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    The LG display is infact better than the Samsung display on all aspects, except for IR, atleast that's what I've observed. What amazes me is the extent to which people are sacrificing for this laptop. Some are willing to live with IR, others with Samsung displays that clearly do not have uniform tint to the screen, as was mentioned by someone on the previous page. You guys are the reason that Apple is not taking this really seriously. I mean come on, I don't know about most people, but personally, on a laptop that I've spent well over $2000 out of my hard earned moey, I expect it to be PERFECT, and shouldn't have to sacrifice anything! There's only two reasons you might even consider to live with a laptop with these kinds of problems, either you're completely stupid, or filthy rich so you don't care, and I don't fall into either of these categories. What worries me is that seeing as how things are still going, Apple still selling this product like crazy to all the sheep, they're not going to fix this problem at all even when the second generation rMBPs are released, since they have already specified it as being "under specs".

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    Stupid or maybe sick, and believe me, there are people like that. As far as rich goes, sure if you've gotten the money from mommy and daddy perhaps, otherwise I don't imagine rich people got rich by not caring about 2k to plus 4k depending on configuration and taxes etc.


    However, your point is well made. There's something not right with anyone that insists throwing their money at this notebook IF they've come across this thread before buying or are within 14 days. I do sympathize with people that MUST have an Apple for work but otherwise, it's nauseating.

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    Hey TMG -


    Thanks for this tip; currently have it running (12 hours so far). Will let it go to 20 hours as it's running cool and no problems ... so far (knock on wood / aluminum!!).


    A tip for those of you that are planning to do this; don't forget to set iPhoto's slide show option to "fill the screen" (or some verbage like that) in their options / tool settings.


    Will report back here after the 20 hours is up and with a test result / report to see if there is any more Image Retention issues.


    And yes I do have the LG panel. Forgot what week, but I'll post all that info. after the slide show burn in is done.

  • RJPMacbook Level 1 (0 points)  Oh, come on can do better than that. 


    Years ago, I recall paying over $3000 for a 'latest and greatest' Dell laptop. That piece of crap was dead in less than 15 months.  The display panel wouldn't even stay upright after one year.  However, my 2007 macbook lasted over 5 years (and is still running today).  Which is the smarter money spent?


    This rMBP is a very nice notebook and (in my opinion) worth the money I've paid.  There are hundreds of people experiencing IR with LG screens.  However, I'm willing to bet there are tens of thousands that are not. I've only had mine for one week, but can't see any IR problems so far.  Even if it does show up 'someday', I have Applecare.  My experiences with Apple service and support have been stellar (with Applecare).  Can't say the same for Lenovo, HP and Dell.


    I completely agree that this first version may not be perfect.  Neither were the first gen iPads, iPod, iPhones (and all first get Android stuff....remember the battery drain problems they had??).  I can also see many fanatical people driving themselves crazy sending their computers back before ever having a problem.  Sending back your computer simply because you think it 'might' have IR issues in the future is sort of like not getting married cause you're afraid that your wife/husband 'might' leave you someday.  Buy Applecare and forget it for the next three years.


    So, I am neither stupid, nor rich.  And, I will not be returning my rMBP just to play the Samsung roulette game.   Instead, I am going to continue to happily use my rMBP while you 'very smart and very poor' people continue to lug around your crappy Windows machines.   My only problem now is that I still have to go back to work on Monday and use that piece of crap Dell that's sitting in my office.


    Have fun with Windows 8

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    I agree with you to an extent (minus the needless insults).


    Personally, I bought it knowing full well that it had the IR issues, and sure enough I got an LG display. BUT, I purchased knowing that I'm within the holiday return period, so I have another 2 months to test it out. If it shows any slight sign of IR, I've decided that I will return it in a heartbeat, not even mess around with the ridiculous samsung lottery, and just pick up a used older model (which can still be upgraded to match the specs I need). Then perhaps if the next generation of retina display macbooks has gotten the display issues cleaned up, I'll consider purchasing it.


    Now, the people that are NOT returning it within the return period, that's another story. By settling for a defective product, they either think the computer is STILL worth the price despite the display flaws, or they don't think it's worth the price and just want to complain about it. Either way, it's essentially giving Apple the thumbs up to continue ignoring the issue. If people keep buying and not demanding refunds despite a major flaw, in the grand scheme of things, it's a successful product for them.

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    It works... :-)

    I had IR on bottom part of LCD, thx to dock. After 30 minutes runnig it disappeared. But I will check it after two weeks.

    Thanks :-)))

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    Could Someone plzz let me know exactly how to go about this,like for how long i should run each slide???What slideshow form should i adopt(like orgami,burn etc etc) and if i should be chosing fill the screen option or not since even without chosing that i can see all the colors change .Plzz reply as soon as u can guess and i will be terribly grateful if u could let me know the whole process step by step inclusive of settings.Thank You in Advance.I didn't actually chose fill the screen option before running it for 15 hours.

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    You just need to have whatever setting fills the entire screen. You just want to use a basic transition, not effects, just from one to the next. The setting are


    Transition: Classic

    Music: Off

    Slide Time: 3 seconds

    Scale to fit screen: ON

    Repeat SlideShow: ON


    The rest you can leave default unless you have changed the settings previously. MAKE SURE that the picture entirely fills your screen to prevent the image edges from burning in. This should clear up some confusion.

  • Apple0229 Level 1 (0 points)

    By classic do u mean Dissolve transition or I should select the none option.Please tell me specifically cause there isn't any option like the classic one :(

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    You have to review this:


    Nov 23, 2012 8:45 PM (in response to mittense)
    After downloaded that put into iPhoto. Slideshow. I've choosen 1 second without transition. (and without music is better for a night :-)))
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    Unfortunately the slideshow didn't work for me. I let it run for 15 hours. The image ghost appears faster than before but still fades away in couple of minutes.


    Maybe i made the screen worse - before the slideshow I ran an improvised solution to display random colored 1px vertical stripe animation for couple of hours...


    Let's see, when this thing gets worse, it has to be replaced.




    Custom BTO rMBP / week 44 / LG screen

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    Tried the slideshow for about 20 hours in fullscreen and it got worse. The ghosting appears now faster than before.

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    Just an update from myself.


    My original week 33 LG MacBook pro retina 2.6 was sent back with slight image retention but problem with main graphics card. It was used non-stop for 3 weeks as I work freelance and the problems were apparent over this period of time. It was returned in late October.


    Amazon sent me another. Week 41, again an LG, this has now been used since November 2nd non-stop each working day and is showing NO signs whatsover (as yet) of image retention. I've taken out the extended Apple 3-year warranty. I use InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop alongside some MS Word/Powerpoint, lots of Safari and iCal too... no problems to report. Obviously I'm going to keep it.



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    bad news indeed


    looks like The Mac Genius has a little explaining to do. how is it possible then that he fixed 7 laptops.


    this is not good news at all...

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    Unfortunately my IR came back... I wrote an e-mail to APR but I am affraid of it will be a long-long matter. I had to change after buying my first retina MBP. It had Samsung panel and that was tinted particularly at the center. Second rMBP has LG, with IR.

    Now, it will be a big fight to reach to relpace LG panel without IR. I don't prefer Samsung, because of I read lot of issues about Samsung which is not too homogen and has warmer white than LG...


    I don't understand the quality policy of Apple. Apple has huge capital, huge income. I think less income is enough to successful company. My history with Apple:

    - 2009: first MBP, changed due to wrong lcd

    - 2010: second MBP, repaired to keyboard (changed the unibody), changed lcd (white point on that)

    - 2012: third MBP: changed the equipment

    - 2012: fourth MBP: curent situation (IR)

    iPhone: 2011: changed iPhone 4 due to screen


    It means I've had problem my all Apple products... Nice...