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    You were lucky. I have the same problem and the genius said the image retention was "according to the specification" here's my post about it:

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    Apple is aware of the problem. LG screens have this defect. I had my screen replaced and I'm having the same problems again!!!! here's my experience about it:


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    Got a 2.6/16/512 about a week and a half ago and its an LG.  No image retention but I don't want to deal with it down the line and there is enough history in this thread to prove that it WILL happen.  Its a build week 45.


    Today the new replacement came in.  I will let you guys know what it is when I get off of work and pick it up.


    No way am I paying $3000 for a laptop to have serious display issues with.  Apple must be out of their mind if they think we're just going to take it lying down.

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    Bought a new.

    Week 38 - Samsung display.

    Looks yellowish.

    Just change the color temperature in calibration and now it's ok.

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    Hi, did apple agree on the exchange or you just asked for a refund within the 14-day period and bought a new one?

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    I told them that it has IR and I want a replacement and its unacceptale to sell a $3000 laptop with this kind of defect.  $3,000 is A LOT for a laptop, no other laptop on the market is selling for this much.  Sure some don't have the features of this one but they also aren't asking a premium.  You should get nothing but perfection at this price least out of the box.


    They let me hold on to my laptop while the new one came in.  If I don't get a Samsung I'll turn this one in right away, no need to fuss around with something I won't keep.


    As a programmer, I've tested the rMPB now for 6 days and honestly it is SUPER SUPER nice.  The battery life on this laptop is SOLID and it's got great performance with this kind of battery life.


    It won't replacing my gaming machine(ASUS G74SX) but it will be great for what I need it to do...Portable laptop with great battery and adequate performance.  The screen is worth it IMHO...Just need a Samsung.


    Keep in mind that if you buy a laptop right around this period you have until January 7th to return not 14 days.

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    Ok, from your previous message I thought your LG had not IR, so basically you "anticipated the problem" in order to the operator to accept the replacement... Nice to know about the extended return period but I have seen nothing about this in the french apple store, not sure this is applicable worldwide.

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    Correct.  I do not currently have super IR but its slightly there when I run the test.  I do not want to play with fire.  Get the right product for what I paid. 


    If they wouldn't do a replacement then I would just do a return and place another order.


    By the way, over the phone they claimed to have never heard of IR on these laptops and apparently everyone is happy with their purchase and no one is returning or exchanging for this issue...Baloney.  I did the IR test on one of their displays that was an LG and it was like night and day.

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    Oh and when I asked their support staff if they read the forums on these issues and they're like "We don't read those"...


    What kind of company is this roflmao.

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    Of course after 6 months every single guy at apple knows about this problem already, but they will be in complete denial till the end of the world since there is no easy fix and they don't want to loose on their margins because of this "little" issue. I would not like to be an apple employee atm, being forced to lie to people so blatantly after taking their big money would make me a bit unconfortable :-S

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    That's exactly what happened to me and they declined to replace the screen!!!! So basically I have to acept my screen with IR. the apple employee even denied that was a problem and said it was "according to specification" Take a look at my thread:

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    Maybe wait a bit more so the screen worsens enough, then try going to another repair center. Reading at your story it seems clear that the times where the customer was the king are gone for good.

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    Just got my replacement from the store and its a Samsung.  No more need to worry

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    I had curiosity about why I started to realize the display burn-in problem after I had upgraded from Lion to ML. I tried to change my background screen to the bluish and dark cosmos picture (from Lion). Since the screen is dark, I hardly noticed the display burn-in problem with the default Lion background. Now it seems better to me with the old background. Can you remember that RetinaMBP was released with Lion at the beginning (instead of ML with the brighter cosmos background)? Hence, Apple might not be able to realize that there is their hardware design problem of AH-IPS (which means the Retina display panel, assembled by LG) at the time when they released RetinaMBP (this is my guess work though...)

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    Shayster98, do you happen to know if there are any Samsung panels even available in the 13rMBP?