a bummer..... what a waste of money.

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    I'm sorry if this is buried somewhere in this thread, but what is the checkerboard test? Is this something I can test myself? Thanks!

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    go to this website and check it. During the test don't look at your screen for your real retina!!

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    This test is amazing.... thank you very much for linking us!

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    have had my LG rMBP (15" 2.7,16,768) since beginning of August... and my screen is getting seriously bad

    just a picture i took with the iPhone:

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    About 4 months ago I bought my first Mac A friend of mine brought a Macbook Pro 15 "Retina Display


    After the past 3 months of bliss with the machine, and me acclimate to the environment MacOs, I started researching on the machine and saw that there was a recurring problem on some machines: BURN-IN EFFECT or Image Retention.


    I followed the test MacRumors site and saw it was one of the unlucky owners of a Macbook Pro Retina Display (LG Panel) with this problem. The problem does not bother me either, since some image in less than 5 minutes. But honestly a machine for $ 2,200 U can not present a problem for older Plasma TVs.


    I called immediately to Apple Brazil and the attendant said: "I know of this problem, Lord!" . I was angry with connection and hung up.


    My question is: Does anyone in Brazil has managed to fix this problem?




    Em Português:


    Há cerca de 4 meses comprei meu primeiro Mac. Um amigo meu trouxe um Macbook Pro 15" Retina Display


    Após passados os 3 meses de êxtase com a máquina, e me ambientar com o ambiente MacOs, comecei a pesquisar sobre a máquina e vi que havia um problema recorrente em algumas máquinas: O EFEITO BURN-IN ou Retenção de Imagem.


    Segui o teste do site MacRumors  e vi que era um dos azarados donos de um Macbook Pro Retina Display (Painel LG) com este problema. O problema não me incomoda tanto, visto que a imagem some em menos de 5 minutos. Mas sinceramente uma máquina de U$2.200 não pode apresentar um problema de TVs de Plasma antigas.


    Liguei imediatamente para a Apple Brasil e o atendente disse : "Não conheço este problema, Senhor !" . Fiquei irritado com ligação e desliguei.


    Minha pergunta é: Alguém do Brasil já conseguiu reparo para este problema ?

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    Has anyone buying a MBPr lately ( oct-nov) experienced IR ??? How about the LG vs Samsung split? Is it still mostly LG screens been sent lately??

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    So thankful that I found this thread, but it leaves me so sad...


    I have just cancelled my apple store order for a RMBP 15" 2.6GHz, 16GB RAM, 768GB SSD, Superdrive, and TB adaptors.


    Im currently using a 2008 unibody core2duo machine, that is getting seriously tired, but I will definately be waiting after hearing all the stories. I rarely have £3000 to drop on a computer, and can't afford to have any build issues with it. My work involves hours a day of CAD, and I know the retention issue would drive me crazy.


    I've been an Apple user for years, and have had the odd issue with gear, as is to be expected (my 2008 macbook pro I am typing on is a third replacement, due to the well documented NVIDIA graphics card issue that plagued an early batch.


    I work in the entertainment industry, and recently built a new keyboard rig and playback system for a major international touring artist (you can figure it out from the pic) - which consisted of 4 of the above spec RMBP, which I was incredibly impressed with, having just used them for a week before handing the rig over to the touring tech. Obviously for this purpose, image retention is not much of an issue, as they boot up and run ableton/mainstage and then get switched off again.


    But for my own personal work computer this just isnt acceptable. What is more worrying, is that Apple diddnt notice this, or dont have the QC up to scratch for its outsourced components. People like myself base our business and reputation on the quality and reliability of these computers, and we pay a price premium accordingly. What other compenents could suddenly deteriorate over time, and leave a rather embarrassed bunch of musicians on stage or live tv!


    (notice in the pic there are 2 rigs, each with a live redundant backup - I dont take any chances)


    I understand that it may be outside of Apples control, but for £3000 there needs to be some serious QC improvements.


    Apple, you make the best stuff, and you have loyal customers becuase of it. But you've just lost a sale because I honestly dont know if my laptop will arrive with image retention, yellow ghosting, flickering display, overheating, crunching noises, or any other amount of symptoms.


    I really hope this gets resolved, I would like to be confident in your products again.


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    Does anybody know how many times the Apple Store let's you exchange your product during your exchange period?

    And is it "No questions" asked?

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    tonidebaja wrote:


    Has anyone buying a MBPr lately ( oct-nov) experienced IR ??? How about the LG vs Samsung split? Is it still mostly LG screens been sent lately??

    It changes. From week 41-44 there seemed to be mostly LG's screen installed. Lately we have seen a few week 45 Samsungs, so there is some hope I'm myself getting mine tomorrow, so I will let you know what it's gonna be...

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    kevin296 wrote:


    Does anybody know how many times the Apple Store let's you exchange your product during your exchange period?

    And is it "No questions" asked?

    In general around 4-5 times. But after first replacement they usually first investigate, ask superrior etc. before you get the permission to replace.

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    In my experience at an Apple Retail Store in Southern California, they informed me the 4th exchange would be final and if I was not satisifed a refund would be offered. I got lucky on that one. You can always accept a refund and buy again or try a different merchant. If it didn't work out for me getting a defect free Samsung on my 4th exchange, I would have likely bought this Sony and have money left over for the MS Surface which will be my first tablet provided Apple doesn't top it. iOS feels limited when compared to Windows RT but I digress.


    As far as no questions asked, I would be honest and let the sales rep know why you are not happy with the product if you get one with IR (LG). They will likely say that some amount of IR is normal (which is not true under normal usage such as having a webpage static for 10 minutes) but will allow you to exchange the item nonetheless if you insist. You can open the box and run the terminal command in-store to check the display by typing the following before you leave.


    ioreg -lw0 | grep \"EDID\" | sed "/[^<]*</s///" | xxd -p -r | strings -6


    Best of Luck!

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    Mine is week 45 (October) with an LG display. No issues so far, even with screen test.