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    Sep 11, 2012 5:10 PM (in response to mittense)

    shayster98 wrote:




    An update on my ghosting problems: my 2.7 GHz/16 GB/256 GB BTO (Week 35) with an LG display's IR has increased minimally. Just to recap, at first it had NONE, and then after a week and a half developed extremely faint image persistence, which didn't bother me because I couldn't even take a picture of it. It really was that faint. It only showed up because I hid the Dock and saw a trace of it.


    Also, I NEVER use the checkerboard. Yes, when I test for IR, I use the darkest grey background in the wallpaper options. Anyway, now, after two and a half weeks it's still not noticeable with normal use, but is more distinct when on a grey background; I use Word and Photoshop frequently, and the toolbars and most of the UI stays static.




    Oct 11, 2012 6:45 PM (in response to Danny Swish)



    When I was reading about this part number "661-7171" that seems to be confirmed as a Samsung screen, I got pretty excited, as I could finally think about getting an IR-free display in a few months.


    But now, hearing about the warm whites of new builds of Samsung displays, I'm reluctant to give up my current screen with great colors, even if it does have image persistence.



    I remember saying this a while ago; now the ghosting has gotten much worse to the point where it's ridiculous. Even websites reveal themselves on the default Galaxy wallpaper. Photoshop, Word, anything. It's terrible. I used to think I had a good LG screen; but now I'd really like a Samsung.


    I was thinking about why Samsung panels have been reported to be warm for the last month or so but very blue for the first batch of laptops that came in around the beginnings of the thread, and I think it's because of this:


    Most laptops that had Samsung screens during the beginnings of this thread came shipped from the factory with that display; meaning they were calibrated (I'm guessing individually?) to make sure they were correct.

    However, most of the Samsungs that people have received recently have been replacements, and those laptops retain the factory calibrations for their previous screen. I'm sure that if those screens were recalibrated, the yellow tint would be remedied (not the "muras" and bleeding and other issues, however )


    This makes me feel better about eventually replacing this LG display (with great colors), and requesting that #661-7171 part number. However, I just don't like the idea of my laptop being opened up and having potential damage to the innards, as well as cosmetic damage such as scratches.


    I'd also prefer a laptop with a Samsung display that was shipped with that screen in the first place, because it would be probably calibrated more accurately than I could do.


    Should I just go and just replace it? To those people who have gotten replacements, did your laptop not perform as well, or did you notice any damage on the casing?

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    I just placed a order today (11/21)

    I hope they sorted out the LG Screens.

    Personally, I don't like ANYTHING LG and have always stayed clear of LG.

    I replaced a screen from them recently on my other laptop.


    I hope my Macbook Pro doesn't have any of these issues. I got the 15" with maxed out i7 and ram.

    Do you guys know if they fixed the source of these problems or is Apple actually still pooping out shi$ LG screens?

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    Does anyone know what happens if you run the terminal command (to test whether it's samsung or lg) AFTER your screen has been replaced?

    Will it still report the original screen that was installed or will it provide the updated info of the new screen?


    I have a Samsung now with a dead pixel but don't want the screen swapped out for a retention LG if I put it in for repairs...

  • Aceattack Level 1 (10 points)

    It will always display the current hardware installed information.


    How long did it take for your display to develop this dead pixel?

  • link187 Level 1 (0 points)

    Sorry, on further investigation it might not be a dead pixel, it looks like a deep dent of some sort! I have had this machine less than a week and I'm pretty sure the dent was there when I got it but Im hesitant to send it back as I don't want to go back to a retention LG (scroll up if you want to see photo evidence of IR on my previous machine: it was horrible!)


    This has made me realise though that these screens must be fragile...IF YOU ARE LUCKY ENOUGH TO GET A SAMSUNG DISPLAY, PROTECT IT IMMEDIATELY WITH A SCREEN PROTECTOR!

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    Got my second one today, its a samsung! Week 47! Well worth playing the 'macbook lotto'!

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    "Got my second one today, its a samsung! Week 47! Well worth playing the 'macbook lotto'!"


    So how does the color quality compare to the LG? I guess I'm just wondering if one has to sacrafice anything to avoid image retention, since I've heard of people complaining about samsung color calibration.

  • purpledranksipper Level 1 (0 points)

    I never experienced IR (even with testing) with the LG screen (only kept it a few days and sent it back after reading this forum). As far as comparing the LG and the Samsung...can't tell the difference...they are both extremely nice.

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    So I went into the Genius Bar with my rMBP today...


    I was running late, so I didn't have any time beforehand to warm up the machine. Sure enough, when the Genius ran the in-store image retention test, there was hardly anything visible, and he gave me the standard line of "it's within spec" (true, but it's Apple's spec, they claim whatever they want is "within spec") and that ALL retina displays have it (not true, as we know).


    However, my panel (LG) also has 3 stuck pixels, which I showed to the Genius. At first, he told me that they were the result of "damage to the display" (implying that I had damaged it). His explanation was something to the effect of "when the screen gets damaged, the panel refracts the light and you see white". However, when I showed him close-up photos of the stuck pixels that I had taken, he changed his mind. If I didn't have the evidence I did, I would have been screwed.


    In the end, he told me that he could replace it on the basis of the stuck pixels, but that the replacement display may have the same, better, or worse image retention. So the panel is on it's way (part #661-7171), and I'm hoping that it will be a Samsung, which it seems like it will since I haven't heard of anyone getting a panel repaired/replaced with an LG.


    While in the store I also managed to download the image retention test that they use, and I've re-hosted it here:


    Hopefully this will let everyone figure out whether their machine will pass or fail when they go in, and what the best conditions are to ensure that it will fail (heat definitely plays a factor - make sure you get the thing as hot as possible before you go into the store, and keep it hot).


    For those just wanting to know the shade of gray they use, it's #1f1f1f, much much darker than the #5e5e5e solid gray background that we've all been using to test.


    Hope this helps.

  • pnewcomb Level 1 (0 points)

    661-7171 is samsung, condider yourself lucky

  • J.K. ROFLing Level 4 (1,220 points)

    Part number 661-7171 is for the display only, it does NOT specify a particular manufacturer. This is the part number that is use by service providers or Apple Stores to replace the display at their location. Some people have reported another part number used by the repair depot when the part is replaced at the mail in location. Neither differientates between Samsung or LG as the supplier of the display.

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    Yes, it's the display part number. If one is getting a replacement display, this would be the number to be looking at. Based upon what I've read so far in this thread, 661-7171 OR 620-5813 is a samsung display, and

    661-6529 is an LG display. Is this information incorrect?

  • Eriksrocks Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm pretty sure it's the same regardless of manufacturer, the item description is just "LCD DISPLAY CLAMSHELL RETINA." However I believe at this point all the replacement panels sent are Samsung.

  • J.K. ROFLing Level 4 (1,220 points)

    Right, Eriksrocks, the 661-7171 part number is for the display, no difference for Samsung or LG. They order that PN and get what comes in. I think 661-6529 is an old number, I haven't heard of anyone getting that one in quite a while. The 620-5813 part is what the depots use, guess they have a different parts channel.

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    This is the best laptop I have ever owned.  THe battery life alone on this thing is worth the money.


    I am getting really great performance in bootcamp as well.  At least 4+ hours in bootcamp at max brightness doing programming/web surfing/listening to music/WiFi.


    In MacOS I get about 6+ hours of battery life doing the same.


    I get 40-60 fps in SC2

    I get about 35-45 fps in BF3


    The display is super beautiful.


    Oh I did return the first LG for a Samsung